PUA/Game: How to Deal with the Boogeyman of Rejection

Numbers Game

Dating sites are just awful. You really have to run Numbers Game. A friend of mine was a Chad womanizer, and he was on a big dating site. He sent out things called Likes and Flirts to ~100+ women. He would just sit there all day bombarding all these women with IOI’s. He said out of ~100 “approaches,” 2-3 might talk to you, and a lot of those would flake. Nevertheless, this guy was legitimately screwing 2-3 new women every week off that site. I absolutely play Numbers Game on sites, and I very commonly deal with women flaking after 2-3 days of conversation. Try to analyze how you might have screwed up, but you might not figure it out.

Dealing with Rejection and Learning to Be Hard

If you can figure out how what you did to make her flake, simply say, “Live and learn” and add it to your social skills book in your head, or if you don’t care about what you did to make her flake, just say this self-talk:

So what LOL. I don’t care what bitches think. I’m not going to change. If bitches don’t like it, tough LOL.

I know how to talk to women, and even I screw it up all the time. Women are extremely flighty and emotional and take offense at all sorts of silly comments and remarks. You can literally blow up a whole months-long relationship with a single sentence. So with women generally you are offending her or pissing her off at least a fair part of the time. The main trick is to keep this to a minimum, not to eliminate it. Now guys like me on dating sites get rejected horribly by lots of women. I start talking to lots of women, and they ghost me all the time. I have had arrangements to meet women for get to know each others or dates, and these have blown up many times by the woman flaking out before the meeting even takes place. And I was talking to these women on the phone a lot. It’s cold, vicious, and brutal out there, and you need to develop a very thick skin for rejection. You get rejected and you just say, “Screw that bitch LOL,” pick yourself up and carry on. You have to be like a ring fighter who gets knocked down over and over and always picks himself up. I have good self-esteem but the mass rejection that even Normans get on these sites must be utterly devastating to more sensitive types like these incel guys. It would not be unusual at all to be on different dating sites and get ~4 dates in 3-4 years and have most of those be only single dates. Ok, here is what I do and what you have to do: When a woman rejects me, which I deal with all day on these sites, I just say things like this (self-talk):

Fuck that bitch!…Fuck you, dumb cunt, get lost!…You sucked anyway, bitch LOL!…Oh well good thing, you’re ugly anyway bitch ha ha!…I don’t care about you, bitch, fuck off LOL!… You think I care if you reject me? LOL!

I just sit there and laugh at them and call them cunts all day as they reject me. And I don’t even hate women really at all. On the contrary I rather like them. People might say that saying all these hateful things would make you a misogynist, a psychopath, or a bad person, but that never happens to me because I am basically a very nice guy, so all of those comments simply serve to leave me a nice guy and just lower my inhibitions a lot and accommodate to all the rejection you get. Anyway, I don’t really believe all those nasty comments I tell myself about those women who reject me. On a certain level, I know it’s bullshit, so it doesn’t change my opinion. It’s just self-protective. I recommend that you try my plan of self-talk when women reject you on those sites or really anywhere for that matter as long as that talk doesn’t make you hateful or psycho. But I doubt if it would. For men who are just shy, instead of making you a psychopath, it will probably just lower your inhibitions. You have to get tough and hard to do this game. If you can’t get tough and hard, it will be very hard to get women. Normies go through the exact same crap these incels do. It’s just that we don’t give up, and they flip.

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  1. Thanks sharing this encouranging message and not to get disheartened after one rejection, it is part of the game, actually. Thank you Robert!

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