Who Is This Man?

Who is this man? Why is he famous? Was he a good person or a bad person? What was his fate?
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12 thoughts on “Who Is This Man?”

  1. Name: Joseph Goebbels
    Occupation: War criminal
    Attributes: Dwarfism, Congenital deformities, Persecution complex, Lack of empathy
    Hobbies: Book burning, Fake news propaganda, Whipping up jingoism, Hating non-Aryans
    Fate: Suicide.

  2. Yep, damn true. Only important information lacking would be this idiot savant and his stupid wife has caused their innocent children go dead because of their ignoble conviction.

    1. I doubt they killed their own children. It seems illogical, the family clearly loved eachother and WWII victors have been known to lie. Joseph and his wife were burnt to a crisp. Sounds like something a vengeful Satanist would do, after torturing them. The children were most likely murdered as well, after being raped. I know how the (((ignoble))) get down.

      1. Do you have any factual evidence for that claim?
        Herr Hitler did commit suicide in a bunker along with Eva and his closest people. Goebbels was extremely close to him.
        What’s murdering 2 kids to a deranged psychopath who helped orchestrate a pogrom against millions? At the Nuremberg Trials, it was evident that one thing binding all high profile Nazis together was their collective lack of empathy. According to scientific studies, this part of the brain can be switched off through brainwashing or conscious self-mentoring.
        Hitler did feel empathy towards animals, much more than he did for human beings.
        On average, Germans aren’t a bad people, not anymore than Americans, New Zealanders or Thai are.
        Nazi Germany is what happens when a bunch of psychopaths gravitate towards power at the same time. No checks and balances in such a system.
        Imagine Jack The Ripper, Ted Bundy, Harold Shipman, Gary Ridgway, Jeffery Dahrem, Charles Manson forming a government together in the United States.

        1. I’ve learned to question most every bit of hearsay about WWII. The word of one man, Kunz, is not enough. The way Kunz paints himself in a positive light is also suspect. I’ve read the alleged corpse of Hitler ended up being a womans, a gas chamber chimney was not even connected to a building, ect.. I wouldn’t feel sorry for a bunch of smoke and mirror stories either. As if jews are known for being unbiased and empathetic. According to Kunz, Goebbels wife told him Hitler himself ordered him to assist in killing her children. A lot of people in power are monsters but ino one’s demonized like Hitler. Most elite child rapists, murderers, ect. are swept under the rug but Hitler is always at the forefront. He must have struck a nerve with the current evil elites, not just the empathetic “eaters”. If the Germans won, there would be some romanticism but far more facts than there are now.

        2. Generally such intense brain washing/lack of empathy is limited to prisons in the US – but in the Nazi regime – or maybe the alt-right Trump one, LOL, it becomes state policy.
          So beware of this thinking and it all starts when your on blogs like this or others, called a cuck or whatever – simply cause your a person of empathy and color-blind.

  3. Mr. Lindsay Do some research on FEMA Camps in USA. Not that this is my Passion, Internet has been a exploratory tool for me. Conspiracy Theories are intriguing. I am just getting to learn how much this world is fu*ked up. Reading so much I just dont know if the Germans are Good or the Jews are Good? From the Hindu perspective at the present times called Kaliyuga everybody on Earth are from Lower Worlds. So one is just a Hue darker or darkest than the other. Besides Earth is not a very High planet in the Grand scheme of things. I myself have been researching the Origins of Hinduism, am convinced that Aryans are Caucasians, Hindus Aryans are also Caucasians from Central Asia, and India is the True Motherland of Hinduism and is Sanskrit. Germans usurping Sanskrit as their Language is not completely correct. Because Sanskrit is Language of Hindu Gods, Aum/Om itself refers to Parab-Brahman or the Godhead.
    Just to elaborate about myself, When I was five years old, We had two calender’s about 2 feet x 3 feet One of Lord Venkateswara, and another of Lord Ganesha, you can Google images these two Gods, I sketched both these Gods, on Paper and Painted them, I was just five years old. Back When I was three years old, My parents lived in a Temple town in Tamilnadu called Tiruvarur. Now this place is ravaged by Christians. Back then it held its Sanctity. Greatness of this Town is its two temples. The RajaGopala Temple for Lord Krishna and Bhrudeeswara Temple for Lord Shiva. As in many temples in TN, all temples are carved in Granite. Bruhadeeswaara temple is the Largest Granite Temple in the World Area wise and Tonnage of Stone wise. Even the British garrisoned their troops inside this Temple.
    At eight in the night I would run in the dark to this temple for the last worship of the day to meet my father who would be there. The sanctum Sanatorium of the Raja Gopala Temple housed a Civet Cat in a Cage, and a Tiger in a Cage on the other side. I had to muster courage to get inside the temple.
    I would also visit the Brudheswaara Temple around eight in t he Night, Area wise it is the largest at least One Square Kilometer. I reminiscence as I write this I would be the only person in the Temple in its closing time in the Night as I picture myself running in the Temple courtyard watching the Full Moon on Granite Slabs. It was a very Unique experience.

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