The Truth about Africa, Immigration, and IQ

I have nothing to add here.

Tim Watkins: Immigration patterns are obviously backwards, of what they should be. People should be going from high IQ countries to low IQ countries…from Japan, China, Germany, etc…to Africa…increasing the number of high IQ humans in African countries, to help them solve their problems.
The problem in South Africa was not too many whites. It was too few Whites…Whites felt threatened by the large black majority, so they acted like racist assholes. That doesn’t change the fact that high IQ Whites basically provide all the professionals to make a modern economy run in Africa.
So in African nations the people who are generally the smartest are the ones that leave to emigrate to high IQ countries. This helps countries like the United States but hurts the African countries who can’t afford to lose high IQ people. An example of this was President Obama’s dad, who was a champion African scholar.
Liberals encourage the economic devastation and slow pace of improving the lives of Africans by encouraging Africans to immigrate to America. Liberals do this because they claim, “we are not racist”…but if racism is defined as doing things which hurt other races, then liberals are the most racist people among the White population.
If Africa had 25% of it’s population as Japanese, or Chinese, or White…its problems would very quickly disappear. The biggest problem Africa is facing is not environmental degradation, it’s not poverty, it’s not lack of money, it’s not lack of resources, or anything else…it’s lack of smart people.
Sorry liberals…but that’s the truth. Get your head out of the sand. Your so-called “anti-racism” leads to an awful lot of suffering among our fellow humans in Africa.


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10 thoughts on “The Truth about Africa, Immigration, and IQ”

  1. “If Africa had 25% of it’s population as Japanese, or Chinese, or White…its problems would very quickly disappear”
    Except those groups self-segregate/isolate into themselves. This is what the Japanese and Chinese did in Latin America and what the Chinese did in Southeast/Southern Asia and what Europeans did in Africa.
    Try again.

    1. Archie, have you donated? All regular commenters have to donate at least $10 in order to keep commenting. This gives you lifetime commenting rights here. If this is a hardship, let me know and I will see what I can do about it.
      Thanks for your cooperation.

  2. South Africa were racist assholes, but really whites everywhere are – well, actually, any rich group – regardless of race is! The richer and middle class, of even the black race, of course, place themselves in better neighborhoods and are fearful of the poor.

    1. Sorry no editing button! Something I hate about WordPress. Anyway, what I meant to say is that SA whites being richer were jerks out of fear of safety – and also the richer behave that way everywhere else – regardless of whatever race they’re in.
      But South African whites, to be honest, got on the bad side of the liberal community – especially, cause their social system was race based. In other words, they could have done the same thing by just hiding into rich neighborhoods, like California people do now. In other words, California is just as racist as South Africa – in a sense – cause the poor are kept out of richer areas “unofficially” via crime laws.

      1. Please explain how California Whites are just as racist as South African Whites because we keep the poor out due to crime laws?
        Also, how do crime laws keep poor Blacks and Browns out of richer areas?

  3. Yes, though I hate racists and think they’re mostly wrong,, I have to admit the KKK site was right in pointing out the “brain drain” problem in the third world. In other words, the rich are not only assholes by sticking around and segregating against their own poor – but literally jump town!

  4. But the rich/middle-class are such condescending creeps, maybe the poor of Africa want them to leave – and fuck the jobs! I can see that happening!

    1. Well. IQ is a good thing. Use it or lose it. I’ve been around people of all sorts of IQ’s in my life and let me tell you, I much prefer to hang around higher IQ people. Below a certain level, dumb people are just dangerous! Sorry but it’s true. Stupidity and stupid people are dangerous! It’s a fact. Everyone who’s lived a bit in this life knows this. Also communities of dumb people are dangerous places. The dumber they are, the more dangerous the place is. I realize these are human beings, but I want to live.

    2. Swedish. So you are writing in Swedish. That language was hard to figure out. At first I thought it was German!

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