PUA/Game: The Life of Chad: The Story of One Week

These incel guys (and some other blackpillers like the folks over at Lookism – a much more diverse group) do this thing called catfishing women. They put up a photo of a male model and then go on Tinder or Snapchat and see how many women they can get with it. These were all the women that this fake Chad got in only one week. Those extremely flirtatious videos and photos, including the one girl who took a video of her farm, were all sent to him by those 10 young women in a single week.
Damn! Look at all those hot young women I will never have again. Oh well. But I still want them. I want them all! Every single one of them!

I don’t want to fuck just one of you. I want to fuck all of you, dammit, every single one of you!
– Sid Vicious, Longhorn Ballroom, 1978, US tour.

Jesus Christ. Is this because of Tinder? Because it was never like this before. Even in my Chadly days of yore, it was never this easy.
Could this Chad actually have a harem of all ten of those women? From my experience, I would say no. The thing about women is, no woman wants to be “the other woman” or worse, “one of many.” They all want to be the only one.

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