Game/PUA: From Alpha to Omega in Four Easy Decades

I finally see now how incels feel because I have virtually become Omega simply due to my age.

I realize that this is just the normal way that life is, but it still hurts. The problem is I still see myself as That Guy. I see young women all the time who would be checking me out, flirting with me, or at least looking at my younger self, and now they act like I’m a ghost.
My former life varied from Normie to Failed Normie to various species of Chad. According to one definition of the term, I’ve been Alpha for a lot of my life.

I was also incel for various periods which ended after variable lengths of time. I was actually legendary neighborhood Chad at one point. Other men almost worshiped me like a God. I kept hearing:

How the Hell do you do it? I will never understand how you get all these chicks. This is one thing I will never understand.

Like that. It’s a great way to live. If you can live like that for even one month or maybe even one week, you can just about die happy the next day because you would have gotten everything you wanted out of life.

Fast forward and I am now 60 years old. I am now invisible to 99% of women on Earth. Even women in their 50’s won’t date me because once you have that 6 in front of your age as opposed to a 5, you are now old. Usually only women 60+ will date me, but a lot of them look like monsters or wild animals that escaped from the zoo. My hardons are a bit iffy nowadays anyway, but how I could get it up for one of these wildebeests is beyond me.

All my life, women have been looking at me, flirting with me, smiling at me, going into robot frozen stares at me (Game pro tip: that means you’re making her horny and she wants to have sex with you). I am used to this. It’s just the normal every day.

Well, now that’s gone. All the sex has been sucked out of my world. Almost no woman flirts with me ever, not for one second. Even the slightest bit of flirting that I try is coldly shot down. There is no possibility of sexual anything, even flirtation, in my day to day life. Almost no woman even looks at me anymore.

Sometimes they look at me and smile, but I think that is just to say, “You’re old but you’re normal, so I will smile at you.” Problem is if I go to talk to her after she smiled at me, she often acts outraged. Their attitude is,

How dare you fucking try to talk to me!

You see, I have no right to talk to them, or to talk to any woman, ever, for the rest of my life, I guess. Because age.

I also get these,

How dare you ever fucking look at me, old man!

looks sometimes. I can’t even look at these cunts.

Sometimes I will look at a woman, and she will almost fly backwards like,

I can’t believe you’re even looking at me, you gross old man!

Then if I talk to them, they fly backwards some more like,

You’re talking to me! I can’t believe it!

Probably because I am still halfway normal, and I still have 100% of my excellent Game skills (said Game which is now nearly completely useless due to age), they calm down, mention something about a husband, boyfriend, or fiance, and that’s that’s all I need to know. They are usually quite polite about it when they mention the husband or boyfriend. I do appreciate them letting me know so I don’t waste my time.

I said my Game is worthless. It is worthless, and my Game is kick-ass, or used to be anyway. But Game without Looks and $1.79 will get you a Slurpee at a 7-11 and not much else. In other words, Game -Looks is just about worthless. I’m so tired of  all the PUA’s:

All you need is Game. Looks are not important.

They’re all fraudsters selling snake oil.

I still date young women sometimes, even all the way down to teenage girls if I get really lucky. I have no idea how I still get teenage girls because it’s impossible to do at my age. Apparently I am violating the laws of physics somehow. Problem is these girls and even young women up to late 20’s end up ending the relationship after 1-12 weeks.

When they end it, sometimes they more or less tell me I am ugly. I am getting told that a lot now. Specifically, they say they are not attracted to me. The painful thing about that is that no woman ever said that to me until I got into my 50’s. They broke up with me for all sorts of reasons, but none ever said they were not attracted to me. And no women who decided not to date me ever said she was not attracted to me. I did hear, “You’re not my type,” but that’s not necessarily insulting.

Like I sometimes date young women, even models. The last one (an actual model, 28 years old) was good for five weeks, and then she ended it, saying I did not turn her on. In other words, I am ugly.

