Are "Camp" Straight Guys Actually More Straight Than Other Straight Guys?

Answered on Quora:
No. The campier the straight man is, the more likely that he is not even straight at all. He’s likely to be either a closeted gay, or he will come out later on. Most completely heterosexual men are not campy.
As far as straight men who are so blazingly effeminate that they are just about queens, over on Datalounge, a gay chat site, one man said that he had known several “flaming” straight men who had wives, families and two or more children. Most people shrugged their shoulders, looked at the wife and family and said whatever.
You see, back then, there were some effeminate straight men with wives and kids. People would shake their heads and say, “Boy, Joe sure likes to iron his shirts, doesn’t he? But God bless him! Every night he goes home and gives it to Mrs. Jones.” And the community of straight men and women would just except him. Nowadays, this man would be called gay continuously.
Back in those days, people were not obsessed with homosexuality. Everyone was straight until proven otherwise. Straight people were not commonly accused of being gay. The sad thing about gays coming out is that we no longer practice “straight until proven otherwise,” which in my opinion was much better, and straight men are much more likely to be called gay than they were back in the day.
So while gay liberation has been great for gay men, most good things have a downside, and this was the downside for straight men. Frankly, I can’t see how gay liberation helped straight men. It didn’t help us or improve our lives in any way, and in a few ways, it made our lives worse.
It was necessary for equal rights for gays, so we should have supported it (and I did from way back into the 1980’s when it was risky), but there sure wasn’t anything in it for us. As feminists are now talking about how feminism is good for men too, I wonder if any gay men would tell us how gay rights was good for straight men in any way whatsoever.
Anyway, this gay man said that he had followed these “flamer” purported straight married men over decades, and after 20–30 years, every single one of them had come out as gay and left their families.
A new study showed that 67% of gay men but only 3% of straight men are effeminate. Effeminate straight men are not common at all.
There are many “feminine” straight men who are quiet, soft-spoken, sensitive, like to read, write, and cook and are not macho in the traditional sense. But a lot of these men have a sort of soft masculinity about them.
I would wager that if a straight man is so effeminate that he is out and out campy, he could be straight, but the odds that he is gay or will come out as gay later on are quite a bit higher than for non-effeminate straight men. In fact, I would wager that most of them are closeted gays or will come out as gay later on.
You cannot be effeminate at all in straight male culture. Even being feminine as above is quite frowned upon. A campy straight man would not be well liked and would have to endure a lot of abuse from his peers. This sort of peer pressure keeps most straight men from behaving this way, which I feel is a good thing.

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7 thoughts on “Are "Camp" Straight Guys Actually More Straight Than Other Straight Guys?”

  1. The high IQ or average IQ seem sissy to the low IQ. Now, especially in this paranoid age, this has gotten way worse!
    But I mean it is possible for high IQ straight guys to be annoyingly too sensitive or too compassionate. But often that’s not the case going on.

  2. In a typical black community, someone is called gay – to mean basically they are un-hip or nerdy – and also gay! So if someone doesn’t conform to their exact ultra-masculine way – and that’s often average or high IQ people, then they’re dissed as fags.

  3. There is this guy at the bank who is gay. But I am biased against him cause he’s always mocking me behind my back (anti-disabled, GIMP stuff) But anyway, he’s a big fag – kind of in the Christopher Lowell way, so I suspect some of this is projection.
    Probably nobody gets on to him about being a little girl – cause he’s a massive normie who makes fun of people the community hates – like me!

    1. I am starting to really despise faggots. I don’t care that they are gay. What bothers me is that your average gay man is the most fanatical SJW freakazoid on Earth. You criticize gay people in any way at all, even if it’s 100% fact, and they go completely nuts, threatening you, cursing you, threatening to doxx you and get you fired.
      It’s just like race now. The truth is no defense against homophobia. Nobody can say one bad thing against these glorious sacred faggots. I wouldn’t mind seeing some of them gay bashed actually, not for being gay but for being SJW fascist freaks.
      You have seen on this site that I pointed out that many facts and statistics don’t look real good for gays, especially gay men. These are completely true, 100% validated scientific facts. Yet if you repeat any of them, the fags flip out, threaten, abuse, menace, and swarm you. They’ve turned into monsters. The Christians who call them Gay Nazis and who note how vicious and savage these fags are are absolutely correct. They’re vicious, ugly, nasty, wicked little fag monsters.
      Do you know how many people are getting fired from their jobs and getting their careers ruined by saying 100% true things about these faggots? It’s sickening.
      I’m starting to really hate them, and I’ve been supporting gay rights my whole life. They’re really turning me against them.

      1. My sympathy for them might depend on the area. Where I live is sort of country, as you all know, and this gay guy (funny cause he reminds me of that one on Boogie Nights LOL) is working at this fast food restaurant and he has a rainbow bracelet on his arm.
        Anyway, there are also two lesbians there, one who could be hot, the other if she hadn’t shaved her head! But nobody picks on lesbians here it seems like.

      2. Well, i hate Christians cause i think they’re assholes, but maybe it’s just a reaction to SJW bullying, I don’t know. So on one hand, I feel sypathy for the Chick-Fil-A restaurant and on the other, I don’t.
        The waitstaff are pretty friendly, but many customers strike me as snobby, angry, self-righteous people.

      3. Do you know how many people are getting fired from their jobs and getting their careers ruined by saying 100% true things about these faggots? It’s sickening.

        It depends on how its said. If a person is bullying a gay person, then obviously the victim will delight in punishing them. But if it’s just random comments not directed toward someone, then that’s tyrannical I think.
        But then again, the bullying could have been motivated by some inappropriate behavior of the victim – like gawking. But, the way to deal with that would be to eject the customer, not keep the customer around for bullying enjoyment.

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