Game/PUA: Another Lie about Incels: Most Are Not Even Real Incels

Most Incels, especially on, are actually virgins. Worse than that, most have never even had one single date. If they have, it was often a complete catastrophe. If they have had any relationships with females at all, they were utterly Friendzoned the whole time, and they were not happy about it. Many are KHV’s (Kissless Handholdless Virgins) or KHHV’s, (Kissless Handholdless Hugless Virgins).
In fact, on, there is a big controversy over whether non-virgins should be allowed on the site at all. There are some non-virgins on there – one man in fact has had sex with 30 women at age 32 – but those are called Blackpilled Normies, and they are always very close to getting banned.
I was on myself for a while, mostly because I wanted to cheer the Incels up, help them, and offer them advice. I was revealed quite quickly as not one of them and was labeled a Blackpilled Normie, which is OK by me. There are many Normies on Incel sites who are there to be Incel allies, commiserate with the Incels, try to help them, offer them advice, etc. Those Normies should not be confused with Incels. So it is important to note that not everyone on an Incel board is actually an Incel.
A few Incels have had one or two very limited sexual encounters in their lives. They are grandfathered in on the boards.
I was banned for “bragging,” which is the fate of most any Normie posting on that board. You cannot talk about any successful experiences you have had with women – that’s all bragging, and it gets you thrown off the board. Try as I might to write my posts in accord with the policy, they kept busting me anyway.
The notion that most Incels are not really true Incels is very problematic.
These are some seriously sex-starved men who in general have shockingly or even frighteningly little sexual or romantic experience with females. They are pitiful creatures, which may or may not be outweighed by their menacing nature.

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4 thoughts on “Game/PUA: Another Lie about Incels: Most Are Not Even Real Incels”

  1. They can get chubby or fat women. So the incels must be picky – and very picky because a lot of them are actually curvy and hot – if you can ignore the society image – like how black people do.

      1. I would like to go over to their forums and ask them if they can get fat women. I would say that most would settle for a looksmatch, but they would argue that they should not settle for a fat woman if they were not fat themselves. They would say that any fat incel should probably not turn down fat women.

    1. No, they can’t. That’s their problem. Most of them literally cannot get _a-n-y-b-o-d-y_ at all! I’ve seen them ask out burn victims, severely obese women, women in wheelchairs, even women with serious intellectual disabilities and STILL get continually rejected.

      The same kid who barks on incel forums about “not wanting fat chicks” would gladly sacrifice all 4 of his own damn limbs just to be in a SEXLESS MARRIAGE with one. They’re THAT desperate. Their dating lives are literally THAT dismal! Don’t be fooled by all their reeeeee-ing on the forums about “ugly women”. In actual practice, they have VERY LOW standards. They’ve been rejected by women YOU wouldn’t even touch with your worst enemy’s dick.

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