Game/PUA: The Art of Seduction: Why Women are 10th Dimensional Chess

It’s not true that getting women is all about looks. I have known men who were the handsomest men in town, and they couldn’t get laid with God’s help. They often had anxiety disorders or they were extremely shy.

There is an art to this sort of thing. Just talking to her is one thing. Then sparking her interest enough so you can get her number somehow. Then asking her out or even better arranging some “innocent” fake thing like a study date. Turning friendships into sexual relationships – very hard but it can be done.

Then you have to call her a few times before the date, and if you call her too much, she bails. If you call her too little, she cancels too. You have to call her just often enough. Then you have to talk right on the phone while you are talking to her, and you can mess this up in a million ways too, often by saying just one thing.

You have to learn how to put out the brushfires that inevitably develop even early on before the first date. There is a way to do this, and if you do it wrong, she blows up and leaves. I hear about guys having dates or arranging to meet a woman all the time, and the woman cancels before it even happens.

Then you meet and you have to play your cards right here too. You can seriously turn her off very easily.

If she suddenly suggests something sexual like, “Let’s grab a blanket and go to the beach,” you have to jump on that right away because half the time, she will think better of it and say, “No, let’s not, I have a husband.” When she suggests sex, it will almost always be in some strange code where she doesn’t come out and say it. Instead she says something innocent that actually has a sexual proposition embedded in it. It’s up to you to read the code right and jump on it at exactly the right time.

If you actually have a real date, there are a million things that can go wrong here. If you are nervous or autistically inept and awkward, you can ruin the whole date very easily. You have to figure out how to charm her. There are a thousand tricks. It’s not so easy to charm a woman. There are men who are very good at it, but they worked at it for a long time.

Innocently: “Do you mind if I put my hand in your pocket there?” Shy like a little boy. “Oh no, go right ahead!”

Innocently, like a little boy: “Could you get my keys out of my pocket please?” Winking.

Even if you start making out, she tries to stop it halfway through a lot of the time because she has second thoughts. Then you have to figure out what to do next.

You have to figure out when she’s horny and wants to go for it, and then you have to make your move, and you better make it fast. If you don’t go for it, she gets pissed and withdraws the offer (which was completely nonverbal anyway) and contemptuously thinks you’re a pussy because you didn’t go for it. Only rarely does she drag you off to the bed (though it’s happened to me). If you don’t bust a move, you simply don’t get laid, period. If you never bust a move, you die a virgin.

Getting her into bed requires a million and one tricks in your Felix bag of tricks. Seduction is a scam, a game, a con. It’s trickery. You’re basically tricking and fooling her into bed because half the time, she doesn’t want to do it, and she’s always trying to weasel out of the dick. There are a thousand tricks here too.

“You don’t want to fuck? Fine. I’ll go sleep on the couch. See you in the morning. Bye.” Works great. Pretty soon she’s asking you to come to the bed.

Give her orders. “Get on that bed right now!” She scurries over like a scared little obedient girl. Now laugh.

And then when you are in bed, of course you have to perform. You can’t be impotent, and a lot of young men are if they are anxious. Coming too fast is not real great. She might ridicule you if you come real fast. It’s happened to me. “Oh poor baby, you came too fast.” Pretty humiliating. I suppose there are a hundred ways to screw up in bed too.

You think women fall in love with guys for no reason? Forget it. They fall in love because Chad love-scammers know how to cast actual magic spells on women to make the women fall in love with them. Then comes the relationship. It must be endlessly gamed every step of the way to keep it on the up and up.

Even if you are Chad, if she thinks you’re a pussy or she disrespects your masculinity, you will have problems, and she will cuck you just for being a pussy. Maybe even right in front of  your face, just to challenge and humiliate you even further. Of course she’s trying to get murdered. Women try to get murdered all the time. It’s a wonder more of them don’t get killed.

Equality is not possible between men and women. Someone’s got to wear the pants. Either you dominate her or she dominates you. Which is it going to be? So you dominate her. And there’s a very fine art to that between correct domination and abuse, and so many things can go wrong there too.

First of all, you have to learn to be dominant, which doesn’t come natural to many men at all. You have to dominate her just enough to keep her where she wants to be yet still be kind and loving enough to give her the affection she wants and the relationship deserves.

Brush fires and even forest fires are going off all the time because she’s a woman, and that’s what they do. You have to figure out how to put out these fires and keep it on the up and up. It’s very hard to figure out how to put out these fires because they are about all sorts of different things, and there are different ways to put out different kinds of fires about different things. What worked for one fire might not work for another. If you don’t put out the fires, the relationship can blow up, go cold, fester and smolder, or even break at the seams.

The fights can be wild and painful. You tell her your most sensitive Achilles Heel issues that you will almost kill over, and the first fight, she whips them out and turns them into nuclear weapons and fires them at you. Being attacked by a woman viciously and contemptuously can be devastating if you are not prepared.

Over time, you have to learn to be prepared to deal with a furious woman using every evil trick in her book to hit you where it hurts worst of all. There’s a right and wrong way to respond to attacks, and you can blow up the response in countless ways.

Now to get really insane, try doing what Chad does – running two or more women at once. He’s running three different women, none of them know about each other. This is the craziest game of them all.

It’s almost a 40 hour a week job, women are screaming at him all the time, the phone’s always ringing, he’s making and breaking dates all the time, people are threatening to kick his ass, women are having tearful meltdowns or threatening to kill him, two women start fighting over him, and most importantly, he’s lying to everyone all the time.

Even one woman is headache enough, but if Chad runs 2-3 at once, he has double or triple the headaches. It’s a crazy way to live, but some Chads like it because they get a lot of sex, and they like to live dangerously. And the only thing better than having one chick crazy about you is having two chicks nuts about you.

I have definitely lived this way, but not for long. The odd thing is that I could never run three women at once, though I tried constantly. I would get up to three and then it would always crash back down to two again. Running two women at once is nutty enough, but three just didn’t seem to be possible. All of the above happened to me when I was trying to run multiple girls and women at once.

Maintaining the relationship, keeping it going over months to even a year or more through probable breakups full of wild drama and chaos, keeping the sex going (not so easy as you think), then when you get into multi-year relationships, you have something really heavy, but those can be blown up too pretty easily. A deep relationship like this must be cultivated in its own particular way, and it’s not an easy thing to do.

I’m not even going to get into marriage here.

It’s not that easy being Chad or Chadlite or even a regular Normie. Women are an unholy pain the ass, and relationships with women are full of regular drama and chaos for no particular reason.

Every Chad I have known practically had a BA in Seduction and Gaming Relationships with Women. It’s not just his looks. You can have male model good looks, but it’s worth fuck all if you’re a mouse. Even the Chads and Chadlites I have known have told me that the hardest thing they ever did in life was getting women and running relationships with women. The best men of all not only have looks but they have almost a PhD in Game and running relationships.

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