PUA/Game: Getting Women Is Always The Hardest Job You Will Ever Have

Getting females has always been work. The hardest thing I ever did in life, other than getting that Master’s degree, was getting females. And let’s not even talk about keeping them around, turning them into girlfriends, starting relationships, and then sustaining them over time.
Sure, I could attract them, but that’s only part of it, or it was back then anyway. There’s so much more to it than that. Just because she’s attracted to you doesn’t mean she’s going to do much of anything. How much you can get her to do with you and how soon and for how long is all dependent on thing – your Game. And that’s where Robert Felix and his 1,000 pound bag of tricks comes in. Gaming females always took all of my supercomputer brain power, and then 10X more (which I didn’t even have).
Seriously, they could offer AA’s, BA’s, Masters’ and PhD’s in Seduction Studies. There’s that much to it, and it goes on and on, and you never stop learning. I’m still learning how to do this at age 60, and as long as I have a sex drive, I’ll keep learning until I die.
Females are maddeningly, insanely complex creatures. But then that’s part of the challenge. Women think they are somehow intelligible, but that’s a conceit. Hell, even women don’t understand women!
I’ve have had women who were my best friends. We called and texted each other all day long. I used to bring my women problems to them, and they would often be stumped. “I don’t know,” they would say. “I don’t what she’s trying to say or do here. Women are weird. I can’t understand them myself half the time.”
But there’s a method to the madness. There always is.

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