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    1. It really boggles my mind as to how filthy my countrymen really are. How are they able to tolerate living in such conditions? Even the Pakistanis, Nepalese and Sri Lankans have far better standards of human existence.
      Here is a famous picture which depicts the mostly open and porous border between India and Bhutan, a much impoverished Himalayan neighbour which depends on Indian government aid for its existence but want to stay separate for good reason. Most people haven’t even heard this country’s name. Bhutan is an absolute monarchy with a Buddhist majority population.
      No prizes for guessing which side of the border India is in. The Bhutanese should really build a fence to keep out Indians. I guess that’s because they don’t have the money for it.
      I did the right thing in distancing myself from most specimens of Homo Sapiens Indicus

      1. Speaking of the Bhutanese, here’s their famous royal couple. So classy and elegant. Bhutanese have a law that says 60 percent of their country must remain forest.
        The Bhutanese king is called the Dragon King. How cool is that? And the Queen is hot.

      2. Actually there’s a bright side:
        As pointed out, Bharat’s biggest problem is unemployment and under-employment; if the people and govt could get organized, they could create 10’s of millions of more construction jobs building cheap housing, roads, toilets, and what not.
        Something I pointed out at Ron Unz’s site:
        Historically, toilet paper and lower-grade writing paper in China were made of grass and straw. Toilet paper in China is literally called ‘grass paper’. Here the Indians can start a low-investment rural industry. Even if they don’t use toilet paper, they can made cardboard out of the straw.

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