Game/PUA: The Only Reason Men Are Incels Is Due to Their Personality

C’mon, these guys have crappy personalities! They’re awful people. If they were just decent people, they could get women. They think it’s their looks, but it’s not their looks, dammit! It’s their shit personalities, and nothing else. Incels are horrible human beings. That’s why no one wants them. Looks have nothing to do with it.
The number one rule of Game is that Looks don’t matter. They are completely irrelevant. As long as you have great Game, you can get as many women as you want. Repeat: Looks has nothing to do with success with women.

Go ahead cucks, blame his personality. I dare ya!

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8 thoughts on “Game/PUA: The Only Reason Men Are Incels Is Due to Their Personality”

  1. I don’t get this post. Well, the problem is some guys are not good looking according to society’s standards – which I think are shallow, though. I mean, some slightly chubby guy is teased and so he’s convinced he cannot get women, so he doesn’t try. See how that goes?

    1. It’s sarcastic. Cucks always tell the incels that the only reason they can’t get laid is their personalities. It’s not their looks of course. Can’t be. Point is, assuming this guy has a hard time getting women, which is a distinct possibility:
      I want to see them tell this guy his whole problem is his personality! Of course, his looks have nothing to do with it, right?

      1. Well I think even nomie-ass cucks realize a burn victim isn’t going to get girls. They mostly mean people who are fat, thin, etc.. Anyway, though, those things – fat, thin etc.. cause a lot of teasing, as noted – so the confidence has a tough time developing.

        1. Myself, I find people who tease people cause they’re fat and skinny to often be shallow assholes – and that’s not just an SJW talking. But see what damage their stupid BS does to people where now even moderately fat people are too scared to approach anything slightly challenging.

        2. You should go to some of those incel sites and read the stories those guys write about their lives. Some of the saddest stories I have ever heard in my entire life! I don’t even see how those guys even go on living. If my life would have been like that, I figure I would have roped a long time ago.

          1. I lived in their world and absolutely would have killed myself if not for the plastic surgeries that finally transformed my dating life. I purchased a shotgun for the sole purpose of ending my life if fixing my looks didn’t work. By my 3rd surgery, life improved enough for me to sell the gun because I didn’t need it anymore. I was finally at least able to date morbidly obese (>300lbs) and disabled girls, and was even OK with knowing they were really just settling for me, but it was astronomically better than nothing.

            Life was finally at least livable, even knowing I still wasn’t good looking enough to be loved, just to be settled for. I later went on to get more procedures done. With each successive surgery, women treated me better and those I was able to date got prettier. Along the way, I finally experienced what REAL love and desire from a woman looks like. That experience, and the next few like it, radically changed my approach to dating and relationships – irrevocably and forever.

            If she doesn’t find you hot enough for something casual, she absolutely CANNOT be trusted for something serious!!

      2. Lindsay,
        Why do a lot of the PUA types turn to reactionary politics?
        I mean, realistically, the only way they might find a woman (specifically, gold-diggers) is if they get rich.
        But if you’re in your 20s working a low paying job, aren’t you more concerned about even having money to save in order to get rich, and not getting taxed heavily 20 years down the road?
        So it seems Roosh might sell false hope. That’s why these incel mass shooters visit sites like “PUA hate”.
        BTW, TRASH is now a favorite on Return of Kings. Check it out.

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