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  1. Incidentally, very few Indians use toilet paper. Most use their left hand to wipe their bottoms after….you know what.
    Not me. I’ve been using toilet papers my whole life.
    Fuck Modi. And all those who worship him. He’s practically rigging elections like his comrade Putin in Russia.
    India is past the point of no return.

  2. May the Almighty forgive me. I was once a ‘cultural imperialist’ who made fun of the Hindus over their toilet matters. Actually the Hindu toilet habits aren’t as bad as many think:
    n1) Making toilet paper means chopping down trees. After all the forests have been depleted due to ecological damage caused by humans, we’ll all be wiping our asses with our hands.
    2) Pooping outdoors means the poop will get sterilized by the hot tropical sun, but on the other hand, shit could still creep into the water table through the average Indian’s household toilet (which are mostly a hole in the ground).
    People shouldn’t make fun of the Hindus. They’re people surviving destitute situation.
    But the following is offending to basic human dignity – whoring for the gods:

  3. No toilet paper! Ugh. Can’t imagine how crusty the average Indian’s ass crack is. Could you imagine the smell fucking an Indian woman doggy style?

    1. Nothing wrong with the ass cracks, they do wipe their bottoms properly. But I’d worry about the left hand. Hah hah.
      Most women belonging to Arab cultures don’t have much use for toilet papers either (unless they’re Westernized). They use a bidet instead which is far more hygienic. At least they don’t use the left hand.
      Indians consider the sole application of toilet papers barbaric. Here’s an example.

      “All over the world — in Europe, Asia, the Middle East — people use bidets. Using toilet paper to clean your butt is barbaric!,” says Agrawal, full of incredulation.

  4. You started this meme, homie. Now it’s totally on you. Just do a Google search on how much damage you caused. Narendra Modi will not be too pleased.

    Where’s the original designated shitting streets article? Was it eliminated during the great WordPress purge?

    1. This is it. Actually I pulled it from a Chan discussion where it had started to become a meme on the Chans. It’s a pasteup of a conversation with some Indian and he gets mad when people say Indians shit on the streets and he says, “No they don’t! They have designated shitting streets!” And it turned into a meme. Not sure how well I spread it. WP purge eliminated about half my stuff. If Jason would get his act together, he might be able to put the rest of it up. WP gave me all my stuff back, but only half of it uploaded.

      1. You still have the original stuff given to you by WP, though, right? You sent the links, but that means you still have them also.

      2. I am talking about that original article where you describe a fictitious scenario. It was hilarious. I think the first comment was from Bay Area Guy. Can’t find it anymore.

        Stuff was rad, man. You practically nailed these cow-piss drinking Modiphile sons of bitches. Wish I could read it again.

      3. It’s actually not as uncommon in other parts of the world as people may think. Due to this meme India is most widely associated with open defecation, while Africa has the highest rate of open defecation anywhere in the world. Not only that but it happens Haiti, Yemen and various other places around the world. Some Kurds openly defecate too in the very poor regions.

        We also have to keep in mind that India is like 80% rural, so in these areas there wasn’t enough proper sewage and drainage systems, and furthermore, the farmers widely believed that fecal matter was a good fertilizer, so they never bothered with building toilets. It’s a very embarrassing thing indeed, but people who insult others using these memes fail to realize that all 1 billion+ people aren’t the same.

        I never understood why I should be judged by what some other people who I have never known or met or would go near have done just because I happen to live in the same particular region of earth as them. But yeah, it’s an insult to those nationalist type Indians who think India is fine the way it is.

        All this poverty and degeneracy is the reason Indians are no longer as united. People of other states are angry that people from poorer states migrate to their areas, create slums and speak in foreign languages. These are the problems of having a large, ethnically diverse and heavily populated country.

        Overall, I do think Indians in general hate poverty, poor people, slums and degenerates more than anything as they bring a shame to their country and are also seen as a liability, as most aren’t helping the country develop but engaging in more crime, getting free food from the government, making slums, and destroying India’s image.

        1. Due to this meme India is most widely associated with open defecation, while Africa has the highest rate of open defecation anywhere in the world. Not only that but it happens Haiti, Yemen and various other places around the world. Some Kurds openly defecate too in the very poor regions.

          Nope. I did some research on this. It is quite a bit lower in Africa. Furthermore, Africans hate it and are really trying to do something about it because it bothers them so much, in all cases much more so than India.

          Yes, there is a fair amount of open shitting in other places. Indonesia is one. Pakistan has a rate that is half of India’s. I forget where else it is prominent. But India has 60% open shitters. That’s way higher than any other country. Furthermore, Indians don’t seem to care much or want to do much about it either.

          1. You don’t actually believe that Africa is somehow better off than India? Many Africans haven’t even come out of the hunter gatherer lifestyle now, and the African population is 1.2 billion, which is less than India, and a large portion of it is North Africa, which is a bit more advanced.

            Africa overall may also have more land but probably has less habitable land than India.

            So putting all these things into perspective, I don’t see how India could have a higher rate when there is no open defecation in South India, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, there may be very little in Jammu, none in Kashmir/Ladakh…

            Very little in North East (I’m assuming Assam is the only one where it may be common). Most common in Odisha, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, UP, Bihar, Rajasthan, Haryana, Bengal due to huge population of poor.

            I would also like to know where these stats are from and how did they actually manage to conclude that this number of Indians are openly defecating. My father came from a poor village in a very backward area of India, and he never openly defecated.

          2. Indians too are doing things about it. Swacch Bharat Campaign among others. They have built millions of toilets and the Prime Minister has stressed the importance of toilets even in his Republic Day speeches.

          3. Also, we aren’t all like some type of degenerates. I am middle class. I went to school and I met so many decent and respectable people. If me and my friends caught anyone openly defecating then we would be repulsed or disgusted. I didn’t even know this was a thing until I came on the internet. I live in a gated colony that is quite clean and almost feels like some town in a first world country. Yes, the city outside is a shithole of course but it’s not like how some people think that India is just all poor people and degenerates. I do think these type of people need to wiped out as they bring shame to the decent Indians. Also, India is geographically more diverse than Africa or Latin America or South East Asia and has a higher population density. It may sound like I’m making excuses but we have to note these things when making comparisons. Also, as offensive as it may seem, I would never wanna be born in Black Africa tbh because all the girls there would be black. No matter how big a shithole India may get, at least I get to see some pretty girls here.

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