Most People Are Doing Everything They Do for a Reason

Most things people do, they’re doing them for a reason, and often a good reason at that (at least as they see it). Even crazy people for the most part do things for a reason. A crazy reason, sure, but a reason nonetheless. Once you realize that most things people do are for a (fairly logical, at least for them) reason, the world clears up and things make so much more sense.
For decades I ran around pulling my hair because so many “crazy or evil people” were doing all these lousy things “for no reason.” But I finally figured out that that was a lie. Few things that people do are for no reason at all. Once you figure out that people are doings things for understandable reasons, the world becomes a much less baffling and infuriating place.
Now you have to set out to try to determine who people are doing the confounded things that they are doing, whatever those might be. Here’s where the fun comes in. I have found that you can usually figure out the reasons for most behavior, even that of the most baffling of females, if you think about it hard enough. Once you understand why that person did what they did, a feeling of peace comes over you. The world is actually an intelligible place. Most people are more or less logical, as painful as it might be to admit that.
And there’s your blackpill.

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