Alt Left: The Intelligence of Hispanics

The Hispanic IQ is 90. I am sure you want to say that’s low, but the IQ of the average human is 89. So if you think 90 IQ people are stupid, then you have to think your average human on Earth is a complete idiot. And I suppose some might like to make that case.

Having lived around these people, the first thing I will say about them is they are not stupid at all. But even though they are not dumb, on the other hand, they are not real smart either. It’s a very average type of human, even on the low side of average. The main thing about them is their ignorance. Hispanics are frighteningly, terrifyingly ignorant. Why this is, I have no idea.
Around here your average Black person knows more about history, sociology, even psychology, and especially politics than the Hispanics do.Ā  They Hispanics don’t know, and it seems like they don’t want to learn.

It is also interesting to note that the ignorance comes largely though not exclusively from Mexicans. A lot of them have told me that they only had 2-5 years of education. A 40 year old woman told me her kids only had 5 years of education. The second generation who are born here act worse than the immigrants, and they are just as ignorant, if not more. At least the Mexicans seem to have some desire to learn. The 2nd Generation doesn’t even want to learn anything. They are very happy with empty heads.

The Mesoamerican immigrants know a lot more about politics than the Mexicans do. In particular the ones who went through revolutions such as Nicaragua and El Salvador know quite a bit about politics.

One strange thing is that the people you meet from South America seem a lot smarter and especially less ignorant that the Mesoamericans. I’m not sure why that is, but the culture of Spain is still very prominent down there, and that culture revered learning, men of letters, etc. The women down there actually love intellectual men because it is a sign that you are upper class or have an upper class mindset.

They’re certainly intelligent enough to function and more or less run a metropolis. It will work so much better if there are a few Whites around to keep the lights on and whatnot. We have had a couple of towns around here that have gone 100% Hispanic, no Whites anymore, and it is not a good thing. It’s not even a decline. It’s more of a complete collapse.

Does this mean they are stupid? I’m not sure about that.
A better argument is that when the Whites all leave, and you have a city that’s 100% Hispanic, Mexico takes over. It just becomes another town in Mexico. Ever been to Mexico? If you have you will understand what I am talking about. If you want to know the particulars, there’s no money anymore, local government collapses, nothing works and there’s no money to fix stuff, gangs take over very badly, and in particular, some heavy-duty Mexican style corruption rears its head.

When Mexicans come to the US, which is fine by me, they really need to leave Mexico behind. Bringing Mexico with them doesn’t work.

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8 thoughts on “Alt Left: The Intelligence of Hispanics”

  1. They don’t know much books but quite a bit about racism and homophobia for sure. You know what I mean? But I suppose some whites are the same.

  2. (Let’s see if Robert would let me post something here..)
    As Hispanic myself I cannot possible write an objective opinion about this but…
    Central America compared to South America is extremely rural and peasant, while countries like Colombia and Venezuela have big cities with > 1 millions of inhabitants being the norm. The professional class in Venezuela or Colombia is educated, they are not that stupid: Nietzsche, Marx, Schopenhauer are taught in the last high school courses.
    The exceptions: Costa Rica is very close of being a 1st world country while Panama is not that far.
    I also want to add something here that could be controversial: white Latin Americans aren’t that great running stuff, and yes, you all can say that I am resentful, but I don’t believe any Latin American country has any remotely similar to the sophisticated elite called “Managerial Elite” that we have here in EU.
    I have recently read a Robert Alan Dahl’s book (in Spanish) about elites, bureaucracy and prosperity and my conclusion is that Lat-Am elites even if they are 100% white, they are not capable of moving Latin-America to 1st world status, because they aren’t gentry at all, they are just rich. A country needs a moderate progressive/tolerant gentry or creative class to progress as they are the core of journalism and high culture. For example, a rich white Brazilian is rich but backwards and reactionary on social issues like free speech, social tolerance and ideological diversity. The same thing can be applied to rich white Colombians
    So the only thing that the white Latin America elite can produce is money and repression and very little money actually trickles down to the brown majority and ZERO democratic norms/high culture.
    So the problem with Hispanic is culture is the “culture part”: Hispanic societies tend to have weak civil societies with low civic participation; in other words, stuff like Boy Scouts or male fraternities are things very alien to us.
    The Catholic church is another problem for Hispanic countries as the culture generated by this religion is more hedonistic than the stoic protestant culture.
    More info about the white Latin America elite: they reject consensus, democratic, ideological pluralism and prefer repression: this is a path for permanent conflict, war and disaster as any society without consensus is destined to fail.