She spent 24 hours in my hotel room recently and even spent the night in my bed. She acted like I was radioactive and went so far to the edge of the bed she looked like she might fall off. I had to go over to my edge. She freaked out and visibly flinched any time I even barely touched her. She wouldn’t even snuggle up next to me or kiss me a bit.

That was literally the worst night of my life. I have never felt so ugly, unattractive, and unwanted. The feeling is so devastating it is hard to put into words.

I hire maids, usually illegal aliens, to clean my place. I always try to seduce them because I am a disgusting pig who generally tries to seduce any woman unlucky enough to get stuck in my apartment. They’ve all been blowing me off, but sometimes I at least get to feel their bodies a bit through their clothes before they start laughing and push me away.

But last spring, I finally had some success! I got one of my maids to take a shower with me (she was homeless).

I told her she needed a shower as she was homeless, and she agreed. Of course it was a ruse just to get her into the shower so I could climb in with her. She went into the bathroom and started disrobing. I went in after her without saying a word. I didn’t say a word, just started disrobing myself. She didn’t say anything but she looked at me outraged like:

I can’t believe you’re doing this!

She got in the shower and I jumped in right afterwards. She protested for a few seconds, but then she calmed down. It was the same attitude:

What the Hell!? I can’t believe you just jumped in the shower with me!

I kept grabbing her the whole time I was in the shower because, well, that’s what you do when you’re naked in the shower with a woman, right? Hey women. Pro tip: If you get naked and take a shower with a man, you need to do some sexual things with him. If you don’t want to do sexual things with the guy, hey, no problem. I get it. But don’t jump in the shower naked with him then!

She kept knocking me away the whole time in the shower, but I did get to bang her a bit for 5-10 seconds, which made it all worthwhile. Then the cunt dared to walk around my apartment naked for two hours! I was grabbing at her the whole time of course because that’s obviously what you do when you have a naked woman wandering about your place, right? She kept pushing me away. After a while she got pissed. I kept grabbing at her anyway. My attitude was,

You don’t want to me grab you? You can put some fucking clothes on baby!

My apartment is enemy territory, ladies!

Finally I caught her shooting speed in my dining room, stark naked. That was it. Out she went.

This whole episode also felt very bad. A naked woman strolling around my place for two hours and refusing to do anything sexual with me. How humiliating!

With a lot of women at stores, I can only have the most minimal conversations. Any time I get into anything remotely personal other than (“Here is my order”), they act weird, uncomprehending, outraged, shocked, disappointed, or anxious, and either stop listening or ignore me. Women ignore me when I try to talk to them all the time now. It can’t tell you how bad that feels.

I can’t look at high school girls at all anymore, and I’ve been looking at them my whole life. Now if I look at them, I get these pure hate looks in return. I have no right to look at JB’s!

I get conversational hard shutdowns constantly.


I so miss being treated like I am attractive by women, women looking at me, smiling, winking, flirting, checking me out, going into zombie stares. I long for that every day, and every day it never happens. I am coming to the horrible conclusion that maybe I am ugly after all. Since age 18, people have been raving over how good-looking I was (especially in my 20’s). It was like everyone wanted me, girls, women, and even men (fags). Now no one wants me. I think I still look good though because a lot of older women say I still look good.

So this is how it feels. This is what being an Omega is like. This is what these poor incels go through every day of their miserable lives, all day long. Fuck. It’s holy depressing as all get out. It would be infuriating too if I did not have my past to fall back on, so it doesn’t make me angry. But I can see how it would enrage a man. I’m just choosing not to get enraged.

I get it. I see why incels commit suicide. In fact, I don’t see how any of them don’t commit suicide. These guys deserve some credit just for hanging in there and carrying on.

And I even understand why they go ER, although of course I cannot support that. It’s amazing more guys haven’t gone ER. I don’t see how there’s only been a few.

People must have an awful lot of self-control.

