Alt Left: What Percentage of Homosexual People Is Acceptable To You in a Given Population?

Answered on Queera.

Believe it or not, all of the answers said that if a country’s population was 100% gay, that would be absolutely wonderful! I’m sure having all the population of your country gay would be the greatest thing since sliced bread! What the Hell’s the matter with people? It would be catastrophic for any country to be 100% gay, though we’re probably headed that way in the US at the rate we’re going here.

How could having 100% of the population of your country gay possibly be a good thing!? Color me mystified.

A given population as in for a country? 3%. That’s the percentage in the US, and it’s just fine by me. Understand that homosexuality is bad for society in the sense that it causes a lot of costly problems for society. Furthermore, taxes paid by gays do not make up for the costs that society incurs from homosexuals.

  • Homosexuals live 20 years less than heterosexuals. It is horribly sad for gay people that they miss out on so many years of wonderful life, but it seems to me that reduced lifespan is costly to society.
  • Gays have higher rates of mood and anxiety disorders. While this causes a lot of suffering to gay people, and this is sad, at the same time, mental illness is costly to society.
  • Gays have much higher rates of drinking, smoking, and drug abuse than straights. The gay male party and play scene revolving heavily around methamphetamine and club drugs is particularly alarming. Lesbians in particular smoke a lot. The costs of drinking, smoking, and drug abuse to gays themselves are no doubt significant in terms of disease, mortality, and the suffering that can come from excessive substance abuse; nevertheless, this incurs a lot of costs to society.
  • Gay men obviously have a very high STD rate. At 20% infection rate, the HIV rate is especially alarming. Most of these diseases remain confined to the gay community and have not broken out significantly to the straight community, with the exception of the Black community with all the down low men. But the great heterosexual HIV epidemic spreading from gays to straights never occurred mostly because HIV goes from men to women and then it stops, as spokesmen from the New York Department of Public Health said as early as the 1980’s. That’s not completely true, but it is very hard to get HIV from a woman. Hepatitis A, B, and C are or were   fairly to very common to in the gay community, vastly more common than among heterosexuals, most of whom only acquire B and C from IV drug use. Parasitical diseases such as shigella, ameobiasis, and giardiasis are also extremely common among gay men; whereas they are quite rare among straights. In recent syphilis epidemics, up to 85% of cases are among gay men. Syphilis is quite uncommon among straights. Gay men have elevated rates of anal cancer, and the rate is rising. The rate is vastly higher than the rate among straights. I would like to point out that it is gay men themselves who suffer most from these diseases, and this suffering, although self-imposed, is often tragic, horrifying, and heartbreaking in particularly in the heart-wrenching case of HIV. Lesbians have very low rates of STD’s but higher rates of breast cancer. I doubt if lesbians impose a disease burden on society. The very high gay male STD rate, in particular the HIV rate, obviously imposes considerable costs to society.
  • Tragically, gay men have a suicide rate 3X higher than straight men, even in San Francisco, the most gay-friendly place in the US. The attempted suicide rate is also very high. Gay male teenagers have a tragically very high attempted suicide rate at 8X the normal rate. Suicidal behavior causes unfathomable and heartbreaking suffering on gay men. However, attempted and completed suicides impose considerable cost on society.
  • Domestic violence rates are very high in gay and lesbian couples, especially the latter. A gay man is much more likely to beat his partner than a straight man is. A woman is much less likely to be beaten by a male partner than by a female partner. This causes immense suffering to the partners of gay and lesbian batterers. In addition, domestic violence is costly to society.
  • In gay areas, gay men typically take over all of the public restrooms and turn them into miniature sex clubs. This renders most public restrooms unusable by the rest of us. Most gay men typically vociferously support the use of public restrooms as sex dens for gays. I don’t have much sympathy here. Gay men are simply being very irresponsible with this depraved mindset. Further, this is a cost to society.

It is first of all most important to point out that gay men themselves suffer worst from most from these largely self-imposed conditions, a suffering so profound that it almost moves you to tears. Compassion is essential. Nevertheless, there is a cost to society. Some of these issues may be caused by discrimination (see the high teenage gay male attempted suicide rate), but there is a cost to society no matter what causes it. Some of these problems would lessen with increased acceptance of gays, but others would linger or possibly even worsen.

