This Is Not a Free Website

Someone just told me that this is a free website and I am “charging people money to use a free website.” But that’s not true. This is not a free website. It’s a pay site that operates on a monetary model. Doesn’t it say that in the very first sticky post on the site?
There are two tiers.
First tier (Basic mode) is if you want to just read or comment sporadically. That’s free.
Second tier (Enhanced mode) is if you want to comment regularly, join the crime forum, or be a guest author. In that case, you have to pay $10 -20 for lifetime privileges. How anyone ever got the idea that this is a free site is beyond me.
I would like to point out that many paysites operate on a two tier model, one basic with limited features and the other enhanced with a full set of features.

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5 thoughts on “This Is Not a Free Website”

      1. You have reinvested some into marketing. I mean, marketing IQ etc. doesn’t make you an asshole capitalist. I’m talking about small business.

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