I’m not surprised at all that so many of these incels hate women.
When you are like this, women more or less treat you like serious crap all the time, 24-7, day in and day out as the years stretch on. Well, after months or years of being treated like crap full time by women…it’s obvious that a man would start to hate them, right? I mean why not? Why not hate people who treat you like crap and act like they hate you? Hate makes hate, right? You hit a man enough times, he might just start hitting back, right?

I think I actually get off easy, as women are still very nice to me if I keep it to “Here is my order.” Some of them even call me by name. A lot of women in stores still smile at me when they see me (except I am not allowed to talk to them). Some will even talk to me casually (except no 1% even hint of flirtation).

I’ve heard that these incel guys don’t even get smiles from women! Good God. How could anyone live like that?

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26 thoughts on “Game/PUA: From Alpha to Omega in Four Easy Decades”

  1. No offense Robert, ha ha, but I am tempted to say “Poor Baby :lol:” I mean, of course, incels resent not getting any for years and now they love it that some playboy is in incel hell! Yeah, let’s light up the flames !!

  2. I don’t think you should complain. You had a good run. That’s not going to last forever no matter what the guy maybe unless he’s an A-list celebrity of has Richard Branson level wealth. I’m assuming you’ve penetrated over a hundred vaginas in your lifetime. Maybe far more than that. The average man gets less than 10 over the course of his life. So you’ve done fine.
    Rather than sulking just accept the fact that your experience is NORMAL for everyone aging, male or female and you had your fun.
    Some guys never even had that. I was a virgin well into my 20’s and I’m hardcore incel/MGTOW even now. I completely missed out on fun. It’s not that I don’t get women interested in me, they are just typically women I have no interest in whatsoever. They are fat, unattractive, uninteresting to me, annoying or whatever.
    The women I actually feel attracted to I’m completely invisible to them. And I’m not talking 9’s and 10’s. I’m talking even 6’s and 7’s. Seriously the only chics that like me are 3s and 4s at best.
    At a certain point, masturbation to some good porn is more satisfying than a fat/ugly woman. And no risks of STD’s or pregnancy. At least you had your fun with women you were attracted to. I never had mine. I’ve never banged even one woman that I thought was really hot.
    At least in America, any woman over a 6 has an endless choice of suitors. Even some of the ugly women at my job never seem to be lonely for long. One of them complained to me that she hasn’t has sex in a whole 2 months! You’d have thought she’d gone without food for two months.
    Believe it or not, I’m not angry at women. I just kind of stopped caring about sex much. Going very long periods without hooking up with a woman has just become normal to me. I almost view it like going on a nice vacation. It’s something most do from time to time, but nobody goes every weekend except for the rich. If I do hook up, I’ll just enjoy it for the time being and I realize there’s no telling when the next chance will come.
    If I was you I’d just get the hell out of the USA. I think you mentioned that you have a trust fund or something. If you have an income that isn’t dependent on work. Just go live where the rules are different and cost of living is very cheap. I know Mexico gets a bad rap for violence but many places aren’t that bad. And the age thing isn’t as big a deal down there. A guy dating a woman 20 years younger isn’t even the slightest issue and you can live middle class off a $1,000 a month even in the larger cities.
    There is also Thailand and the Philippines. Old ass Western men easily get 20 something girlfriends. There’s no stigma to it at all. You will probably be expected to “help them out” financially in some way, but nothing is 100% free. The central valley California is about the last place on earth you’d want to be an aging bachelor. If you aren’t stuck there than get the hell out man.

    1. Wow Tulio, I never knew your life was actually like that. I’m so sorry, man. That’s so fucking sad. Damn. I don’t mean sad like pathetic. I mean sad like real sad like a baby dying in front of your eyes or something.

    2. “I’m assuming you’ve penetrated over a hundred vaginas in your lifetime. Maybe far more than that.”
      LOL nope you got it about right. I am up to 115 now. And counting!