    1. The whole snob thing is with any culture I think. I don’t think it’s about the rich being dumb or unsophisticated – but they just become snobby over time – as they react constantly with poor people whom they think are thieves.

    2. For the rich and middle class to help out the poor, they’d have to drop the snob attitude and self-righteousness, but there is no chance of it. They’re utterly convinced due to racism, fear of crime, delusions of greatness, that they’re royalty. Its actually comical.
      Case in point, my relatives visited my mom. The contempt they had for losers in the family was on the level of the Roman ruling class on Spartacus. It’s disgusting – morally!

  3. As a half-Hispanic raised with Hispanics, I mostly agree with this. My Mexican mother who immigrated illegally to the US paid tens of thousands for in-vitro fertilization, and that’s what pulled me out the ditch. This was evidently high-quality sperm because I still managed to turn out above average.
    The people around me were impressed that I actually liked to read and learn. When I was young, the other Hispanics were amused that I could memorize the times tables and recite miscellanea about science and history, besides being capable of drawing dragons properly.
    To give you context, my mother has been living in the US for over 25 years, and still does not understand a drop of English. They have a culture which consists of strong work-ethic (never missing a day of work and so on) followed by self-induced brain death post 9-to-5. They just watch mindless television and do not learn.
    I discovered my own origins at the age of ten. I also achieved standard atheism at the age of nine (which I consider a standard benchmark for the ability to display rudimentary acts of rationality.) Then it took me years of hard work to unwire all the Catholic stupidity in my mother’s brain. This culture has no concept of logical reasoning, so her mind kept swinging in repetitive loops whenever I tried to carefully and methodically pin her down to the implications of specific arguments.
    I succeeded in that endeavor, and am now in the process of teaching her where she is actually standing by explaining the crucial insights of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. People may laugh at the fact that she didn’t know the Earth was a sphere orbiting the sun, but yet most ‘educated’ humans alive today are just as ignorant about reality. For example, by not knowing that there is no universal now sweeping forward, or by holding the belief that we are made of little billiard ball particles bouncing around.
    In my experience, whites at least fake like they want to learn. They’ll say “Oh yeah, that’s cool. Schrodinger’s cat is dead and alive… lol… because it’s all probabilistic, hur dur” or something. Of course, they don’t know jack-shit and also prefer to consume mindless media, but their culture says it’s okay to be smart. Hispanics just don’t give a shit. A lack of intellectual culture is their biggest setback.
    The ghetto lower-middle income schools I went to were torture. The kids couldn’t do basic algebra; the teachers were underachieving whites who couldn’t get higher paying jobs in other districts or who preferred having less responsibility because black and hispanic parents wouldn’t bitch to them about grades, or have any expectations whatsoever really. And the teachers made no secret about this, they outright told us this was the reason.
    Also, what you say about Mexicans bringing Mexico is absolutely true. I stayed in La Villita when I went to university in Chicago because some kind family members we barely knew were willing to rent super cheap. As I walked through the dirty streets past yet another leather boot store blasting trumpet music I almost felt ashamed, like ‘How could Mexicans escape to a new country and yet prefer to make it Mexico again?”

  4. Hispanics come across as an unimpressive group.

    They donā€™t have the intelligence to dominate academia, no political clout, nor the athletic gifts and coolness of Blacks to be players in sports and movies/t.v , sans baseball. Theyā€™re stuck in no manā€™s land.

    White and Black cultures dominate. No one is interested in Latin culture, except Latin people. But thanks for Latin women and Cheech and Chong movies.

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