PUA/Game: All Men Need to Run Some Sort of Game

Every Chad, Chadlite and high tier Norman I have ever known ran some sort of Game, and they usually had the most insanely awesome killer Game you could imagine. I mean like 20 different kinds, 5-10 different roles which may as well be whole new identities where they may as well be a different person, running multiple levels of Game at once, running what may as well have been 10th Dimensional Game, etc. Some of these guys had such complex Game schemes that if you plotted them out, it would look like a Rube Goldberg device.

Game is simply all of the things that you do or say to try to get women. How you look, walk, talk, move, hold your coffee cup, your clothes, all of your conversational topics, jokes, flirtations, come-ons, lines, schemes, plans, moves, decisions, and whatever you have in your Felix bag of tricks to get women. All sane men run Game. Your father ran some sort of Game to get your Mom. Chads etc. supposedly do not need to run Game, but when they do, their chances go way up.

Always remember that seduction is basically a scam, a fraud, a con, a lie, a trick. You have to scheme women into bed with a thousand tricks because they’re always trying to weasel out of the bone. Then when you are dating or have a relationship, you have to run continuous Game to keep it on the up and up, keep her attracted to you, keep the sex going, etc. Even most married men need to run Game to keep their marriages running. There is a site out there called Married Man’s Game, and it is very popular.

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