  3. You said it yourself, you had your time, and it seems like you enjoyed very much. I am glad you can see it from an incel perspective. Most incels will never know the fun that you had.
    I still don’t know why I’m incel, but my only explanation is ugliness, plain and simple.
    I am on the autism spectrum, and I didn’t find this out until I was in my late twenties; however, I have met a lot of “aspergy” guys that are married and have had relationships, so I do not buy the advice that “looks are not everything”, because they are.
    I was a strange, lonely teenager, and well-meaning neighbors suggested to my mom that I should be seen by a psychologist, but she broke down in tears and ignored their advice, so I spent the rest of my adolescence as the kid that gives girls the creeps with no kind of help that I needed.
    You see, religious Mestizo parents don’t buy into mental problems much, and everything is solved by faith in God, stern lectures (i.e. yelling) or even beatings. This one of the many reasons I detest my own culture, and IF I do have children, I don’t want them raised in the parochial stupidity that I was raised in.
    My early 20’s were lonely, and my sister straight out told me “You have no male friends and never had a relationship — that is not normal!!!”, but she had no suggestions other than “snap out of it”, “smile more” or “be chatty”.
    I have very few friends because over the years people have taken advantage of the fact that I often take things literally and thus have lost my trust in others. Without going into too much detail, my attempt at dating was a wreck.
    At 33, I’m still incel. I have never been flirted with. Or I never picked up flirting signals — take your pick. I do get smiled at, but I know that doesn’t mean anything. Female co-workers really like and trust me, but that doesn’t mean anything (and they’re all taken besides). I have been in workplaces where the office slut either screwed or at least made innuendos to every guy, but I wasn’t included, so this indicates a lot.
    I have been at social gatherings where women seem to have an interest, but I never knew for sure if it was sincere; my formative years were so full of humiliation that I’m not willing to endure more, so I don’t follow through.
    Everywhere I go, I’m thought as the nice, shy, sweet guy, which is not a compliment, as this implies harmlessness, and to women, harmless =/= attractiveness. I may be seen as the sweet guy but people rarely know the resentment, rage and hatred burning inside.

    1. Being called shy is not the end of the world. It depends how they say it. If they say it in a fond way, it can be a good thing. I have had women say it about me very fondly, and they liked me a lot.
      And I had two women practically pick up on me. Yep, two women picked me up at once. All we did was have lunch, but it was still really hot. They told me that at first they thought I had Social Phobia. Now how you can look at someone and say they have Social Phobia is beyond me. They were more puzzled than anything else. But both of them ended up flirting with me like crazy during the whole lunch, so it was a blast.
      On the other hand, I’ve always been goodlooking to very goodlooking, according to others. People may well react differently to a shy goodlooking guy than to a shy guy who is not attractive. I mean if Chad is shy, it’s “Oh look, Chad is shy! Isn’t that cute! Looks like I’ll have to take the initiative then. He he oh boy will this be fun.

    2. Fuck man! Damn! That’s even sadder than Tulio’s story! And I mean sad in the same way as I said it to him.
      How do guys like you not rope? I don’t get it. Of course, no way am I encouraging you to rope, but it seems like if I had to live a life like that, I’d at least think about roping a lot.

      1. There were times that the women issue left me extremely depressed and angry. I watched all of Elliot Rodger’s videos and can say I really related to them. Not anymore, but back when I was his age. His experience was pretty much my college experience. I didn’t go on even one single date in my entire college years. I never felt violent about it, but I totally related to ER’s despair and how it drove him to insanity. When you aren’t getting any pussy while being surrounded by pussy on a college campus it is one hell of a feeling. I at least still had good friends and a social circle and actually did have quite a bit of fun outside of sex and dating. One of my best friends since childhood was also an incel and only lost his virginity at age 39 a couple years ago. So I always had someone to relate to through those years.

        1. I admit though that I was really shy, introverted, had bad game and was nervous around women I was attracted to. I can trace this all back to a few experiences in junior high where I was just started to approach and ask out women I liked. That’s about the age most boys start doing that. I had gotten blown out pretty bad several times. To the point where the girl’s friends were all laughing and snickering and it traumatized me. After that I just didn’t ask anymore women out. It wasn’t until my mid-20s that I started to recover a not when I began learning about game.

