Game/PUA: Flirtation Doesn't Necessarily Mean Anything

SHI: I’m not buying your incel transformation story, “Chad” Lindsay.
You’re an old fox that still knows his way around the lovely ladies.


Flirtation Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Anything

An 18-20 year old woman working in a supermarket was pretty flirty with me the other day. But that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Maybe she just thinks I am goodlooking for my age, and of course I am always sexy. But I doubt if she really wanted to get involved with me.
Men have to understand that half the time women are acting flirty it is just the natural reaction of any woman to a goodlooking, sexy guy. It’s play, a game. She is showing off her power to attract a sexy guy, and she is getting ego points by getting attraction from a goodlooking guy. But a lot of the time, it is more of a normal biological reaction of a woman to an attractive male than anything else. A good percentage of the time, flirty women do not want to get involved with you.
To find out if there is anything beyond the flirtation. Simply take it further conversation-wise and see where it goes.

The No Sex or Romance Wall

If she was just flirting with you as a game, she will shut it down pretty fast when you take it further or at least put up the No Sex or Romance Wall. The No Sex or Romance Wall is pretty much all walls I think. There might be other kinds but I’m not sure.
You really need to know what this wall means. A lot of young women are really friendly and nice to me, but nevertheless, behind that smile is that exact wall. The friendliness only goes a certain distance, and then it stops. I don’t blame young women for not being attracted to me. I mean it’s a perfectly reasonable, rational, sensible, and moral decision on their part.

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3 thoughts on “Game/PUA: Flirtation Doesn't Necessarily Mean Anything”

  1. You still have your persuasion skills.

    If she was just flirting with you as a game, she will shut it down pretty fast when you take it further or at least put up the No Sex or Romance Wall.

    Look, age is just a number. As long as you’re young of heart and full of your dandy self, and occasionally don’t mind being called a “creep” (take that as a compliment), there is a chance.
    It all boils down to persistence. You know it very well that if you don’t keep badgering her with “the gloves are off” approach, she won’t relent. At a certain point, you really need to force the girl to do your bidding.
    I’m against manhandling her or violating her space. But not giving up is part of the sex appeal.
    Yes, rejections suck. And it can be a cold-hearted and cruel world. But come on, you’re a veteran. You may have forgotten your hunting skills but it’s just a matter of time if you decide to get your groove back.
    (p.s – Be careful though. Do not expose your private parts before a McDonal’ds waitress! With all the publicity surrounding the #MeToo movement, you might end up as their poster child for creepy old perverts. But that might be a boon in disguise as you can get you laid even more. SHI’s research: 25-33% of women are actively seeking perverts and sleazebags.)
    On how to handle cold rejections by women, I’d like to mention an episode. I once met this cute Indian-American girl in Amsterdam. We chatted for a while and I began my mild flirting routine (5 minutes max!). Nothing aggressive or touchy-feely but she immediately got up and walked away from me. Clearly, my ego was wounded. So I yelled at her (in Hindi) “you’re such a BITCH”.
    She was visibly upset. Apparently, noone had ever called her out on her mean-spirited treatment of men. She was used to men White-knighting her her whole life. Some princess!
    She immediately screamed, “Excuse me, did you just call me a bitch?”
    I gave her a frosty, cold stare, “Yes, I did. I said the right thing. What you’re going to do about it?”
    To be sure, I was a bit scared but I kept a brave front. She found out that I wasn’t one to mess around with. She got the message and left quietly without saying a word. Of course, I wasn’t going to badger her beyond this point. But, I definitely WON this round of shitty mind games.
    The idea is to humiliate a bitch for rejecting you in public. Very few men will call out a girl for her shitty, unacceptable behavior. There will be plenty of WHITE KNIGHTS that will come to her aid. But you really need to STAND YOUR GROUND and make them back off first. Do not ever apologize for being an Alpha stud!
    I mean I wouldn’t have had a problem with this Indian-American girl if she had politely excused herself with a “I have to go somewhere…” or “I’m sorry, can we talk later?” Instead she just decided to disrespect me and walked away. As if I were worth nothing.
    That my friend is unacceptable.

  2. If a pretty young lady shows a friendly interest in me I may politely and subtly express my appreciation of her loveliness, but I will not get delusions of grandeur.
    Even when I was younger I knew that a man can and should compliment a woman without saying anything crude and sexually suggestive.

  3. How good looking does a guy have to be to get glances and flirtateous smiles from women while just walking about in public? I don’t think I’m a bad looking guy, especially for my age. I’m certainly not under average. But honestly, I can walk in a dense urban area may not get even one IOI(indicator of interest) from a woman the entire day. I was just thinking back a few years ago when I was walking around downtown Chicago. I got one from a woman that I think was clear. And a 2nd one that may have been where I kept making eye contact multiple times with this girl at the Willis Tower observation deck. But even 2 in one day is out of the ordinary for me.

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