The (((Cartoon Version of the Lebanese Civil War))) Most Americans Have Heard Is Wrong

Sisera: And naturally Hezbollah was arch rivals of Israel, who was defending the Christians.

But now the tides have turned because Israel’s pet Jihadis genocide Christians.

Israel didn’t invade to rescue any Christians and they were not defending any Christians. They didn’t participate in the Civil War much. They invaded to conquer the PLO in Lebanon.

This is a cartoon (((evil Muslim Islamist Christian haters trying to genocide good Christians minding their own business version of the Civil War))). This version that most Americans believe was concocted in Israel. So the knowledge most Americans have about that war is just Israeli propaganda.

The war was pretty much rightwing or fascist Maronite Christian groups versus Leftist and Arab nationalist secular Palestinians. That was the war in a nutshell. Later others allied with one side or the other. Most of the groups who allied with the Palestinians were secular. Religious Muslims were mostly not involved in the war.

There was no Hezbollah until 1985. They were caused by the Israeli invasion. And you have it backwards. When Israel invaded, the Shia in the South (Hezbollah’s territory) welcomed them with flowers. They turned on them when the Israelis started being shits like they always do.There was no Hezbollah until 1985. They were caused by the Israeli invasion. And you have it backwards. When Israel invaded, the Shia in the South (Hezbollah’s territory) welcomed them with flowers. They turned on them when the Israelis started being shits like they always do. The Christians didn’t need any rescuing. They started the Civil War in the first place. They stopped buses full of Palestinians and ordered everyone out and shot everyone in the head.  They did this a few times and the PLO took up arms. But left-wingers were on the side of the PLO too, and the Greek Orthodox were always fighting with the Muslims, etc. against the Maronites. And the leftwing movement of the Druze, a non-Christian, non-Muslim religion, fought alongside the Muslims. Socialists, Communists and Arab nationalists all fought with the Muslims. The Maronites were sick and tired of the Palestinians living in their country. That’s why they started the war. The Christians have always run Lebanon. They’re no poor victims. More like minority rule thugs. The war started with Leftists, Syrian nationalists and Arab nationalists against the Phalange fascist Christian militia modeled after the Nazi party (your heroes). None of the former were very religious. Those were secular groups. Sunni Muslims and Armenian Christians sat out the war. The people who took up arms against the Maronites were secular Arab nationalist types. The Shia sat out the war for a very long time. They did not want to get involved. But they had sympathies with the Palestinians. The Palestinians set up refugee cams all over Southern Lebanon to attack Israel. During this time, the Shia hated them. The Palestinians ruled like thugs and the religious Shia saw them as a bunch of Commies. They were so sick of Palestinian rule that they welcomed conquering Israelis with flowers as I mentioned. The main Shia movement, the Amal, fought against the Palestinians alongside the Maronites at the start of the war. The Shia only turned against Israel due to Israeli abuses. They formed Hezbollah, but they spent most of their time fighting Israel. An Armenian Communist organization fought the Maronites for most of the war. These were Christians. The war actually started when the Maronite President of Lebanon tried to force a fishing monopoly for his group along the coast. Fishermen in Sidon objected and there were popular demonstrations. Palestinians joined these demos. A sniper killed the former mayor of Sidon. To this day no one knows who killed him or why. The sniper fired at the  end of a demonstration and appeared to try to start a conflagration. The situation soon spiraled out of control and the Maronite government lost control of the situation. The actual beginning of the war was fighting versus Maronite and Palestinian militias. The Maronite government was not involved. You are going by the (((officially narrative))) of the war of evil Muslim Islamist Christian haters trying to genocide the good Christians of Lebanon. Except most of the “Muslims” were not even religious and the Christian militias were objectively fascist and in particular opposed to democratic rule via a census which would have made them a minority. The war was secular Palestinians versus fascist Maronite Christians. Most religious Muslims sat out the war. There was no “evil Muslims trying to exterminate good Christians out of religious hatred” bullshit. Hezbollah never took part in the civil war itself. All they did was fight against Israel and its puppet Maronite army in the south. However, most of the soldiers in this “Maronite” army were Shia Muslims! So the war in the South was Shia Muslims in the SLA versus Shia Muslims in Hezbollah. Also there were many Palestinian Christians in the PLO fighting against the Maronites.

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17 thoughts on “The (((Cartoon Version of the Lebanese Civil War))) Most Americans Have Heard Is Wrong”

  1. “Religious Muslims were mostly not involved in the war.”
    This is not true. When Syria invaded, they were the Ba’athist secularists. They didn’t ally with other Shias like Hezbollah.
    You had
    Maronites vs. Shias and PLO vs. Ba’athist Syria vs. Sunnis (Harriris)
    The Sunnis in Lebanon were allied with America and the Gulf States, and hence didn’t appeal to the PLO in spite of both being Sunni.

