What Is the Grey Area between Bisexual and Biromantic?

Answered on Queera.
Aren’t all biromantic people bisexual? It would seem that bisexuality would be necessary to be biromantic at all.
Let’s look at this rationally.
I am a heterosexual man. Of course I can fall in love with a woman. How the Hell could I possibly fall in love with a man if I have no sexual attraction to men?! It makes no sense.
Consider a gay man. Of course he can fall in love with a man. How in God’s name could he fall in love with a woman if he’s not attracted to women at all?! How does it make sense?
How could a straight woman fall in love with a woman?!
How could a lesbian fall in love with a man!?
None of these things make any sense at all.
Generally you feel your strongest romantic attraction towards your maximal sexual attraction. This will be true even of bisexuals.
George Michael was strongly attracted to men and women through his whole life, but he said he could only fall in love with a man. His strongest sexual attraction would have been towards men.
I have talked to lesbians who were attracted to both men and women but women more. One told me she could only fall in love with a woman. Indeed, her orientation was 25–75 in favor of women.
The two things, romantic attraction and sexual attraction, go together quite well. You fall in love with what turns you on the most. You want to have sex with whatever you fall in love with the most.
It’s not rocket science.

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