The US Left: An Autopsy

James Schipper: Dear Robert There is a real left in the US, the Politically Correct Left. Their darlings are the sexually abnormal, except pedophiles of course, colored people, and immigrants. To promote equality at home and to oppose imperialism abroad, which is traditional Leftism, is not a priority for today’s Leftism. Instead, we have the pursuit of diversity at home and the promotion of human rights abroad. However, the pursuit of diversity is perfectly compatible with extreme inequality. If a CEO makes 200 times more than the companies lowest paid employee, but half of the CEO’s are female and 1/3 are non-white, then that is fine. As to the promotion of human rights abroad, it is the modern equivalent of the White man’s burden. In practice, it means that the West will tell the rest what to do.

This is probably about right. The Cultural Left is the Left in the US. My previous post discussed Daily Kos, ground central for the left wing of the Democratic Party. I talked about how awful they were on Venezuela, but they are just as bad on Syria and Russia. Sure, you can’t discuss the Israeli conflict, but you can sure support Israeli foreign policy in Syria. I am quite sure that Iran is hated too. Kos is somewhat sane on North Korea – they think that Trump threatening to attack a nuclear armed state is the height of insanity. Of course they will use their nuclear weapons if attacked. What do you expect them to do? Well, one thing is for sure, and that’s that the Daily Kos and liberal Democrats in general support the Cultural Left to the hilt. That’s one thing they are quite Left on – culture. There is no species of nonheterosexual orientation or nonbinary gender that they will not shout the praises of to the skies. And of course there is the continuous cheerleading for the dubious Black Lives Matter group and the Left’s favorite pets, the illegal immigrants. There is also a lot of promotion of radical or gender feminism. You don’t see a lot of White bashing or male bashing. Some Black, Brown, and feminist diarists write that sort of thing, but those diaries are not very popular, and the audience is mostly female or Black and Brown liberals. The male Kossacks generally stay off the hardline feminist diaries, and White Kossacks are not seen a lot on the radical Black and Brown diaries. After a while there, I decided that White liberal men were not as cucked as everyone says they are. They didn’t seem very interested in the male-bashing or White-bashing. There even used to be some liberals on Daily Kos who were very much against illegal immigration. They tended to get shouted down, but they did have a voice. I believe recently Kos made a new policy that opposing illegal immigration on the site would result in a ban. It’s sad. More liberals or more precisely those on the Left wing of US liberalism seem to have increasingly had it up to here with the Israelis. Even a number of liberal US Jews have finally had it with the Jewish state. Israel’s behavior gets more outrageous, belligerent and murderous by the day, and I would assume that as a liberal, even a Jewish liberal, it gets harder and harder to see these radical ethnic nationalists (the Jewish equivalent of Amrenners or Stormfronters) behave as violently and viciously as they do. Syria is so much of a tougher sell, as the US Left and US liberalism has been doubling down on overthrowing Assad and even supporting Al Qaeda and ISIS in the process from Day One. However, even on Daily Kos, there are a few commenters who go against the Official Narrative on Syria. Maybe 2 Even much of the actual US Left has been badly split on Syria. Alternet has been supporting overthrowing Assad, as has Pacifica radio and some authors on Counterpunch. On Alternet and Counterpunch, the readers are much more pro-Syria than the writers. Pacifica has faced a big backlash for its pro-intervention coverage. It’s more accurate to say that support for Assad’s regime has badly split the US Left than to say they have taken any coherent stand on the matter.

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5 thoughts on “The US Left: An Autopsy”

  1. Even during my radical youth during the War in Vietnam I was not attracted to the new left. I was attracted to the old left – not the Marxist left, but the socialist – labor left of Norman Thomas and Walter Reuther.
    The Democrat Party I like is the one that existed from the inauguration of Franklin Roosevelt in 1933 to the assassination of John Kennedy in 1963. Since 1963 the Democrats have advanced issues that most white folks, including me, do not like.
    When I was young I was enthusiastic about the civil rights movement. I have since then become disappointed with the black response to the rights that have been opened to them.
    I want the Democrats to win back most of the white working class and much of the South. The Democrats won’t do that by advancing the interests of homosexuals, atheists, trans sexuals, non Oriental minorities, and criminals.
    I want the Democrat Party to protect my interests, not the interests of rich people, and not the interests of those who are unwilling or unable to conform to the demands of civilization.

