How Swamp Creature Donald Trump Flooded the Swamp: The Rothschild Connection

Donald Trump or (((Donald Trump)))? Obviously it’s (((Donald Trump))). Looks like the Rothschilds own this guy lock stock and barrel. Either that or he’s been in a deep alliance with them and their (((pals))) forever now.
It’s comical how all these anti-Semites fall all over themselves jerking off to this guy. He’s practically the biggest Jew on Earth. That he’s a Judaized Gentile makes little difference – he’s still 500 years kosher and that’s deeper dipped than 90% of real Jews are.
Trump is by far the most fanatical Zionist President we have ever had. He’s so Israel-crazy that you almost wonder if he’s Jewish somehow. It’s so hilarious that all these Alt Right anti-Semites worship this ultra-Zionist Trump, who is virtually an agent of influence of the Israeli government.
Alt Righters are suckers! Their hero is a super Jew and an ultra-Zionist!
They’re pathetic! If you’re going to be an anti-Semite, at least have some principles for Chrissake.

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6 thoughts on “How Swamp Creature Donald Trump Flooded the Swamp: The Rothschild Connection”

  1. This could be a deception. Look at the Bible where a future world leader is supposed to betray Israel.

  2. Bob-
    It seems like there is an emerging divide within the swamp: some seek to basically engage in feudalism- rapidly fuck the middle class and be honest about it, versus centrists who seek more subtle and slow fucking.
    This is essentially the difference between Republicans and democrats.

    1. feudalism in the sense that any economic activity is based on IOUs.
      And if war with Iran or North Korea happens- the U.S. will either have to reckon with higher note yields- causing a pullout of the stock market and into notes, or inflation.

  3. Hey Robert, have you given your thoughts on what you think about Trump’s intelligence? I think the in the IQ/G-factor sense, the man is as dumb as a brick. Even though he graduated from a prestigious college, his junior high school quality of writing and inability to understand any nuance or complex ideas would suggest he’s not very intelligent.
    Yet, he has create a cult of 60 million people and has them marching behind him with unwavering loyalty. He seems smart at knowing how to manipulate people’s emotions. So he has some type of intelligence. Most of the world’s despots have been pretty sharp. Though I’m not sure how smart Duterte is, he doesn’t strike me particularly smart either.
    What do you think is going on with Trump’s brain?

    1. Well, he has NPD or Narcissistic Personality Disorder. You don’t have to be real smart to be a tycoon. James Oglivy of Oglivy and Meyers, one of the greatest names in advertising in the 20th Century, had an IQ of 93. No one could believe it so he kept taking the test over and over and kept getting the same score. He was one of the richest men in America while he was alive.
      He was a lot like Trump in a lot of ways – very extroverted, good people person, and also a real motherfucker who never apologized for anything. Trump took an IQ test in K-12 school. Those scores should be available, but they might be private. Might be interesting to see how he scored, but an IQ of <110 would not surprise me at all.
      Supposedly even Reagan had a 120 IQ, which seems almost impossible to believe.

  4. how easy it is to fool people generations after generations, using political/religious sentiments.
    White Caucasian people in USA somewhat believed that Trump is gonna help somewhat, but another disappointment his the table!
    Never trust anyone except yourself! (A great rule of survival)

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