Is It Usual for a Man to Try to Turn a Man Gay Unless He Is a Gay Man?

Answered on Quora:
No, no straight man would do that. It’s not possible to change men’s sexual orientation past a certain age, but that doesn’t stop gay men from trying to recruit or convert straight men. Actually they are just trying to seduce them into homosexuality, but they use a lot of devious means. In quite a few cases, gay men insist that a straight man is really gay and is lying about being straight. Whether they actually believe this or if this is just some sort of a ruse is not known.
Gay men definitely go after straight men all the time. Now whether they know the guy is straight or if they think he’s gay or if they don’t know is not known. Very good-looking straight men are especially plagued by this.
I knew a couple of straight men who worked as male models, and they had to fend off gay men all the time. One told me it was like “mosquitoes in Alaska.” The constant approaches and refusal to take no for an answer was making both men quite homophobic. They kept saying they were going to hit the next gay man who came after them. I don’t think they did, but they sure were angry.
Also many predominantly straight men are somewhat bisexual in orientation or behavior. It’s not uncommon for basically straight men to try to seduce other straight men into gay sex. It’s happened to me more more times than I want to admit, not that I took them up on it! The thing you have to realize is that not all straight men are 100% straight, if you know what I mean. Wink wink. Incidental, occasional or especially experimental homosexuality is quite common in straight men. I’ve seen quite a bit of this nonsense.

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