11 thoughts on “What Is the Average IQ of a Fox News Viewer?”

  1. Hmm. Given that most whites are Republican and most wealthy whites tend to vote Republican(out of financial self interest), I’m not sure it’s as low as 90. I could believe that the hardcore Trumpists could have IQs of 90. I could easily see that. But a lot of people that voted Trump are people who just vote Republican no matter who is in the slot because they want tax cuts.

    1. I believe those were the IQ’s of his base – the people who were coming to his rallies.
      It is actually true that Republicans have a bit higher IQ’s than Democrats. I think the difference is ~2 points higher.

        1. Good question. I think even if you adjusted it for race, Republicans might be higher, but it’s a great question and really needs to be answered to fully understand this situation.

        2. You know what, I do think I recall seeing a study that showed that the more ideologically left someone is the more likely they are to be intelligent(think a Noam Chomsky type). Whereas the more ideologically right someone is, the less likely to be intelligent. Many voters are not strongly ideological and may be voting for simple issues like who they think will give a larger tax cut or be toughest on terrorism. Since Republican voters tend to make more money than Democratic voters from what I’ve seen. I’m sure you have to really hash out the data so that we aren’t assuming causation. Republicans tend to be older and older people tend to have higher income because they have longer work experience. It might also be skewed by a small but disproportionate amount of one percenters who vote Republican for purely business reasons but aren’t all that culturally conservative.
          When you go further and further right into culture/ideological conservatism, the types who want abortion banned, no gun restrictions, super religious, homophobic and racist, I think there’s a good chance that they have lower IQ than someone equally far on the other end of the spectrum.
          If I can find that study I’ll post the link.

  2. I’m not surprised at the Trump supporter IQ. Most Trump supporters I know seem average to low-average, the type of IQ good enough for skilled and semiskilled work but not enough for grad or med school. It’s definitely difficult to get into a conversation with them about complex topics that are not work or entertainment related, for example.

  3. I have no idea what IQ I have, but I can get unstable in arguments which lends fire to opposition, but then again, I can also do complex math problems and discuss history/politics.

    1. Are you in school? Why don’t you go get a free IQ test? Why don’t you get your score from K-12 school. Not that I care, but it would be interesting. Some of us have pegged you at ~105. It would be interesting because I rather like your mind and the way that you think. You think outside the box a lot more than most people with average IQ’s do. This is a good thing. It shows that most people could think more intelligently like you do, but they are just too lazy to put in the effort.
      Anyway, you have an interesting mind because in a lot of ways you are like a typical normie American in terms of your raw intelligence, but you really think outside the box, refuse to get brainwashed, look at all sides of the story, don’t follow the normie narrative, etc.
      In other words, whatever your IQ, you engage in a lot of high level thinking. If average IQ people can engage in high level thinking but they just refuse to, this would be interesting data to add to our knowledge base.
      I know it’s not easy for you to think outside the box and go outside your comfort zone, but I also think you sort of like to do it because it stretches your brain out a bit, and I think you enjoy stretching your brain now that you know how it feels.
      Anyway, I enjoy your presence here, Jason. It shows how your average normal IQ person could possibly think if they would just get outside the idiot box they installed in their heads.

      1. OK. Thanks for the compliments, but why would you assume it’s 105 and not higher?
        Anyway, I think in certain subjects I need more preparation beforehand, so that’s why my IQ might not be 150 or something. But with geography and history it’s not the case, but no jobs in the fields!

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