Game/PUA: Approached Six Times and Rejected Six Times – What Went Wrong?

Found on the Internet:

I approached all except for one on the street. The sixth I approached in the mall. In all six cases, I was walking, and they were going in the opposite direction as I was.
Some bad reactions:

  • With one girl on the street, I said, “How are you?” to her as she was walking towards me, and she lifted her finger up and said, “NO!!!!!”

  • I said “Hello, you look fine today,” to a girl in the mall, and she looked at me like I was a sexual predator about to rape her and even turned a second time to see me again looking in disbelief.

Those reactions are pretty bad. Especially the one who held her finger up and said, “No!”. That was just brutal.
OK, first things first here. You can’t approach women on the street. It never works.

To Approach, You Need a Smile and a Reason

Second, you need a reason to approach. And first of all you must get a signal. A signal typically means a smile. I still get these smiles. But the smile doesn’t mean much. A lot of the time, it just means you are not a hideous autistic creepozoid tard. It means you are normal and maybe you have decent looks.
But at any rate, if you get the smile, you can always approach, and it’s never creepy. Generally you can best approach if she is next to you in line, getting the condiments for your coffee, or if she is a helper in a store, etc. But you need that smile.  No smile, no words. The smile is an opening that can mean, “It’s ok to approach me.”

Approaching Women on the Street

First of all, while walking, he approached women going the other direction. This is almost literally never going to work. Think about it. She’s going in the other damn direction! She’s probably in a hurry and she might be walking fast. You are forcing her to stop! That’s a real imposition. Why the Hell should she stop walking in her direction and have a conversation with you? Unless you’re Chad, it’s insane.
The only thing you can do to a female on the street who is walking in the opposite direction as you is smile and say, “Hi.” That’s what I do. Nowadays, even that doesn’t go over well, and I typically get a stone face and no response, but it wasn’t that way when I was younger.And at any rate, it’s not a crime to be friendly unless you are a #metoo fan.
On the street, you talk to females if at all if you are stopped at a light or going in the same direction. If she slows down when you walk past and doesn’t appear hostile/frightened, then this is a very good sign! It means she likes you and wants you to approach.

Always Open by Saying Something Situational

He said, “How are you?” Not a good approach. What’s the point of saying something like that?
Always try to say something related to whatever situation you two are in. If she is holding books, ask her if she is a student. If she has a uniform or a name tag, ask her where she works. Remark on her clothing or jewelry, but be very careful how you do it. Talk about the weather. Anything. Well, not anything. Anything topical, friendly, and not creepy or weird.
His other opener was, “Hello, you look fine today.” Catastrophically bad. Sounds creepy. He is opening with an openly sexual remark. Very bad. You can only say this to a female after you know her a while.
Some men might think this is an innocent remark. But it’s not. It’s not a healthy compliment. Instead, women will see it as out and out creepy unless you are Chad. It’s too forward, too sexual, and too fast. And most importantly,  it shows that you never talk to women because most males know you can’t open with that because it’s too forward, and it looks creepy. Why do you think men get called creeps? For doing  like this.

How to Approach from Behind

People often say, “Never approach from behind,” but that’s not necessarily the case. Approaching from behind can be done, but it is very tricky.
Here is how I do it. Tap her very slightly on the shoulder with the tinest of taps, like you are a mouse. Then move back a bit. When she turns around, act like you are moving backwards. Act apologetic and as if you are the most harmless thing on Earth. Smile. It might work or it might not, but it’s worth a try.

What to Do If She Gives You a Hard, Rude Shutdown for No Good Reason

After you open and are now having a conversation with her, watch the entire interaction like a hawk, paying attention her every move and sentence and analyzing everything as best you can.
If she gives you an “I can’t believe you’re even talking to me, you reject!” look then walk away very rudely and leave the bitch hanging. Be as mean to her as she was to you.

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