6 thoughts on “Alt Left: Africans Against Male Homosexuality”

  1. Well,to be honest, it’s pretty darn disgusting! What else can we make of it? So if Chick-fil-a restaurant donates money to these groups, then is it wrong? Well, it did hear that one group they donated to would KILL gays – and that’s too far!

  2. I feel viscerally that homosexuality is a bizarre and loathsome perversion.
    On the other hand, I think homosexuality is innate. I am glad I was not born that way.

    1. The cause of homosexuality is a complex issue:
      1) Only a small%, IMO, about 0.5 to 1% of human popn are innately homo.
      2) Many are circumstantial like membership in all male army, prisons, ship crew. Most are tops who want quick relief.
      3) Some are ‘cultural’ like Southern Afghans.
      4) There’s a major cause of ‘bottoms’: Triggered by a one-time prostate biochemical stimulation, like the first drug use turned a person into a long time drug addict. I call it the ‘Lawrence of Arabia Syndrome’. I suspect they constitute the majority of gay militants. Mind you with the prostate gland intact, even eunuchs (which number to millions in India) enjoy gay sex.

  3. That was making the rounds a few years back. That pastor ended up getting arrested himself for viewing gay porn. He might have been closeted. Pretty hilarious though.

    1. Lol he obviously did a lot of research to pick a horrible shit-eating video. What gets me is the roaring applause and cheering after he says “Eat the poopoo of our children!.”

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