PUA/Game: Why Are PUA Types So Reactionary?

Sisera: Lindsay,
Why do a lot of the PUA types turn to reactionary politics?
I mean realistically the only way they might find a woman (specifically, gold-diggers) is if they get rich.
But if you’re in your 20’s working a low paying job, aren’t you more concerned about even having money to save in order to get rich and not getting taxed heavily 20 years down the road?
So it seems Roosh might sell false hope. That’s why these incel mass shooters visit sites like “PUA hate”.
BTW, TRASH is now a favorite on Return of Kings. Check it out.

First things first.

Why do a lot of the PUA types turn to reactionary politics?

I don’t know except the Cultural Left is now completely feministed and cucked as far as men and masculinity are concerned. I mean men are the enemy, masculinity is toxic, gay, bi and trans guys are the greatest thing since sliced bread, on and on.
And the Cultural Left really really hate PUA and Game, which to me is insane because all Game is is the Science of Seduction. What the Hell is wrong with seduction for Chrissake? I mean men have been trying to figure out how to get women for millennia now. Check out a famous book called On Love written by the famous Roman writer Seneca. It could be called How to Pick up Girls in Rome in 200 BC. Men have been doing this PUA/Game stuff forever. It’s part of the natural, normal behavior of human men.
Back in the 1970’s and even 1980’s, the pickup/Game scene was all around liberal men. Hef, Bob Guccione, Al Goldstein, and Larry Flynt were all liberal Democrats. Almost everyone in the porn industry was a liberal Democrat, and that’s true to this very day. Back then, being on the liberal/Left implied a “libertine, do it in the streets” mindset.
Now the Left has been taken over by feminists and faggots, it hates straight men, especially straight White men (though fags can take as many fists up their ass as they want, and it’s all good). The Left is all Sex-Negative Feminism now. It’s #metoo bullshit, the sexual harassment weapon on steroids (the worst weapon we ever gave women), ever-expanding definitions of rape, rape culture bullshit, patriarchy bullshit, insane consent rules that force all straights who want to have sex to act like shy, uncertain virgns.
I mean it really seems like the Left doesn’t want us men to get laid at all. It doesn’t even want us to try to get laid, since if we flirt with women, ask for the numbers or for dates or even look a them God forbid, we’re guilty of Sexual Misconduct (What sort of Orwellian nonsense is a concept like that?), Sexual Harassment, maybe Sexual Assault, or Rape, and someone needs to call the cops on us or put a restraining order on us to protect women from our evil roaming eyeballs and flapping lips.
Considering that the Left is now so hostile and hate-filled towards straight men, who can blame them for going reactionary?
On the other hand, the situation we have right now is that it is the rightwingers of all people who are singing the praises of Sexual Liberation and the Sexual Revolution, and the Left wants to roll the clock back to the 1880’s where we put stockings on piano legs. The Modern Left is the precise opposite of all those things we fought for in the Sexual Revolution, one of the great liberation movements of the 1960’s. We’ve turned into the uptight squares we used to mock and hate. It’s pathetic.

“I mean, realistically, the only way they might find a woman (specifically, gold-diggers) is if they get rich.
But if you’re in your 20s working a low paying job, aren’t you more concerned about even having money to save in order to get rich, and not getting taxed heavily 20 years down the road?”

This mindset never made sense to me. All politics is class politics. Low income people should be class conscious. What you describe is the typical phenomenon in the US known as false consciousness.
I would like to point out that I have been getting 7-10’s, hot women, even model types, within my age bracket at least, ever since I was 17 years old, and I’ve never had two nickels to rub together. Hell, my girlfriends have been paying my way most of my life. I’m not proud of that, although the gigolo image is cool, really I would much rather have at least been paying my own way. A girlfriend recently broke up with a long relationship with me and she said, “All I got was a cup of coffee and a card!” I can’t put into words what a piece of crap I felt like when I read that.
On the other hand, I’ve always Chad or at least Chadlite, even to this day, and whatever the rules of love and sex are for most men, Chad breaks them all. The rules simply do not apply to Chad. He’s the exception to every rule out there, and he’s living proof of Looks Theory and the Black Pill.

So it seems Roosh might sell false hope.

Roosh is obviously a horrible human being. Of course he’s a snake oil selling con artist. All these PUA guys are.

That’s why these incel mass shooters visit sites like “PUA Hate”.

Still in business as Slut Hate. The PUA idiots like the execrable Roosh are selling a fraudulent product called Game, so of course a lot of people who bought the product and got ripped off are pissed. Hence PUA Hate for the victims of the PUA fraud. And by the way, these incels are as bad as Roosh or probably worse. Nevertheless, I feel very sorry for them, and I do feel sorry at all for Rooshbag. He’s one of the most hateable people I can think of.