        2. I didn’t go on even one single date in my entire college years.
          That’s so damn sad, man, Jesus Christ. It’s heartbreaking. I am so sorry you had to go through that. If that had been my college experience, tell you what…I would not be the man I am today. A lot of my selfhood, confidence, Game, etc. was developed precisely in those years. And once they glommed onto me, that stuff has never gone away no matter what the circumstances. I think I could even be homeless or in prison, and I will still be That Guy. It’s like that attitude is indestructible someone. It’s set in stone for life. Nothing can move it, or at least I don’t think anything can.
          If my college had been that way. Damn. I would have been so damn depressed. I would probably have been suicidal too. You guys deserve a medal just for carrying on and hanging in there.

  4. You’re a legend, I don’t understand why you would even think of comparing yourself with incels. I have peeked into their website and they would never let you in their surroundings unless you play the “non-Chad” part really well.

    The following are NOT okay:
    Bragging: Keep your romantic and sexual experiences to yourself, even if they happened a long time ago. Bragging of any sort, including humble-bragging, will constitute a heavy warning or ban.

    There are lots of young women that dig “grandpas” and “uncles”. Yes, you may not approach them directly anymore. As long as you can disguise your clever intentions, it’s game on.
    Dress flamboyantly like a pimp, dye your hair and shave regularly. If someone calls you a “creep”, just say something along the lines of:
    “I am sorry you feel that way. It was not my intention. I just wanted to chat, all right? Don’t get your panties in a bunch.”
    Quickly Followed by:
    “Here’s the thing. I am not really looking for a romantic fling with you. Maybe your Mother, if she’s available.” (wink)

    1. I go out unshaven all the time. I hate shaving so I only do it irregularly.
      Actually they let me on. I’ve been posting over there. I rather like those guys, even though they are so angry and depressed. I guess I can’t blame them. They’re actually quite rational. I really does make sense to be angry and depressed in those circumstances.
      They let me on as a blackpilled Norman or Normie. I am sort of a born-again incel. I mean, the way these describe women treat them, that’s about what I get these days, minus the disgust and hostility. I’m just not even there and all conversations and interactions sort of have all the sex sucked out of them. It’s like every women is my sister or my Mom.
      I am already at 40% ban level for bragging and humblebragging. I keep trying to follow the rules and write very carefully but it is so hard as I have to leave out so much of my life. I expect I will be banned shortly.
      Those guys actually have a quite good understanding of Game, what women like, what they are like, etc. I lot of them are idiots about women, but a fair number of them have really figured them out. I am just giving them Game advice at what not. At lot of these guys approach or open in the worst ways. I mean like doomed to failure stuff.
      Mostly that site is fucking SAD. Damn that is some of the saddest shit I have seen a long time, man. Damn!

      1. I go out unshaven all the time. I hate shaving so I only do it irregularly.

        Just out of curiosity. Have you recently tried a wet shave? You know just the way our grandfathers did, with a badger brush, a straight razor, some alcohol (no aftershave) and an alum block?
        I tell you, man. This ritual is BADASS. It’ll make you feel invincible. Think about it. A straight razor can kill a man. You effectively have a weapon at your disposal.

        Actually they let me on. I’ve been posting over there. I rather like those guys, even though they are so angry and depressed. I guess I can’t blame them. They’re actually quite rational. I really does make sense to be angry and depressed in those circumstances.
        They let me on as a blackpilled Norman or Normie. I am sort of a born-again incel. I mean, the way these describe women treat them, that’s about what I get these days, minus the disgust and hostility. I’m just not even there and all conversations and interactions sort of have all the sex sucked out of them. It’s like every women is my sister or my Mom.

