The Truth Is Racist

  • Black people are less intelligent than Whites as measured accurately by IQ tests.
  • Black people impose considerable costs on society.
  • Your average Hispanic has an IQ of 90. Queera flagged this fact as racist when I used it in a post and threatened to ban me.
  • Blacks commit 8X more crime than Whites.
  • Blacks are 13% of the population but commit over half the violent crime.
  • Large cities with high percentages of Black people tend to be slummy, dangerous, rundown, blighted hellholes.
  • Blacks tend to be more impulsive than Whites.
  • 80% of Black kids are born to a single mother.
  • Many Black men do not stick around and take care of their children. My Black female next door neighbor flipped out and called me racist when I made this remark.
  • Most prison rape is Black on White. Almost none is the other way around.
  • Blacks have quite high rates of STD’s.
  • Heavily Black schools tend to perform poorly.
  • Blacks tend to be poorer than Whites at postponing instant gratification.
  • One of the main reasons so many Blacks get shot by police is because they commit so much crime.
  • Black people tend to be louder than White people. When I was a schoolteacher, a principal flipped out and threatened to fire me once when I said this in his office.

Those are all straight up facts, but if I say any of them out loud or write them on my website, I will be barraged with accusations of racism.
Queera flagged this entire quote as racist and threatened to ban me if I kept writing stuff like this.

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28 thoughts on “The Truth Is Racist”

  1. We sure seem to be headed to a place we should never, ever, be…. a twilight zone of sorts, where truths can be outlawed and stating the truth will get you ostracized from society….. We just can’t seem to take the kid that openly states that the king has no clothes on- no, we want to stone him in the streets! If we as a society continue to refuse to see the truth then we can not solve societal problems because we must accurately get a hold on just what the truth is to change it or to fairly deal with it.

    1. Getting people to see the truth doesn’t get us any closer to a solution. People would continue to do what they’re doing now: they’d argue about what caused the differences. And of course they would argue about what’s to be done about the problems that arise from the differences.

      1. As an example, a Black man just came to the site right now and came in the door swinging at me, trying to start a fight with me. All over this post.
        See what I mean?
        These are facts, but you can’t even state them. You state them and Blacks and White liberals try to punch you in the face!

        1. Well, people are allowed to state facts. Even unpleasant facts. Facts are neutral. It’s pointless to dislike facts.
          The thing is, nobody just states facts because they like the sound of facts. They’re trying to achieve some end, get some point across – sometimes a dishonest point. The facts aren’t the issue. The question is, “What’s this person trying to accomplish by citing these facts?”

        2. Well, yeah.
          I would say that if you have a website where you pound away at the facts above all the time, you’ve got an agenda. On the other hand, everyone who does that goes beyond the facts above and promotes an obviously anti-Black agenda.
          That’s why I don’t write posts stating these facts or talk about race realism much at all. All it does is stimulate racism in my White commenters and make my Black and liberal commenters pissed off.
          Is it racist to say, “Blacks sure commit a lot of crime. I don’t want to live in areas where there are large numbers of Blacks.”?
          I might use the facts above to state, “13% of the country is Black, and that’s plenty. We have our hands full with that alone. I don’t think we should be importing ordinary Blacks from Haiti or Africa. And it would not be a good thing for that percentage to rise much. The attendant problems would rise right along with it. On the other hand, I will gladly take cream of the crop type Blacks from anywhere. A Kenyan with a Masters Degree gets in.”
          Is that racist?
          I would agree that facts are not racist but facts can be used in a racist manner. American Renaissance has a blurb at the top of the site that says something like, “All we care about is truth and science.” Bullshit. They use science and certain truths and facts that present some non-Whites in a negative light in order to objectively harm them. Let’s face it. These guys are not some neutral scientists looking at race in a microscope.
          Another reason I don’t publish the facts above much is that they only make sense if you can do something about them, say, ameliorate or improve them in some way. If you can’t make the problem better, why talk about it? What’s the point?

          1. As far as people’s preferences and opinions are concerned, I’ll repeat what I said on this blog years ago: as long as people don’t interfere with my constitutional rights, I don’t care what they like, what they dislike, where they want to live, who they want to date or marry, who they feel comfortable hanging around, etc. Don’t tread on me on your way to doing whatever you like.

        3. Well, people can do what they want. But they won’t stop with the teasing. They can be a nightmare on the job, at school etc.. So that’s where the hate (against racists) comes from I think.

          1. You’re right. Racist teasing or harassment at school or on the job is no joke. People have recourse if that kind of stuff happens – or they ought to.

        4. Racist teasing or harassment at school or at work (or anywhere, honestly) is aggression. It’s hostility aimed at harming another human being.
          What does this have to do with someone stating one of the facts above?