The question comes up whether gays pay for the costs they bring to society. Many gays seem to have above average intelligence for some reason, especially gay men. Gays seem more artistically talented than straights. More gays than straights seem to get college degrees, in particular gay men.
Gay men seem to earn higher than average wages and are disproportionately employed in high paying and prestigious professions.

I am always hearing about a homosexual, often a gay man, who is contributing something noteworthy and exemplary to our society such that it mentions a media notice. Obviously, gay men contribute more to the tax base per capita than straights. So gays, especially gay men, offer considerable benefits to society, not flowing from their homosexuality but from other aspects of their lives.

I have not discussed lesbians here because I know little about them, but I doubt that they impose serious costs on society other than reduced lifespan.

However the question rises whether gays pay for themselves. Despite their excellent contributions to society and their higher than normal tax contributions, I still do not think that homosexuals pay for themselves.

The question then arises about whether the rest of us should be willing to carry a small burden for our gay brothers.

Personally I feel that at 3%, I am willing to shoulder the costs of homosexuals to society, as the numbers are so small that it is something we can cope with. I would be willing to tolerate up to 6% gay men in society. I think we could deal at that rate. However, if the rate of male homosexuality went higher than that, all of these problems above would increase in scope with attendant costs.

Honestly, even when you get to 10% gay men in any country, your problems are going to go up a lot. The % of gay men in New York and San Francisco is quite high, and they definitely impose considerable costs on these cities. Once you start heading up to 15–20% of any country’s population being gay, I think it would be unsustainable for many reasons (see above).

Homosexuality in society seems to be one of those things, like many things in life, that is best in small doses.

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10 thoughts on “Alt Left: What Percentage of Homosexual People Is Acceptable To You in a Given Population?”

  1. Gays seem really creative in music and open minded. Like the gay guy at the fast food restaurant I mentioned (The one who looks like the one on Boogie Nights.) He’s one of the few long haired guys I know.

    1. The Queera Faggots tried to get me banned for this post too. Queera took it down and warned me that if I kept posting like this, they would ban me.
      I thought I was being very fair in this post, don’t you?
      I am really starting to hate these Queera faggots. They report almost every post I make!

      1. There is stuff I find vile also, but not your stuff. Anyway, I can just choose not to read it – just like I know shit exists but I don’t have to look at.

      2. With college courses, it gets a bit more tricky. The professors are often asses pushing an agenda. Like this one professor would say bad words/sex stuff in the class – cause he can!
        I’m not a prude,but not everybody wants to hear that – and they didn’t pay money to hear it.

  2. Homosexuality makes no biological sense so it adds nothing to humanity. If there was a pill you could give a gay child to make him straight, I’d see no moral problem in giving it to him or her. I don’t hate gay people, I just think it’s something of a defect. I’d give that straight pill to my kid just like I’d give them a pill to cure any other ailment such as color blindness if such a thing was available. That doesn’t mean I hate people with color blindness. I’ve been called a virulent homophobe for saying that. That’s only because homosexuality has been so politicized and people see them as a class of people with protected minority status. Rather than just seeing them for what they are, human beings that were born with a sexual defect.

  3. This whole mess is predictable. I mean, I can’t blame oppressed groups. They’re just not taking any shit anymore! But of course, that leads to an angry white male backlash! The worst being 4-chan, white supremacy etc..
    So when an SJW doesn’t take shit, he/she is a cunt and up for crucifixion on 4-chan.

    1. But, who are these 4-channers but overgrown kids – often also smart, not morally, though) who would draw funny pictures of the professor or whoever else they didn’t like during a lecture?

      1. “Homosexuality is a sickness, just like baby rape and wanting to be the president of General Motors.” *
        *Eldridge Cleaver, from the book “Soul on Ice” (1968). Can you imagine if Eldridge had said that today?

  4. A lot of the shit is socially imposed. Anxiety, drinking, suicide, domestic are pretty correlated with at least one of those variables.
    Now, 100% gay population would essentially mean that our species will eventually go extinct, unless some people are willing to fuck the other gender against their hormones.
    One thing I find weird is that homosexuality is allowed but incest isn’t. There’s really nothing wrong with incest, as long as it’s not brother and sister (if not using birth control). Incest (cousin) provides more of an evolutionary benefit than homosexuality does.

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