America, Moral Beacon of Humanity

Thank God for the Cultural Left! It’s not leading to the degeneration of society or anything like that. It’s just a collection of extremely healthy alternative lifestyles, sexual orientations and gender identities. Don’t kink shame! Let everyone do what they want! What could possibly go wrong if we do that?

It sure is comforting knowing that we in the West have the moral upper hand against those scummy Muzzies and Russkies and Greeks. American exceptionalism makes sense because we are better. We are the shining city on the hill, the one all of humanity looks up to for progress and moral guidance.
Can you believe those Arab men make their women wear bags over their bodies? How puritanical. Wouldn’t it be so much better if those Arab chicks just strolled around naked in the hot sun. I’m sure that wouldn’t cause any problems or anything like that.
Face it folks, morality is passe! Three cheers for the Cultural Left!

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2 thoughts on “America, Moral Beacon of Humanity”

  1. America is the moral BACON of humanity. Thanks to America, morality must bring home the bacon to be called thus and religion must bring in dividends. They love to think they are the poor new decadent Romans in the hope of making the world endure yet four centuries of their crap. Nope. The are Carthage, Cato is Dugin, Moscow is the third Rome, and when Scipio comes it will take only 24 hours to decay.

  2. Well, honestly, there is a dark side to the fun. What if the baby isn’t taken care of or aborted. In fact, bad families are the downfall of poor whites, poor blacks etc. causing skyrocketing crime rates and giving real fuel for racist thinking.

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