Should I Open Up a Patreon?

Apparently a lot of content creators, thinkers, public intellectuals, writers and video creators are setting up Patreons so people can pay them to write, create videos, and be public intellectuals. Jordan Peterson is making $80,000/month doing this. This is perfectly acceptable to me. After all, if the person is working 20-40 hours a week or more writing or creating videos, why in God’s name shouldn’t they get paid for their labor? I will never understand Normie scum who call this begging. If you are working 40 hours a week creating content, what’s wrong with asking to be paid for it? Further, many online magazines, journals, and even newspapers are asking for donations to fund their journalism. And why not? Say folks at NACLA or The New Internationalist people are working 40 hours a week  putting out their journal, are they somehow begging if they ask their readers to fund their work? How is that begging? They’re working 40 hours a week, working their asses off, and asking to be paid for working their asses off is begging? WTF sort of world do Normies live in anyway? Or is it just writers, unlike all other workers, who have to work for free like slaves while everyone else gets paid for their work? I will never understand Normies. Normies are shit. Pure shit. If every Normie on Earth died tomorrow, I would sing and dance for 100 days, that’s how much I hate them. More and more sites are going pay now or at least donation, and why not? Most online papers might let you read five articles a week and then they ask for a subscription. All of the larger blogs such as Moon of Alabama and Vinyard of the Saker have regular aggressive fund drives. And why not? It’s’ surely a full-time running such a large site. I think as time goes on there will be fewer and fewer free sites. Slavery just doesn’t appeal to most people. Thing is, you guys aren’t funding me here on this site, why should I expect you pikers to fund me on Patreon? I’m not getting this. Is there something magical about Patreon that will cause people to fund me as opposed to this site. One thing I could do is buy an upgraded WordPress subscription that would allow me to put a Patreon button at the end of every post. I think most people don’t realize that the site runs on donations. Asking regular commenters to donate $10 to keep commenting isn’t working very well. Lately, requests for regular commenters to fund the site have been met with the commenters simply going away. I think I have been embarrassing them in the threads by asking though, so in the future, I will ask by email. If I could ever get a Patreon stream going, I would quit hitting up commenters altogether. Alpha thinks it is terrible that all these commenters are taking off after I hit them up, but I don’t really care. If I quit doing hitting commenters up, I get even less money than I do now. And really, if you won’t pay ten bucks to comment here regularly, I’m sorry. You’re not my friend. Any friend of mine would gladly do such a thing. So you can go bye bye, and it’s not a worry of mine. Another part of asking regular commenters to contribute to the site is that by commenting regularly you are becoming part of a team that this site represents. The value of this site lies not only in my posts but in the many fantastic and brilliant comments that the posts generate from my gifted and learned commenters. The commenters and I, along with Alpha, are all part of a team that in effect produce this site. So if you don’t want to join our team, well bye bye. I’m not particularly bothered. One thing I would like to know is who is getting funded by Patreon? Are there any writers getting funded that way? Or is it mostly content creators like vlog creators? Keep in mind that these folks are essentially writers too. They are simply communicating via voice what others communicate with a keyboard. And a lot of vlogs are very smart and knowledgeable, often as good as the best journalistic prose on the web.

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12 thoughts on “Should I Open Up a Patreon?”

  1. In order to make a living, a Patreon needs a feeder (a place to get possible people) of around 100,000 followers. These followers would be coming from social media (Facebook page/group, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube subscriber list of 100,000) and/or some email list (of 100,000).

    With 100,000 followers, you’re looking at maybe around $2,000 a month (the lowest estimate) – assuming the average donation is 7 dollars (gotten from Patreon’s official blog).

  2. Possibly something normies might say is “Why don’t you get a job (washing dishes, sweeping the floor or something) – while your building your dream site?”. Basically, they view starving artists as lazy.

    And if the person is drawing welfare and creating a Patreon – the normies might still claim that if the person wants to work – then a fast food job should take priority – and they constantly point to teenagers, poor Americans suffering in such jobs to justify it.

    Do I agree? I don’t know. I hate to see people work while artistic types are on disability or simply live some hand to mouth existence or something.

    1. They’re already working. If they are working fulltime on their Patreon content, then they are working. They’re just doing volunteer work. Work is work, working is working. If you are working fulltime but not making a nickel, you are still working. You’re not sitting on the sidewalk with your hand out. I know when I was making money off my website, people were furious and calling me a beggar and a thief though I worked over 40 hours a week on the site. I’m working over 40 hours a week but I’m a beggar when I request to get paid? I’m working over 40 hours a week but I am thief when people start paying me?

      WTF people are idiots.

      1. Not a lot of respect for starving artists. Pretty much where I live, any man not working “what’s seen as a real job” is a pussy.

          1. Well, I’ve washed dishes and bagged groceries and I have yet to see how those jobs are “tougher” than what I’m doing now. They aren’t!

  3. Free content is not a form of slavery – to some degree. Actually, it’s highly promotional. You give away free stuff – and then a certain percentage is “teased into” buying premium.

    1. It is slavery. We are all slaves. We work our asses off and get paid zero dollars for our effort. Then when we slaves request some voluntary payment for our labor, we are thieves and beggars!

      WTF humans are idiots I swear.

      1. It is slavery. We are all slaves. We work our asses off and get paid zero dollars for our effort. Then when we slaves request some voluntary payment for our labor, we are thieves and beggars!

        WTF humans are idiots I swear.

        Definitely business is a poker machine. You have to pump in a lot of money – with no immediate return – until the amount is actually large. At that point, you might get a return – assuming your biz is good.

        Source: This book I was reading pretty much stating the way to win a poker machine IS a LARGE BANKROLL.

          1. Yeah, my mom doesn’t really get it – always insisting, “Have you made any money yet – lol?”.

            Well, one way around the problem – without working for it, in the traditional sense – is crowdfunding.

            So, anyway, college tuition and “internet based” biz ventures typically cost around 20,000 – 50,000 USD.

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