2 thoughts on “Who Is This Man?”

  1. -Josip Broz Rito (in marshal uniform, I think circa 60’s or early 70s)
    – He was GenSec of the Yugoslav Communist Party, founded and commanded AVNOJ (anti-fascist resistance front of Yugoslavia) during WW2 and kicked the ass of 8 fascist hordes (4 of them foreigner, other 4 local; puppets of the former) including German Nazis who led the pack of hyenas.
    – Yugoslavia, the Balkan peninsula
    – The victory over fascists and occupiers was quite unexpected, especially given the fact that the country has been invaded st first for a loss (on German’s part) of only 200-odd troops; which would be the death toll, solely caused by traffic accidents for an army of this size and an operation of such duration; and this, in present time, let alone then. Furthermore, Yugoslavia was the only country (besides Albania which has received significant support from their Yugoslav comrades) to liberate itself (note: in conjunction with Soviet Army as for the capital Belgrade). He and his comrades made Yugoslavia not only the star of Third World, but also a quite powerful and enjoyable country after the war; that is at least up to 1991, at which FSRY has been destroyed by the imperialism which did not want a successful (while having a number of deficiencies, some being substantial) socialist model not mislead the then newly enslaved Eastern Europe and continue to be a beacon of hope and bad example for oppressed peoples, especially in the vicinity.

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