  2. The Cultural Left has always been a American thing to fight Communism/Soviet Union, the infamous Frankfurt Schools Jewish intellectuals worked for the OSS/CIA and not the KGB or China.

  3. My take on the ‘Leftism’ in the West:
    1) It’s ’boutique leftism’ for the better-off White liberals, a typical example is Louise Byrant, the widow of Jack Reed, later wife of the 1st US ambassador to USSR (a very rich man) who finally died a drunk. The tag ‘progressive’ is like a French fashion label.
    2) In many ways, it’s xeno-transplant of Christian self-righteousness. As I mentioned before, go ask them why legalizing gay marriage is progressive but legalizing polygamy and polyandry is not. I also said Judaism, Islam and Hinduism are more vehicles of racial/clan/caste/ethnic interests than as ‘religions’ and that makes Christianity, particularly the Protestant branch, a more ‘universal’ religion than the rest and makes ‘missionary’ work easier. Marxism itself can be considered an atheistic version of Christianity with its own prophets, good and evil, paradise, and what not. Such an ideological complex could become handy tools of Western powers.
    3) Of course, it recently also became a useful distraction from real issues. Queer CUMmunism is definitely more preferable for elites to revolutionary Communism that fights against Western imperialism.

  4. Calling such as mishmash left-wing political action is a pure misnomer. Identity politics, and especially identity politics applied to poor or rather devalued communities as a way to as many people as possible from the desire to transform society as a whole, is the traditional right-wing mainstay and was always considered so both by the common people and traditional intellectuals of Europe. The gay cause up to a vey recent time was very strongly identified with the extreme-right, as it used to be founded on the idea that superior people were above mere biological reproduction as well as above the necessity to produce physical goods, and needed to reproduce themselves by initiation through a nobler act than the same to be used to engender children. When you entered gay circles you really meant that you renounced to all hopes for a better world and considered not only workers but creators and generous people as utilities provided by Providence for your own superior kind for which alone you cared. Most gays then also wanted their practice to be limited to their class and strictly prohibited to the general population. Will it or not, most gay circles (not gay people though) in history tend to beget that kind of mentality as to which most of humanity is there only to serve the worthier part you aspire to. Most of the gay circles in France were strongly attracted to fascism during the 1930’s and sided rather fanatically with the Third Reich during the Occupation despite the Nazi regime’s having turned against gay life quite violently after the Night of Long Knives. I witnessed the same situation in many other countries, such as Haiti, where all the publicly practicing gays sided with the Duvalier Regime. Appeal to feminine identity and women’s rights is another typical mainstay of the right-wing, it was traditionally used as a dream technique to classify all revolutionary or even progressive impulses as the token of excess testosterone or of a deep-seated rape instinct. Even rather modern-style feminists like Emily Pankhurst most regularly opted for the conservative political formations to get their cause advanced, as they did their best to sell out their own biological identity as most naturally opposed to social progress by their better connection with biological forces. Traditional black identities used for the most part to be ultra-reactionary in various ways, as they generally comprised an appeal to occult forces they thought themselves to be most adroit with. The same can be said about the brands of local nationalism most poor Europeans used to claim of at the established religion’s greatest applause.
    America is exceptional in the way it misnames things and quite often inverts symbols as are most commonly used by the rest of the world. How come Republican states are called Red states and progressive urban ones Blue states? Throughout the whole planet red has always been associated with earthly passion, raw energy, and therefore revolution or at least forward march, and blue with heavens, otherworldliness, refusal to fight, and even depression. In all European countries from time immemorial red is left-wing and blue right-wing. The only other exception I know is Hindu India which traditionally ascribes the colour blue to the working classes and the red one to military aristocracy (yellow being the colour of the gilded classes and white that of the Brahmins and black that of the outcastes. My opinion is that America is a Satanic country in the sense it imposes to each one to succeed an inverted scale of values and appellations.
