PUA/Game: "Staring" at Women

RL: Yeah. Now it’s sexual harassment for looking at them. You just know these laws are going to be abused by stupid, emotional, vindictive, and evil-minded women, of which there are hundreds of millions. Women are like Jews, Blacks, LGBTQZKPRBFXYZ, etc. Just another identity politics group. Jason: So what is the difference between gawking and looking? And yeah, of course, there is a vindictive group of women out to harm men – unless, of course, they’re the ones they specifically like! For instance, if women are showing breast cleavage, then it’s to get attention – but not from retards and nerds – or maybe even blacks.

That’s why women are full of shit. You see why men hate women now? It’s because of crap like that. They walk showing full cleavage and then they get pissed at us for looking and try to cover themselves up. Well, you know what? “If you don’t want men staring at your tits, quit walking around with your boobs hanging out!” I told my Mom that and she laughed hard. But my Mom’s not really a feminist. She’s more of a real woman. Like I said, there’s real women and there’s feminists. We love the real women. The feminists can all jump in a lake of fire. Or maybe I will push them in. You hit it on the head. She’s walking around with her tits hanging out so Chad can look at them. “Hey Chad! My tits are hanging out! Come look at them baby!” But then most of the rest of the Normies and especially the Omegas really have no right to look at her tits, even though they’re hanging out of her shirt! Because sexual attention from unattractive men is outrageous, and as a feminist, she wants to make it illegal! Most women think that unattractive men simply have no right to be obviously interested in or attracted to them at all. And if you want to know one reason why so many men hate women, there it is. Even those of us who don’t hate women, well we hate that attitude of theirs for sure. Women can stick it. We don’t care what they think. We’re men for Chrissake! We do what we want? Why should we care what some silly woman thinks about anything? You aren’t supposed to gawk or stare at them. It’s bad form and very bad Game. That said, I have gotten accused of it quite a bit. I must admit I am baffled when I am accused of staring because I try very hard not to do that. I think I was just looking at them. I do like to people look. I mean everyone does that, unless the feminists are going to make that illegal too. I told you females now get mad at me for even looking at them. I guess I’m not allowed to do that. A blank, open, obvious, idiotic stare is pretty bad. But just looking at  someone isn’t. I told you about that time when I walked into the Roxy and every single woman in that place looked right at me. They’re staring, right? So what! I mean every time a chick has checked me out anywhere ever, of which there have been zillions of times, she was staring at me. But women hate em. Fuck these bitches. They get to stare at us all they want, but we can’t stare at them? If a woman glares at you, you probably are staring too much. That would be one way to tell you are staring. If you look at a female and she gives you a frightened look, quit looking at her. You are scaring her somehow or other. This even happens to me sometimes. I try to look out of the corners of my eyes. I look at the whole scene so I am not looking directly at her, shift my eyes around all over the place, look over her head, look to the sides of her, try to be very unobtrusive about it by sort of hiding in the background, look away from them a lot, I have million tricks. It’s hard not to look at a beautiful female. Especially because men don’t exist for me. I mean I walk into the room and it’s all the attractive females and me. Those are the only people in the room. If there’s one attractive female and 20 unattractive ones, then there’s only one female in the room. And the whole time I am in the room, if I have nothing better to do, I am going to be looking at her.  First of all because I can’t help it. It’s like I am sucked into her by some energy force that I cannot control. I usually look at them out of corners of my eyes and use all the other tricks, so they don’t usually get mad or even notice much. If you are outside, that’s what sunglasses are for. Sunglasses were not created to protect our eyes from the sun. They were created so we men could look at women.

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3 thoughts on “PUA/Game: "Staring" at Women”

  1. Speaking of bitchy women, today at the local family restaurant these dooshes layed it on some poor gay waiter – and I’m quite sure he wasn’t to blame! Anyway, it was like something off Jerry Springer He started cussing, not sure if they cussed first, and then they called him a faggot and gave him the bird – and all in a busy restaurant scene (at the counter).
    So as I was saying, some people are cool in Tennessee but a lot aren’t – and specifically I think the churches are preaching this hate.

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