      1. Yes the Phalangist Maronites were the aggressors. They HATED and I do mean HATED the Palestinians. They thought the Pallies were destroying Lebanon and they just wanted them gone. To be fair, the Pallies were a wild or maybe desperate bunch in those days and they were stirring up shit wherever they were. Look what they did in Jordan in Black September. Tried to overthrow the government. After that they fled to Lebanon where they started stirring up a lot of shit over there.
        Maronite extreme hatred of the Palestinians started the war. They attacked the Palestinians to more or less drive them out of the country. There’s your Civil War right there.

    1. “Religious Muslims were mostly not involved in the war.”
      “This is not true. When Syria invaded, they were the Ba’athist secularists. They didn’t ally with other Shias like Hezbollah.”
      The Syrians aren’t even religious. They’re Arab nationalists. The army is a secular Arab nationalist army. Later on Syria allied with Hezbollah for sure. The Shia sat out the war. They never fought.
      “Maronites vs. Shias and PLO vs. Ba’athist Syria vs. Sunnis (Hariris)”
      You don’t understand the war. It was Maronites vs Palestinians period. The Shia sat out the war. They didn’t fight anyone.
      Syria intervened to set up a truce. They weren’t supporting one side or another. The Sunnis never fought in the Civil War. The Hariris came after war.
      You’re all mixed up homeboy. Better crack open those books nigga.

  2. Robert would you agree that now Christians are the victims of Usrael?
    The Yazidis were genocided by (((ISIS))). Christians in the Northwest of Syria are clinging to Assad for dear life.

      1. That’s a good description of them, but they might predate both of those including Zoroastrianism. Or maybe they are a Zoroastrian split. The religion seems to have come from Iran. It also has a heavy dose of Islam in it in addition to Christianity. It is a very primitive religion; probably one of the oldest true organized non-pagan religions on Earth.

        1. That is my understanding.
          I always hated ancient world history because the dates were so questionable. There was never a sense of time or narrative.

        2. Well, once you start getting pretty far back, no one was really writing anything down. You go back to 3,000 YBP, and you are pretty much talking about hieroglyphics and runic type carvings on stone and bone. It’s hard to figure out what happened if no one wrote it down.

      1. Yet Netanyahu does interviews for Breitbart where he tells the retarded redneck goyim about how ‘Israel loves Christianity’.
        Likudniks are literally mostly psychopaths.

        1. Well the (((American Christians))) are gleefully genociding the Middle Eastern Christians for some reason. There’s never been much solidarity with Christians. You ever see US Christians lining up with Russian Orthodox in Russia or Catholics in Latin America. Just LOL at that.
          I have talked to US liberal Democrats about the plight of the Middle Eastern Democrats and they said we need to get rid of all of the dictators over there and if that means the Christians get genocided or you get radical Islam, well, so what? That’s democracy for you. There’s your democracy fetish again. I think genocide is good argument against democracy. If some dictator is keeping mass slaughter or genocide from happening that would occur in a democracy if he left, for God’s sake, leave the dictator in.
          Most of those really rightwing Jews honestly don’t like Christians very much.
          Hell, even liberal Jews are not real wild about Christians. I have a Jewish gf and she’s not crazy about Christians or their religion.
          Anti-Christian beliefs are stamped on the DNA of Jews. The official Orthodox ceremony for converting to Judaism in Israel literally involves spitting on a cross. They had a big fight in Israel about getting rid of the + mark in mathematics because it looks too much like a cross. They replaced it with this stupid thing that looks like a small t.
          Read articles by American Christians who went to live in Israel. Not real pleasant. Got a Christmas tree in your living room. You need to keep your damn blinds drawn all the time. Jews don’t want to look in your window and see that damn tree. Arab Christians who wear crosses around their necks are openly ridiculed by Israeli Jews.
          LOL that’s like Judaism 101, man.

        2. I used to comment on Breitbart to try to explain all this to the Israel-loving red-blooded Murican Christians…..gave me a brain hemorrhage so I stopped.

        3. I told my liberal Democrat friend that his project of going around overthrowing all of the Arab nationalist dictators because they’re not nice to Israel was just going to result in the genocide of Christians and other non-Muslim minorities in the ME, and he just smiled and said the area is naturally Islamic and the Arabs need democracy no matter what results and we need to stop the eeebil dictators.
          I asked him about the Christians and told him he was setting them up for genocide and he and the woman he was with smiled and said, “You know what? Those ME Christians and all those other ME non-Muslims just need to leave. The future is Islamist states in the ME, and there’s no place for non-Muslims anymore.
          To say I was appalled would put it mildly.
          These people were LIBERAL DEMOCRATS. However, I would call them DNC Democrats. They didn’t like Sanders.

    1. I honestly think there is something very wrong with this guy. On the other hand if you have spent a lot of time around these (((conservative White Christian Republicans))), you will realize that this is EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE LIKE.
      What these people are like in their politics is, well, their politics is BAT SHIT INSANE. They’re crazy. They’re nuts. There’s no other word to describe them. They’re like the Christian ISIS or something. Scary people.

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