Setting the Record Straight About Pre-Contact Africa

John Engelman: Agriculture and civilization select a race for intelligence. Caucasians began agriculture about eleven thousand years ago. We began civilization about five thousand years ago. Negroes only adopted agriculture about four thousand years ago. They never developed their own civilizations. They have only recently been exposed to White civilization.

Agriculture was probably developed by Africans before it was developed by anyone else. There is evidence for agriculture or pre-agriculture in Africa (West African Guinea Highlands) as early as 12,000 YBP. You must realize that Africans originated many things that we as humans do.

The next to develop agriculture were the Mayans (corn), the Chinese (rice), and the Papuans (yams), all at 9,000 YBP. The Egyptians and Mesopotamians were not far behind. Africans even had plantation agriculture as early as 900 CE in Tanzania. I doubt if Caucasians developed agriculture 11,000 YBP. Are we referring to Mesopotamia, the Levant, or Egypt here?

Animal husbandry was also developed very early on in Africa. It may have been developed in the Western Sahara before anywhere else on Earth. A figure of 9,000 YBP is suggested for animal husbandry in the Sahara. However, pigs may have been domesticated in Papua around this time also. Animal husbandry was widespread in Africa, particularly in the Sahara, the Sahel and Ethiopia, on contact. I don’t know much about animal husbandry further south, but I have heard there was a shortage of animals to domesticate.

At any rate, the invention of the hoe and subsequent hoe agriculture along with the spear played a major role in the history of Africa. Both derived from the early development of metallurgy in the form or iron. Indeed, the Iron Age came to Africa before it came to Europe. The development of iron metallurgy and the subsequent creation of those two iron tools allowed the Bantus to expand massively all over Central and South Africa in only the last 2-3,000 years.

Africans definitely had civilizations, that’s for sure. Mostly in West Africa but quite a few in the Sahel too. There was even a civilization in Rhodesia. Early European explorers drew drawings of large African cities. Looks like civilization to me. Civilizations were especially common in Nigeria. They had manufacture, trade, agriculture for export, all sorts of things.

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5 thoughts on “Setting the Record Straight About Pre-Contact Africa”

  1. Even Jared Diamond, who in his book Guns, Germs and Steel, claimed with no evidence that New Guinea tribesmen are more intelligent than Europeans, also claimed with abundant archaeological evidence that agriculture began in the Fertile Crescent about 11,000 years ago with the domestication of wheat, barley, sheep and goats.
    The Caucasian race evolved in the Near East. when Caucasians developed agriculture, they crossed the Sinai Peninsula, and settled Egypt, and later on all of North Africa. The first civilizations were in what is now Iraq, and in Egypt. They were Caucasian civilizations. .

    1. I’m not sure if that’s true.

      Anyway, if there is anything to race and IQ, it’s simply latitude. The White and Asian races simply evolved in areas with harsh winters. Agriculture was quite late coming to Europe due to the ice sheet.

      I need to go look that up to see if agriculture truly developed in the Fertile Crescent 11,000 YBP.

      But even if it did, New Guineans had agriculture and animal husbandry at 9,000 YBP.

      Africans had agriculture at 12,000 YBP (thought to be the earliest on Earth) and animal husbandry by 9,000 YBP in the Sahara.

      Agriculture was developed 9,000 YBP by Mayans in Mexico.

      Agriculture was developed by Chinese 9,000 YBP in the Yellow River Valley.

      I have a hard time understanding why developing agriculture and animal husbandry 2,000 years before the New Guineans and Saharans and Mayans would make us so much more intelligent than they are.

      Sub-Saharan IQ = 70?

      Mayan IQ = 87

      Papuan IQ = 64

      White IQ = 100

      It’s a bad theory. The only race-IQ theory that added up was Lynn’s about going through harsh winters leading to greater selection pressure.

      It is generally considered that civilization developed in Mexico, China, and Mesopotamia all around the same time – 9,000 YBP. That’s what you learn if you take a course on such things.

      Granted, Whites might be better at certain things nowadays, but the tendency of White SUPREMACISTS (let’s call a spade a spade here) to project White superiority back many thousands of years is out and out bizarre. Why can’t they be happy just being better at some stuff for now? Nope, they have to have been better than everyone else for many thousands of years or forever or whatever.

      This isn’t scholarship or even critical thinking. It’s neurosis and narcissism. Whites have to be better for all of time, or else the sky falls in.

      The problem with White nationalists is that almost 100% of them fall prey to errors in thinking due to the fact that they are all ideologues, and in general, nationalists anywhere on Earth deal mostly in propaganda, projection, narcissism, and untruths.

      I publish in academic journals and referee on an academic journal. I also publish in academic books. We deal with nationalists all the time. Where nationalism goes, scholarship dies. Trust me.

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