What Are Traps, and Are They Gay?

Answered on Quora.
A trap is either a pre-op transwoman or possibly a gay transvestite. You will go off with them and try to have sex with them as if you are having sex with a woman. If you are a straight man and you get halfway through and realize it’s really a man you are having sex with, you might flip. I don’t want to justify killing transsexuals, but I think this is probably the reason that some transwomen are murdered.
A friend of mine picked up a woman in a taxi. They went back to his place and she started giving him a blowjob. He reached down to her panties and he felt a penis and testicles. He completely flipped out. He was still freaking out when he contacted me later on messenger.
“Am I gay, Bob? Do you think I’m gay?” He kept asking me that. It was a pretty traumatizing experience.
Yes, traps are all gay. Drag queens are of course gay, and all transwomen looking to have sex with men were previously gay men.
A true trap (a true pre-op transwoman who doesn’t tell you her status) is indeed a trap because she trapped you into having sex with a man unawares.
As a word for transwomen in general though, I think it is a slur. It would apply to transwomen who try to have sex with straight men unawares though, that’s for sure.

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2 thoughts on “What Are Traps, and Are They Gay?”

  1. That was the whole reason for the phenomenal success of The Crying Game it duped the audience into experiencing the shock of the main character when he found out he hadn’t actually taken a lady back to his place for sex. Noticed how good the direction was by filming the bar in the first scene as “a good old fashion English Pub for the blokes” but after his shocking discovery when he goes back and looks around with open eyes it’s obvious it was a gay bar all along. Crocodile Dundee had a much more poorly written scene where for some reason a transvestite who was known to the regulars was hanging around a blue collar type bar where they probably would have gotten their ass kicked back in the 80s.

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