PUA/Game: #Metoo Nonsense: Why It Is Dangerous to Put Women in Power in Society

This is why it is dangerous to put women in power in society. They start instituting blatantly unjust and antiscientific nonsense because their feels tell them it’s the right thing to do. This is exactly what we are seeing with this #metoo insanity. Does anyone even know what Sexual Harassment even is? Nope. Does anyone even know what Sexual Misconduct (What an Orwellian notion that phrase is itself) is? Nope. No definition of Sexual Harassment. No definition of Sexual Misconduct nonsense. Vague rules and laws are unconstitutional. You have to know what the laws is so you can figure out how not to break it. If you don’t even know what the law is, how can you figure out how to obey it? Apparently the definitions of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct are entirely based on women’s feels. Not only that but they are based on the feels of  each individual female! So those phrases of law not only have no definition, but they probably have a separate definition for every woman in the country! How do you know what you are doing is Sexual Harassment or Sexual Misconduct? Because you gave some woman “uncomfortable” feels. How are you supposed to know what makes any given woman uncomfortable so you can figure out how not to do so? You can’t! Furthermore, women will have one set of rules for Chad (he can pretty much do whatever he wants to her, and she won’t feel bad) and another set of rules for Normans and Omegas. Say you see Chad walk up to a woman and say something and watch the woman swoon. He leaves and now you walk up to her and say the exact same thing Chad said to her, and she flips out, screams Sexual Harassment, and you lose your job or get thrown out of the establishment. So not only does each individual woman have a separate unknowable definition of Sexual Harassment/Misconduct, each individual woman also has a separate unknowable definition of  Sexual Harassment/Misconduct for every new man she encounters! It’s almost like something out of a Kafka novel, say The Trial, where the man is arrested, jailed and prosecuted but never learns the charges against him and no one else seems to know what they are either. Thanks to feminism, modern women have left us men unmoored in a Kafkaesque nightmare. Thanks a lot, ladies!

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5 thoughts on “PUA/Game: #Metoo Nonsense: Why It Is Dangerous to Put Women in Power in Society”

  1. Please don’t misunderstand people out there. I know I’ll get in trouble for saying this, but that woman that brought down Bill Cosby wasn’t exactly the beauty queen of the world. If Cosby had to resort to drugging her for sex, he must have been in a real desperate situation.

  2. Yeah, definitely this is a green light fro discrimination against ugly, retards, non-whites, average white guys – but not ones “They’re in love with !!”

  3. I agree Robert, sexual harassment needs to be defined and in many corporations and businesses it is, but clearly not in the entertainment industry. I’m not a fan of the me too movement for that reason.
    As far as corporate rules go against sexual harassment, I worked for AT&T when single between 24 and 36. During new employee orientation men and women are given training on sexual harassment, then covered again annually. In those years I know of 3 situations where sexual advances were reported to a supervisor (based on broken rules). 2 were man to woman, 1 was woman to woman. 2 of 3 the offenders so to speak, were in positions of power. All 3 were told by the person they harassed that they were not interested multiple times. There were inappropriate comments made, unwanted touching and persistent asking out even when told no. The majority of women do NOT want to report a guy for sexual harassment on the job, it’s a distracting and very stressful event to have to take those steps, and when it’s consistently disruptive to your work environment, and personal safety you have a right to report it. Here’s an example of some rules https://www.dfeh.ca.gov/resources/frequently-asked-questions/employment-faqs/sexual-harassment-faqs/

  4. Last night, I received a divine vision from my humanoid bat messenger: The coming ‘Queen of Queens’ will criminalise PIV (Penis in Vagina) sex.
    ‘..The sex that most people are doing now is actually just an invention of the patriarchy. It’s rape. Men invented PIV sex because it’s degrading to women and it’s suited to only pleasure them….
    In real sex – meaning the original sex that we were biological programmed for – the man is supposed to place his balls into the woman’s pussy, and then her pussy flexes and crushes the balls. The uterus then sucks sperm out of the crushed scrotum like a soup dumpling.
    When a man’s testicles are being crushed, the pain of being castrated by a woman causes the penis to go erect. This is because men subconsciously desire emasculation by women. The pleasure men are supposed to derive from sex is entirely psychological – they aren’t supposed to get off from physical stimulation of the penis.
    When the penis gets hard with the balls inside the pussy, it rubs up against and stimulates the clitoris, and this is how a woman reaches orgasm. When the woman begins to cum, her pussy constricts further, which provides the requisite strength to completely crush the balls and get to the sperm…”.
    I suspect there’ll be a more benign alternative hetero proposal to the above ball crushing—-Let’s call it ‘STIR’– (double ends) Strap-on dildo In Rectum.

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