        Dude you’ve fallen in the wrong company. You must delete your account on that website immediately. They’re not your crowd. Better be alone than hang out with pessimists.
        You’re Robert Lindsay, for fuck’s sake. You have no right to befoul your own legacy.
        Get your groove back on. I recommend a KICKASS shaving routine for starters. Some nicely fitting clothes and a decent haircut. That’s all you really need.

    2. I have actually been hanging out there and even posting for a while. Of course I am not an incel LOL. They allow “Blackpilled Normies” and I certainly qualify for that. Thing is as you noted I am running afoul of the No Bragging rule over and over no matter how hard I try not to break it. It’s so hard to post there and not discuss any romantic or sexual successes. I am one warning away from a ban. I expect to be banned very soon. I get banned from almost every single forum I join. I am very proud of this and I hope to continue being banned like this for the rest of my days.
      I expect a temporary ban very soon. A permaban follows.
      There is actually a lot of really good PUA/Game talk and advice and real talk about sexual culture in our modern era. The insane thing is that as soon as you start being successful with women, you have to leave! LOL how lame. So any guys gloriously leaving inceldom or even dating successfully (you can’t say you dated a woman and kissed her) has to take off, and they will be progressively leaving.
      Obviously the only people left will be this seething morose band of near psycho miserable suicidal guys talking about how miserable they are. The site will stay a burning lake of fire in Hell forever. It’s designed to be 100% negativity, and all it does is make those guys even more depressed and especially angry.
      The place does not bum me out or make me angry becasue I realize how much better off I am than all those guys so I feel so much better. Besides I do not get depressed being around miserable people or angry being around raging people. Other people’s emotions don’t effect me that much because I don’t want them to.
      Anyway I have done 1000’s of hours as a counselor so I am used to dealing with people who are absolutely miserable, at the end of their rope and even suicidal. I deal with suicidal people all the time. None of it really affects me, but I don’t work very often.

  5. I’m not buying your incel transformation story, “Chad” Lindsay.
    You’re an old fox that still knows his way around the lovely ladies. So here’s for old time’s sake.
    1- Don’t request their phone numbers, EVER. They’d want yours first.
    2- Pretend to be a technologically illiterate person. Ask these girls to teach you stuff like downloading the Uber app, or install WhatsApp (BONUS: she’ll add her own number to yours). Really badger them into doing stuff for you.
    3- Here’s what I’ll do at your age. Keep a bouquet of flowers (red roses?) ready and approach a young girl. Tell her that these flowers are for a date from your high school and you want her “second opinion” on if you’re looking the part. It’s a mushy subject which can make the bitchiest of girls teary-eyed. Play your cards well and you could be sitting with her later on for a serious discussion on “heart breaks”. Enjoy it while she comforts you (preferably with a back rub). Steal a kiss before your time’s up. If she tells you to stop it, just say “I’m sorry” and quickly make a dash. She’s bound to stop you from going away.
    Have sex with her later (and continue to feel embarrassed by it). You shouldn’t really enjoy the experience here (if you get my drift here? :)). Make the whole thing sound as if it was her idea. Keep saying shit to her like, “Don’t tell your daddy”, “You should really be seeing younger men”, “Last night was a mistake. Let’s just stay friends, OK?”

  6. I hope you’re not taking any soy in your food. Some of it is unavoidable but stuff like miso soup, “soy milk” or “tofu” aren’t the best way to start your day.
    blockquote> Soy contains phytoestrogens called isoflavones that may mimic the activity of the hormone estrogen in your body. The effects of soy isoflavones on human estrogen levels are complex. Soy is safe for everyone to consume in moderation and can have a modest effect on estrogen levels.

    1. LOL nope. I ain’t no soyboy LOL.
      I am doing the opposite. I am getting testosterone shots. Without those damn shots, I would have zero sex drive and I might even be impotent. They’re a lifesaver.
      If anything, I have gotten more masculine as I have gotten older. I’m probably more masculine now that at any point in my life.

    1. Che Guevara!

      The Russians have concluded that the US, and hence the West in general, is “not agreement-capable.”

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