    2. You can’t even begin to work on a problem until you at least admit it exists. I do not like to discuss the facts above and do not often do so.
      All it does is make people mad, especially liberals and Black people, who then leave the site. I get called racist by 20 new people. A bunch of racist Whites come to the site or the existing White commenters have a racist flareup. All reciting those facts does is foment racism among my White commenters and anger and hatred among my liberal and Black commenters. Why so bring them up?
      On the other hand, it cannot be denied that they ARE true.
      But I shouldn’t be arrested, charged and prosecuted as a RACIST simply for stating some of the facts above. Do you think a person is a RACIST just for stating some of those facts above?

      1. I think the racist “asses” have ruined for Robert. Because of the bad apples, the more reasonable so-called “race realists” can’t get a word in,
        I mean, the automatic association upon hearing racist stuff is “Oh, it’s another Stormfront asshole!”.
        But anyway, this could be just normie types who just don’t want to hear anything racist at all – just cause it’s racist.

      2. Generalizations are true, but they’re generalizations. I mean, there were at least 20 some African math graduate students at my university. They didn’t get there by affirmative action!
        Also, I have some writers on my site, Africans, and they are top-notch.
        Now, though, I have seen poor African, Indian, and even native writers, though – and they’re pretty bad!

      3. Be thankful you aren’t living in Europe Rob because you could be “arrested”, “charged” and “prosecuted” for what you just brought up. It’s a place these days that out Orwells Orwell for political correctness. In America, there are two words that if uttered, are bound to throw the public into fits of hysteria, bound to allow the government to do whatever they want to you: Racism and Terrorism.

        1. The ignorance of white nationalists to obvious positives in the non-white world, aside from HIV, lol, shows how they only want to see what they want to see, much like their opponents!

      4. Be thankful you aren’t living in Europe Rob because you could be “arrested”, “charged” and “prosecuted” for what you just brought up. It’s a place these days that out Orwells Orwell for political correctness. In America, there are two words that if uttered, are bound to throw the public into fits of hysteria, bound to allow the government to do whatever they want to you: Racism and Terrorism.

      5. Be thankful you aren’t living in Europe Rob because you could be “arrested”, “charged” and “prosecuted” for what you just brought up. It’s a place these days that out Orwells Orwell for political correctness. In America, there are two words that if uttered, are bound to throw the public into fits of hysteria, bound to allow the government to do whatever they want to you: Racism and Terrorism.

  2. One can be truthful – without being an ass! But WNs like it rub it in – much like the SJWs they hate!

  3. Some of this stuff is tolerable. I mean, I can handle loud blacks or some minor thing. In fact, it might make the environment more colorful.

  4. I have gotten into a couple of arguments with a woman on Quora, when she insisted that Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America are nicer places to live because the climate is nice, and the locals are lively, friendly and extroverted (Mind you criminals tend to be extroverts, but that’s another topic).
    The comparatively low life expectancy, high crime rate, and government instability are things that are ignored by her, and other idiots on Quora even imply that those stats are made up to make Brown and Black people look bad.
    This lady champions multiculturalism as the greatest thing alongside the discovery of electricity and the polio vaccine. To her, Scandinavia is a worse place to live than West Africa because its colder, and the locals are not friendly. Japan is a bad place to live because everyone is Japanese, and there’s no diversity.
    She also admires Black American culture, and claims to love Black women’s sass.
    There are problems everywhere, but if you give me the choice between Nigeria and Norway, the latter is no contest.

    1. No shit Africa sucks. Just like it’s true rednecks in Alabama eat terrible food and don’t care about the environment. But nobody anywhere wants to be around condescending people telling them this stuff!

  5. Race should matter most than IQ/intelligence etc. These are all bs.
    No identity conscious white-Caucasian English man would marry a high-IQ Chinese girl , just because English women got lower-IQ.
    The more you say “Negroes are dumb/less IQ”, the more they are getting wiser. They are snatching your money, women, lands & control of nations–despite low IQ.
    Focus on race! not IQ. IQ is dependent on culture/environment/socio-economic conditions. RACE IS NOT!

    1. Even at a lower IQ, whether it be 70 or a teenage-like 80 or 90, people are smart enough to steal. I don’t get what you’re getting at. Also higher IQ people can steal, but possibly they choose not to cause they can get better jobs, not because they are more moral.

      1. all i’m saying that these IQ etc. stuffs should never be the biggest priooty over race/ethnicity.
        Just because a southern guy is low iq,doesn’t mean he’s 100% worthless. he’s still part of your race & deserve your help.
        I’d always choose a caucasian looking afghan(no matter how poor/backward he/she is), over a nerdy Indian/tamil for example

    2. Nigerian scammers would probably be of the average 70 IQ range in Nigeria no? Or maybe higher? They can still use computers and scam. Anyway, I don’t know if these are freaks or not, but several Nigerians are good writers. They might be using spell check programs – but who cares?

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