    It is time for decent people on the American continent 1) to speak in metric only as regards measures, as the rest of humanity does 2) to speak in common European continental categories, not anglo-saxon insular thalassocratic ones. The DNC for instance, should always be called an institution of the extreme-right dating back from slavery times, and each time a demonstration of the so-called cultural left happens, reactionary should be the term used most regularly. Make no mistake about it, there cannot really be left-wing groups in America, only a few persons, as this country owes its existence to the Calvinist idea a manifest destiny of being among the chosen few that will escape the disaster it consciously plans to wreak upon common humanity. Speaking of left-wing in America is far more preposterous than speaking of Islamic free thought. The only exception in American history to such a state of things was when mass immigration of so many people fleeing totalitarian-grown Europe for a country less hostile to their dreams took place, that is to say from the early thirties to the early seventies, it then tried to emulate what rather Austria or Northern Italy should have been had these two countries been let able to modernize naturally, with a great gratitude to all sorts of people committed to the advent of a better world through various kinds of creative efforts, and when these specific recent immigrants could also relate to so many of their own kind that had immigrated from the late 1800 onwards. But that state of things was not congenial to America. Calvinism is the unescapable founding trait of character that was due to reemerge during the seventies, while those most put off by that mentality took refuge in something even worse that was there too at foundation times, Brahmanism so to speak: every one agreed that anyone attached to the betterment of society avowed thereby being an inferior soul. When immigration no longer happened as a way to flee and combat totalitarian Europe but rather as a way to flee your own people and form an off-shore aristocracy against it in this country, as had been originally the case in the times of westward expansion, left could only die and always be perceived as essentially un-American by essence.
    America’s manifest destiny is an impending Second Civil War it will never recover from. Implanting left-wing thought as is more and more necessary for reasons of survival has now become as problematic as it used to be in Russia during the times of the last Tsars : it can only arise through a certain elite claiming of being anti-national just to stay human, but ridden with all the detestable snobbery of fake left-wingers pretending to modernize backward feudal lands. And the local (and justified) reaction to that elite can only be fascistic and reactionary to the utmost. The American Left is provoking more and more authentically fascistic reactions as used for instance to happen in Ukraine at the onset of the Soviet Regime (the kulaks, though quite too brutally treated, were not innocent peasants at all but real egoists who considered factory workers as inferiors unwanted by God) and were to triumph in Germany, and also, because of the preposterousness of most of their revendications, more and more realistic and ruthless leaders of their own ranks to discipline them as the Soviets were forced to do by stages in the 1920’s : gratuitous cultural leftism that then manifested though all sorts of experimental communes had to make way to productivism and acceptance of popular kitsch as respect for authorities. In other words America will be divided in two countries, one openly fascistic and rediscovering the joy of racism with Israel’s assistance, and an openly (though falsely) leftist one passing through the stages of a kind of multicultural Trotzkysm first and then of Stalinism (probably with Islamic social discipline). These two countries that will form will just destroy each other with more and more external assistance.

  5. Last night, I received a’spiritual’ vision from my humanoid bat messenger of the NightFall War coming soon to the West/Anglo world (and might soon spread to other parts of the world)
    — The queers are avengers reincarnated of the spirits of the knights risen from the cinders of Sodom and Gomorrah
    — The bible thumpers are descendants of the early Christian disciples and crusaders.
    Soon all form of anti-queer sentiments and gesture (like refusing to rent to queers for fear of your property turned into daisy chaining playground) will be legally forbidden as hate crimes, thus sparking the cosmic War of Queerdom Liberation. In the end the QLA (Queer liberation Army) will win.
    –All form of heterosexual acts or gestures will be banned as rapes.
    –All humans within the queer realm practice faggotry/lesbianism and an increasing % of them will go through hermaphrodite bio-reengineering to enable formerly males to get pregnant and formerly females to impregnate. Besides 1 protrusion and 2 cavities at the posterior, each will have the oval cavity doubled as a secondary vaginal cavity and the tonsils will also function as clitoris. Another phallus will hang from either the tongue or the nose…Thus the rise of a thousand years reign of the SOLDOM or Solar Sodom

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