PUA/Game: Competing with Other Men

I walk into a room full of men and women and there are no men in that room, ever. There’s just all the women, and me. That’s because I don’t compete with other men. I guess I think I’m better in a way. I mean not an arrogant feeling, more like I look around them and think, “Competition? What competition? You call that competition? I don’t think so.” Mostly I just don’t worry about them. And any guy who seems like he really has it going on? Well, he’s just a fellow stud, just like me. But he’s not better. I don’t often think other men are better than I am.
I never got into competing for females like most guys do because I despise competitive men, although most men are quite competitive. I always figured that I would not have to fight the other guys for the females. That feeling is rooted in insecurity. That man is thinking, “Wow, I am not as good as these other guys. These other guys are superior to me, and they are going to steal the chicks.” This leads to men AMOGing and fighting each other, etc. I am not into rivalry. I dropped out of the bullshit game ages ago and dropped out of society altogether. I am not a part of that bullshit.
I don’t feel like I will have to fight the other guys for the females because I just assume that the females, including the hot ones, will just go for me automatically anyway no matter how many other guys are around. The female interest in me is a given. I mean that’s not even up for grabs. Why would they pick all those other guys instead of me? How stupid. Women aren’t that dumb. Obviously they will go for me because it’s a proven fact that I am hot as Hell. Not only that, but I am King of the World. Why would women go for these other guys when the King of the World is in the room? See?
A lot of people hate someone who thinks like that, but at least I’m not competitive. And I generally do not come across as arrogant either.
I talk to another guy, and I do not have to AMOG him like all the other guys do. Anyway isn’t the AMOGing that all men do a bit arrogant? I am not thinking, “I am so much better than this idiot.” I am just thinking, “I am not worried about this guy as competition.”
If he’s Joe Cool then he’s just like me, and so what? And if he’s not who cares?
I am not thinking about where that guy stands in relation to the women in the room. I don’t care where he stands. That’s not an important question for me. Even if I see a guy with a bunch of women around him, I don’t get jealous of him. I just laugh and say, “Ha ha! Another guy just like me who gets all the chicks! Maybe I should go make friends with him. We are two of a kind.”
This mindset works very well for Inner Game, but it might be hard for a lot of men to work themselves into this way of thinking.

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11 thoughts on “PUA/Game: Competing with Other Men”

  1. Robert, you might wanna tune into this baby to get your groove back in 5 minutes max. Maybe you’re mostly into 70s and 80s stuff but sometimes give the younger ones a chance.
    Do something BIG this weekend, man! All the best.

    I’m killin’ your brain like a poisonous mushroom
    Deadly, when I play a dope melody
    Anything less that the best is a felony
    Love it or leave it
    You better gain way


    1. Dude, at this point, my Inner Game is just about worthless. I can psych myself up pretty good, but it just doesn’t matter how good my Inner Game is. Young women still treat me like I am not even there. I can’t even talk to them. I try to say anything to them at all, and I get a hard shutdown pretty damn fast, like right away. The agepill is brutal. At this point, things get quite a bit worse even from year to year. This year is worse than last, which was worse than the year before, etc. The agepill is the most brutal pill of them all.

      1. I feel you brother. You cannot turn the clock back on time but if it comforts you, my inner game isn’t top notch anymore. Granted I’m still very young but being in the mid-30s does affect your performance with the early 20-something girls.
        The key is to step outside your comfort zone and date females who you normally wouldn’t in the past. Strategically, you need to focus on
        Young White girls that dance well are the worst. They will give everyone a hard time. Worth avoiding totally.
        A White woman in her 40s. Not so much. I’ve seen your latest pics. You should be miraculous with them.
        But if you still want something really young and adventurous, look elsewhere. Trust me you no longer want those 20 something White girls anyway. Screw them.
        How about Asian girls? They don’t normally care about your age. Plenty of Vietnamese, Korean and Chinese chicks in California. But I give you it’s basically an acquired taste because not everyone’s into Asian chicks really.
        You can score them as long as you don’t look like a desperate Whitey with YELLOW FEVER. They don’t like to be treated any differently because of their Asian origins. Be yourself and don’t bring up stuff like, ”
        “I like Japanese food. You know noodles and stuff.”
        “I used to have a Hanzi tattoo in my 20s”
        “I like smooth Asian skin in females. That’s as glabrous as you can get.”
        I’m sure an intelligent man like you can research on things Asian girls like and you can really score any Asian hot chick you want. Asian men almost never make the first move so they’re desperate for some yanking. Read Pearl S. Buck’s “Good Earth” to get an inside peek into the psychology of Asian girls. It’s helped me.
        DRAWBACK: Asian girls can become very clingy. Also tread carefully because they can be offended over trivial stuff. Just play the role of a mature older man and they’d love you. Don’t be a pervert because Asian girls hate sleazebags generally.
        ARAB GIRLS
        My personal favorite. Some of them look so good that you won’t miss White women anymore. Normally they don’t have a problem with someone of your age as long as you are sensitive about Islam and are convinced that you are on their side.
        They don’t eat pork and have an aversion to alcohol. But that’s good because almost all of them are up for a good dicking.
        Arab girls normally love a dominant man. They like rough sex.
        DRAWBACK: Some of them have terrorist connections so you better watch out or you might end up in Syria as Jihadi John.

        Come on, you can easily score 20-something Black girls but again it’s an acquired taste.

        You already said you have a thing for them. You speak Spanish.. So where’s the problem?

        1. An older White gentleman could easily score 20-something Black girls? That might not be as easy as you think.

        2. An older White gentleman could easily score 20-something Black girls? That might not be as easy as you think.

          I have seen these pairings so many times but I give you this, this young Black girl you describe has many suitors so is more likely to dump him than the other way around. The arrangement works out for both of them for many reasons.
          Forgive me for saying this but a lot of perhaps, American Black men are assholes in relationships. That may be the reason why these young Black hottie girls go for`older men especially pinkie-skinned White men. What I was trying to say here is that Age is less of a problem for these girls. Again I’m not completely familiar with the situation in California but it’s just a wild, educated guess. Maybe California has become a wasteland for men of Robert’s age but that is just not the case elsewhere.
          Here’s a 22-year old hot Black girl with a 71-year old White dude. This, of course, is not the norm! But hey, I am just attempting to motivate Robert to try harder, and not withdraw into his shell every time.
          It’s mostly Western White girls who have a REVULSION against older men, but that seems to be a cultural norm and doesn’t tell the story of a real attraction. With Asian girls, Arab girls, Indian girls, etc., dating and marrying a much older man is not seen as a cultural taboo. I’m not sure about Hispanic girls as I have never traveled to the Western Hemisphere.
          A hell lot of youngish girls will be CRAZY about men in Robert’s age group but he just doesn’t seem to make the right effort!
          Would it hurt him to groom himself every day and wear clothes that fit really well? I just want him to snap out of his one-dimensional theory about young girls. He’s not going to find out unless he keeps trying.
          A few more pics to goad him into action.

          1. Yes, of course. There are Black women who have no problem whatsoever dating an older White man. But what I keep hearing is that it’s supposed to be so easy, you see. And this isn’t lost on some young Black women. I’ve heard some of them say that they aren’t flattered at all by attention from older White men. To them, the only reason the older White man is approaching them is that they think Black women are “easy.” Or, they say now that the White man is older he has less to lose by getting with a Black woman.
            I don’t know if non-American Black women have similar thoughts on this.

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