How the Designated Shitting Streets Meme Came about

2050! India Superpower! Poo is in the loo! Designated shitting streets are now designated shitting planets! Designated…Designated…Designated…Designated…Designated…Designated…Designated…Designated. You realize that has turned into one of the funniest internet memes of them all? Designated shitting streets? You know how that started? It was on 4chan and people were making fun of Indians for shitting in the streets and everywhere else for that matter. They had all these memes up there, and some Indian nationalist came on there ranting and raving, “2030 India Superpower! We’re going to kill every single one of you!” You know like they do. And then he said that Indians don’t shit in any old street anyway. “We have designated shitting streets,” he said. Well, it took off from there.* That and the Goddamned idiot wagon wheel flag are too much, man. That one Indian nationalist idiot singlehandedly created one of the most hilarious anti-Indian memes ever made. Congratulations! Jai Hind! *I think I was one of the first bloggers to find that conversation and I had a jpg of that whole conversation at one point. After that idiot tried to defend himself with the “designated shitting streets” excuse,  everyone just dogpiled all over him and beat up him up for a long time after that. He just sputtered along muttering that he was going to kill all of them like they always do.

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4 thoughts on “How the Designated Shitting Streets Meme Came about”

  1. According to WHO, the cost of building toilets all over India is Rs.25000 ($370) per household. Which means building 100 million modern toilets (the number of households that don’t have one) does not exceed $35 billion.
    But that’s not the priority of Indian government. Filthy people.
    1-India has $9.2 billion to spend on 36 Rafale jets from France. Let that sink in – nearly $250 million per aircraft. It’s a clearly horrible deal which exposes the corruption of Modi’s government, blowing India’s taxpayer money while enriching France in the process.
    2-India’s foreign exchange reserves stand at $426 billion. Only China, United States and Germany are any higher.

  2. Although I’ve known a lot of Indian-Americans of whom I am quite fond,
    I can’t help but worry that as they gain more political and economic power they won’t have any qualms about treating poor people like untouchables with no access to toilets.

    1. They don’t value equal access to infrastructure. It’s feudalism with no social mobility. Hence caste.

      1. “It’s feudalism with no social mobility. Hence caste…”
        No. You misunderstood the origin of Hindu caste system, which is quite different from other old ‘caste’ system.
        England, Japan, China and many others had occupational clans or caste system, like Taylors, Cooper (barrel makers), Tanaka (farmers in Japan), 張 Zhang (archers? in China)… But those occupational clans were not enforced by religion, and they gradually lost the meaning except for reminders of a person’s ancestry. There’s absolutely no statistical indication that the Zhangs in China are more likely to join the military because the origin of the name is so distant.
        The Hindu system is basically racial/tribal segregation sanctified. I suspect Hinduism probably came into being for that purpose of the ‘Aryans’ designing something that placed them in top positions to lord over the conquered dark-skinned Dravidians.
        Imagine if the South African apartheid system lingered on for another 1,000 yrs; sure, the races would be somewhat more mixed, those with lighter skin color will still be at the top of the hierarchy, but every South African would be used to it. The fair-skinned S. Africans might even claim that S. Africa is the homeland of the White race, much like the recent Hindu nationalist ‘Out of India’ BS claims Euro ancestors came from ancient India.
        The Hindu nationalists as usual would put together whatever rhetoric they can find to defend their ‘pride,’ which is in short supply, like the Hindu caste system being ‘spiritual’. Hindu nationalist ‘pride’ is a very interesting phenomena – there’s a drive to manufacture ‘pride’; here’s a very interesting example: DRDO, India’s prime military technology corporation, claimed that they are digging up ancient pre-Mahabharata technology to build stealth fighters:

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