As an Exceptionally/Profoundly Gifted Person (IQ 146+), What Are Your Thoughts on Derrida, Foucault, and Lacan?

Answered on Quora.
Thanks for the A2A. I am familiar with all three.
Lacan is completely full of it. Not only that, he was a fraud who ripped off his clients. He may have ripped off all of us with his nonsense.
Derrida is nonsensical too. He simply made no sense whatsoever. Apparently that is the idea.
Both men took modern philosophy off into postmodernism where nothing is true, so apparently nothing makes sense either. Most of their work is sheer nonsense or strings of incomprehensible or made-up words that sound important or intelligent but really are simply nonsensical.
Foucalt may be a bit more grounded, but I am not sure. I have not studied him enough. But I know some anti-postmodernists hate him and say he is full of crap.
I meet your intelligence qualifications, so it can’t be that I am too stupid to understand these charlatans. If I can’t understand them, I doubt if anyone can.
We need to get off the postmodernist nonsense train and back into the real world where things are supposed to be comprehensible and make sense.

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6 thoughts on “As an Exceptionally/Profoundly Gifted Person (IQ 146+), What Are Your Thoughts on Derrida, Foucault, and Lacan?”

  1. These three, together with more media-friendly figureheads such as Bernard Henri-Lévy and Glucksman, just have destroyed what the French intellect used to be. Thanks to this obscurantists’ troika, France has romped for good out the ranks of the traditional havens of the spirit of Enlightenment. Up to them, the French philosophical spirit used to be one of clarification first, now it one of obfuscation by any means. Their role is quite similar to El Ghazali’s at the fag end of the so-called El Andaluz Enlightenment period, when he together with a few other counter-philosophers such as Ibn Taimini deciced once for all that all philosophical autonomous enquiry, ijtihad as it was then called, was heretical ; only jihad was from then on declared allowable as a human intellectual endeavour, that is to say putting one’s brain at the service of mendacity in struggle for survival and dominance. Fireworks of free spirit and scientific advances were never to be seen again in the whole Muslim world, a great pity since the classical Arabic language is an even better tool for passionate intellectual reflexion than even classical Greek ever was. This is even more ironic since these recent French iconic pseudo-philosophical figureheads, as many of them are of former North African more or less Andalucian Jewish origin are known for their irrepressible wish to call back the so-called Andalucian Intellectual Golden Age so as to do away with the French Enlightenment tradition in the name of fighting monoculturalism. The intellectual as such is free intellect’s deadliest enemy.

    1. I don’t live in poverty. I made $22,000 last year. I’m not healthy enough to work for someone else. If I did not have this trust fund, I would try to go on Disability. So I have to work for myself.
      I should not talk too loud, but I have two siblings who have IQ’s of ~146+., and they both live in poverty or near poverty. And I have a cousin with the same IQ, and he lives in poverty. It’s way more common than you think, especially as IQ starts getting really high. At some point, you are almost too smart for society and you start to see a lot of low incomes, low level jobs, people in poverty, people living alone, people not dating or marrying, etc.
      It is possible to be TOO GODDAMN SMART.

  2. There is a medical doctor I regularly see and I can relate to him. But I can only see him when I go to the doctor. I don’t have the wealth to hang out with him! In fact, he said I should go to India for treatment, so I joked, “OK, I guess with your money!”
    But he’s probably smarter than I am but I can relate to him more than lower IQ people at Wal-Mart – many of whom are douchebags, bullies. But I’m sure higher IQ mean people exist. Hitler wasn’t so nice.
    So when I act retarded, like when I said “Eat shit hillbilly” I’m really lashing out at low IQ people. Obviously, I don’t have a low IQ – but I’m frustrated living in a world with mean people who tease constantly! People with no heart. But I’m not some over-sensitive snowflake, but these are people are really mean and barbaric!

  3. The high IQ, some of them, are as mean as the low IQ, but it’s kind of bookish. I mean, if they took time to look at some of their views, some that a typical autistic person would make, they could see how mean and heartless they are!

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