The B-W IQ Gap: The State of the Argument

Alpha Unit: Facts about behavior stand on their own. But it’s perfectly okay to question someone’s assertions about why people behave a certain way.

Oh of course! I agree with that 100 In the journals, the people on the Left surrendered a while back on the tests not measuring intelligence or being culturally biased. They now agree that the tests are real and that there are intelligence gaps between races. The argument now has shifted over to what’s causing them.

  • The Left says it’s environment
  • The Right says it’s genes
  • Others say it’s both

I regard all three positions as completely valid hypotheses and I do not think any of these positions is a racist position. It’s hard to say if there’s any consensus at all. A statement authored by Linda Gottfriedson and signed by 100 intelligence researchers in the New York Times in 1996 said the consensus was that they were not sure what was causing the differences, but the trend was for researchers saying that both genes and environment were involved. To me, this is a much more productive discussion. Unfortunately, in the popular press and mind, the arguments for the tests not being accurate or being culturally biased are still bandied about although they were abandoned in the journals a long time. In other words, the Left in the press and in the individual minds of the Left continue to promote ideas that are so far to the Left that they’ve even been abandoned by the far Left in the journals. What is bizarre is that things that are now taken for granted even on the far Left in the journals, such as:

  • The tests measure actual intelligence
  • The tests are not culturally biased
  • There is an actual B-W intelligence gap between the races

will get you called racist, fired or your career destroyed if you say them in public because the public is 20 years behind the journals. In other words, you will get called racist, be fired or get your career destroyed for taking positions that are regarded as scientific fact even by the farthest Left intelligence scholars. That’s just bizarre and not only that, it’s totally pathetic.

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8 thoughts on “The B-W IQ Gap: The State of the Argument”

  1. It is difficult to say to a friend or co-worker, “I like you, but I think you belong to an inferior race.” I try to prevent the topic from coming up.
    A race realist is like a guest at a Georgetown dinner party who tells another guest in a voice that carries that the hostess worked her way through Vassar as a call girl. Even if this is true – no especially if this is true – such a guest will be erased from everyone’s invite list.

  2. Hey Robert! Off topic but you think of Vox? (the progressive website and not Voxday)
    It’s look like a Democrat mouthpiece, they published a article against Venezuela and another that Israel shouldn’t be boycotted but they’re prossive in almost everyhting.

  3. I vote Democrat because I want more environmental protection laws, more gun control laws, and because I want rich people and corporations to be heavily taxed.
    I despise Trump. I want him to go down hard, taking the Republican Party with him.
    My fear however is that if the Democrats become too powerful they will make the same mistakes they made during the 1960’s. They will let more criminals out of prison. I want more criminals to be put into prison. I want them to be kept there longer. I want them to be treated more harshly.
    I am afraid that Democrats will increase immigration rates. I like Hispanics. I doubt that we need more of them.
    I am afraid that the Democrats will find ways that help blacks at the expense of whites. In the black majority city I live in there is talk about spending more tax money on “at risk youths” than intelligent students who want to learn. If we spend more money on anyone it should be studious, high IQ students who are safe to be around.
    A powerful Democrat Party will also extend affirmative action programs. I want an end to affirmative action. There is even talk about reparations.
    Blacks are better off in the United States than in any black run country in the world.
    I want illegal immigrants and the Dreamers to be deported. I want an end to H1B visas. I want more restrictions on legal immigration.
    In general, I want a political party that protects my interests, not the interests of rich people and not the interests of the underclass. The Democrat Party was that way from the inauguration of Franklin Roosevelt in 1933 to the assassination of John Kennedy in 1963 – three decades in all. Since then it has taken stands most white folks, including me, don’t like.
    When I was young I was enthusiastic about the civil rights movement. Since then I have become disappointed with it.

    1. You can’t say Democrat Party on here, John. You have to say Democratic Party. I ban on that.
      Affirmative action is pretty much dead everywhere. I am not even sure it is legal. Most states have made it illegal.
      Democrats stopped being “soft on crime” a long time ago. Everyone is tough on crime nowadays.

      1. “Affirmative action is pretty much dead everywhere”
        I think you’re right, and that (that’s its mostly dead) is probably for the best. The public perception though still seems to be that it is common (and, my impression at least, it still seems to contribute significantly to resentment among many toward Blacks (and Hispanics to some extent). But this might fade with time (as the end of widespread Affirmative action was, as far as I know, fairly recent).

        1. It’s dead in government jobs at every level. Most states have outlawed it. I think the Supreme Court might have even outlawed it, but I am not sure.
          There is quite a bit of AA in terms of “goals” and whatnot in corporations, but that is private, and they can do whatever they want. They want to increase minority and women employees to better their corporate image.

  4. Considering in your blog what was noted by the UK studies and observations of black Christians, it’s obvious the culture can overpower the genetics.
    I mean, look at Africa, there are many Christians there, but probably few really strong ones. In other words, ones living the life.
    Anyway, what caused the low African IQ to begin with anyway? If it was inbreeding, then perhaps some African Christian conversion would lessen that over generations.

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