Whites Are Only Decent and Progressive When They Are a Majority

Jason: Anyway, what I meant to say is that SA whites being richer were jerks out of fear of safety, and also the richer behave that way everywhere else regardless of what race they are.

But South African whites, to be honest, got on the bad side of the liberal community – especially because their social system was race-based. In other words, they could have done the same thing by just hiding in rich neighborhoods like California people do now. In other words, California is just as racist as South Africa – in a sense – because the poor are kept out of richer areas “unofficially” via crime laws.

I agree with you that the middle classes and rich act bad and reactionary pretty much everywhere on Earth, but here in California, we do have some decent and progressive middle class and rich people, at least in some areas, particularly on the coast. I am thinking of the Bay Area in particular. Those are probably some of the best-behaved and progressive middle and upper class Whites outside of Europe. And we Whites are a minority here, so this is odd.

Also rich and middle class Whites are progressive and act pretty good in all of Europe (except the UK), Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. But Whites are a majority in all of those places.

The problem is that in most places on Earth where Whites become a minority, they turn into the worst fascists on Earth. A process that is presently unfolding here in the US.

Face facts. White people in general only act decent when they are in the majority. When they are a minority, get ready for fascism, genocide, death squads, etc. Coming soon to the US. The fascism part is already here apparently, as the Republican Party has now gone full fascist.

Show me anywhere on Earth where a White minority acts decently at all, except California and Hawaii.

Honestly though, the Chinese do not act much differently. Chinese in China and Taiwan act pretty good and are quite progressive, but the Chinese minorities in the Philippines and Indonesia are reactionary monsters, especially the ones in the Philippines, where they are openly fascist and genocidal, complete with death squads and the whole nine yards.

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4 thoughts on “Whites Are Only Decent and Progressive When They Are a Majority”

  1. OK. That makes sense, and that’s why I was saying on one forum that I don’t think the US should become mostly non-White. But I was saying it as a thing of safety, not to be racist! If the US isn’t majority-White, the Whites will turn into assholes! And we already see it now on forums, as fascism (Trump etc.) is getting re-legitimized, along with the attendant ugly and fat shaming, anti-disabled, and racist stuff.

    1. Jason,

      I hate to say this but it is true. All you have to do is to look at areas in the U.S. that are majority POC. White elites are more hateful toward all groups of POC. Look at Latin America and South Africa for that matter. Rigid racial and class hierarchies are prevalent and, as I see in the U.S., it’s getting worse by the year.


      1. Yep Reyna, Whites can actually act pretty good when they are a majority. Blacks are actually treated quite well here in the US by the majority Whites in my opinion. We US Whites probably treat Blacks better than anybody else. Obviously that wasn’t always the case, and that’s unfortunate, no one is convicted for life of anything, and redemption is always possible. In fact, were there no redemption, we humans would still be acting like complete animals.

        But when Whites get in the minority as in Latin America and South Africa and formerly in Rhodesia, they didn’t act very good. And that’s to say the least.

        And in Latin America, there is pretty much no such thing as race. It’s a deracialized continent. Nevertheless, look at how White those vicious Latin American fascist elites are.

  2. The Latino invasion alone has completely given David Duke and other monsters – exactly the kind of US they wanted. It’s now where kids don’t view Hitler as a monster, and they’re way less empathetic to non-whites or any other group SJWs root for.
    it’s truly hell and unleashed by liberals, ironically!

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