Pedophile Test: How Do You Score?

Pedophile Test. If you get aroused by looking at these girls, you are a pedophile! A shorteyes, a chomo, a Chester. We need to lock you up pre-emptively on a charge of Dangerousness because you might commit a pedo crime in the future. On the other hand, if you don’t find these girls attractive, you’re either a fag or you’re dead. Take your pick, lads!

Kill, kill, kill the pedophiles!

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9 thoughts on “Pedophile Test: How Do You Score?”

  1. They’d all outrun me.
    In my jurisdiction, it’s not illegal to look at and admire those curvy bodies. Or even save those pics on one’s computer.
    Yes morphing them into nude porn or something is another matter.
    Anyway, when I come to America, I’ll behave very nicely. Best to stay away from all American females, including their obese cows.
    I have heard they throw the book at international sex offenders. Ever heard of Anand Jon Alexander? He’s doing more than 50 years in a super-max prison in Texas for being a sleazy Indian.

    1. The girls in the photo Robert posted turn me on. But this girl in the blue shirt does noting for me. I couldn’t even force myself to be sexually attracted to her. Her face looks about 9.

  2. Pedophilia has to prepubescent children. I don’t think these girls qualify as ten year olds. However, the correct term might be hebephilia, a attraction to pubescent young adolescent children. I think the public school teachers union has all the information you need.

  3. The whole situation with that stuff is ridiculous. I mean, not to sound like a creep but men just have dicks with their own mind. That’s just the way it is. But I don’t want to delve into details cause then I’d get labeled a criminal unjustly.
    But anyway, messing with teenagers is a recipe for trouble so should be avoided. I mean, even if it was legal, it was cause social problems cause the general society doesn’t like it.

  4. In primitive foraging societies it’s common for men to marry and have sex with (even kidnap and rape) young teen/pubescent girls, yet in our societies many men deny being attracted to girls that young.
    For example, in the Yanomamo tribe when girls get to about 12 and have developed sexual characteristics they have to be closely guarded by their dads or husbands to prevent them getting raped or abducted. The girls are usually married to men at puberty and are considered most attractive before they start having babies which is typically about 15-19.
    Are the men in modern societies different or just lying or kidding themselves because it’s against our social norms to be attracted to minors?

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