BTW, TRASH is now a favorite on Return of Kings.

Well, that’s no surprise. They had previously banned for, well, simply being Trash is the best way to put it, but I guess they let him back on. To be fair he’s in his element. Most of the douchebags over there are about as narcissistic as he is.

Check it out.

Better not. Every time I go there I want to smash my computer screen. Monitors are expensive.
I can’t put into words how much I hate those people. They’re just horrible, as bad as Trump.

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6 thoughts on “PUA/Game: Why Are PUA Types So Reactionary?”

  1. Please read
    The New Politics of Sex: The Sexual Revolution, Civil Liberties, and the Growth of Government Power by Steven Baskerville, Ph.D. Angelico Press (2017)
    The Kindle edition may be read on a desktop computer. Cost on 06 08 18 is $8.99.
    See also Taken Into Custody: The War Against Fathers, Marriage, and the Family by Steven Baskerville, Ph.D. Hardcover – September 25, 2007
    About the Author
    Stephen Baskerville is an Assistant Professor of Government at Patrick Henry College and past president of the American Coalition for Fathers of Children. http://www.acfc.org/ He holds a Ph.D. from the London School of Economics and is Earhart Fellow at the Howard Center for Family, Religion, and Society. The author of more than eighty articles and studies on fatherhood and family issues, he has appeared widely on national radio and television programs.
    Dr. Baskerville’s website is: https://www.stephenbaskerville.com/
    Selected Comments:
    Prepare to defend yourself against the ravages of Big Sister
    By Charles Corry on May 22, 2018
    Everyone should read this book! Especially if you’ve been involved/destroyed by Big Sister, the DV industry, or are concerned about the excesses of the #MeToo revolutionaries.
    Gene in Arlington
    Excellent short summary Charles! I too have been involved/destroyed by Big Sister and the DV industry. Reforms are long overdue, as there is currently no recourse after a man has had their life destroyed – or made extremely painful – by the lies of amoral women who typically gain financially via their perjury. BTDT. I hope that Dr. Baskerville motivates men to understand and unite to oppose this cruel, heartless movement that seeks to destroy them!

  2. I think you pretty much nailed it. I first started learning about the PUA thing back in the mid 2000s when it was made popular by by people like Mystery and Neil Strauss. Back then there was no political backdrop. Game was just about learning techniques to get laid. Somewhere around 2010 you started seeing the rise of a “manosphere” where PUA’s had found common ground with men’s rights groups. Through the Obama years you saw the rise of Tea Party types and the formation of the alt-right who hated feminists, hated blacks, were pushing HBD and became hardcore libertarian social darwinists and viewed game as an extension of darwinism. At this point I think PUA is dead and all of these people are now just full blown Trumpists and nihilists dark webbers who want to turn the clock back 200 years to a time when women couldn’t vote and stayed in their place, and white men had unquestioned authority social dominance. The PUA to fascism pipeline has reached its final stage.

    1. Right on, Tulio.
      As usual, another brilliant comment from you. I know you will think I am lying, but like a lot of commenters on here, you have a touch of genius. I don’t think you realize how smart you are.
      You also might want to go look up your childhood IQ score. The fact that that teacher recommended you for the Gifted program at all implies an IQ of 130+. You don’t have to have a 130 IQ to get recommended for the Gifted program in California, but anyone who recommended you for that would not have done so unless you had taken an IQ test, and she probably took that test into question when she made that recommendation.
      I am not saying you tested 130+, but you might want to call your Mom and ask about your score. She definitely got old and you definitely got tested.
      A lot of your comments are, I hate to say it, perfect. Of course we have other commenters like that here too, but it’s pretty cool to be a person who makes “perfect” comments on posts. You just sum it all up so succinctly and perfectly so much of the time. You have more talent than you think, my friend.

  3. I think the best idea is to ignore these feminist etc. bullies. Stay away from them. There are plenty of working class joes – who aren’t by the way far, right-wing douchebags – who simply take life easy and get a piece of guilt-less ass.

  4. I think the big problem with bullies, including these cultural left types, is when they have control. I mean, they can be a terror from hell in your family or at the workplace. However, if they’re just on a college campus where they only have moderate power – a person can do well just to avoid them – as mentioned above. I mean, what good is bitching about them? Who cares? Let’s just go to Hooters !!

  5. These reactionary types hate lesbians – but so many of them are that way because of hyper-masculine men? I mean, what other men are there in places like the Appalachia, the Philippines, where I see so much of this?

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