Defend Your People
An African immigrant attacks a Chinese beggar. It goes on for 10 seconds before a patriotic young Chinese man jumps in to defend his people.
Everyone, please, always defend your people. It’s the honorable thing to do. A people who will not defend themselves are doomed to destruction.

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23 thoughts on “Defend Your People”

    1. Iv’e seen no case of it! In reality, mostly white areas are incredibly quick to pick on liberals and non-whites. The only time whites won’t is when the crowd is too mixed for them to get away with it!

      1. Nope.
        You’re from Appalachia, but so am I.
        Outsiders are picked on regardless of race. A local Black is more accepted than a geographic White outsider. Controlling for race, there’s a link to outsiders being hated, and controlling for being outsider race is irrelevant.
        You, Jason, are getting so out of touch nobody can take you seriously.

        1. Basically, a liberal who is open sets off grumbling among all the local assholes. blah blah (grumbling). But then again, a democracy is all about two-sides. And certainly that’s not the case!
          I mean, there is no “rude” but rather it’s stuff they don’t want to hear.

        2. To them, I’m a cunt, a bitch. But in reality, what I said, wasn’t that harsh. Actually, the stuff that they say regarding blacks etc. is fighting words but of course, there is no black majority etc. to pick on them for it..
          So in a lot of ways, I see little difference in here, than in old Communist Russia. There isn’t any freedom of speech in either.

        3. A big problem here – but also with any other neighborhood (black Latino whatever) is the crap mentality. Basically, they hate anyone trying (haters – as in not race, but hate of anyone positive). I think that’s a source of so much of the hate. i mean, was not only expressing opinions people hate but also talking about financial success.
          But I despise the crab mentality, seeing it as for cowards. It would only be justified for massive show-offs – and that would have to be way worse than what I was doing!

        4. Well, I’m not being a crybaby, but people are just really not cool here. But then again, I suppose some are showoffs who need to be put down, but a lot of others are just minding their own business.

        5. A big problem too is – as you were discussing – they cannot understand the higher IQ – taking them for cunts.

    2. My community college is as racist as some black college – but it’s white! Of course, as with most ethnic groups, whites are cowards – unless they’re the clear majority.

      1. Not true Jason. From the Battle of Thermopylae to Germans during WWII, White minorities have often been brave.

      2. In prisons, where Whites are a clear minority, the “Aryan” gangs are often the most brazen and ruthless.

    3. In fairness to Westerners, though, identifying true enemies requires a great deal of abstraction. Hence the process of being red-pilled even exists.

  1. Really, Robert? Well, what about typical Chinese assholes who bully anything black that comes in sight? And also let’s not forget the humane Indian treatment of darkies !!

  2. Speaking from experience! Asian jerks start it 98 percent of the time! Or maybe this is just in relation to whites, but I doubt it!
    They won’t stop with their teasing, gossip, and other smart-ass antics.

  3. In France the upper class traditionally claims that it is of very different genetic origin than the surrounding common population is. Traditionally the nobility as well as the upper bourgeoisie avail of being descendants of Frankish invaders having conquered Celts (in the North) or Latin people (in the South), and also do their best to show off an altogether different kind of bodily appearance. One of the oldest theoreticians of that doctrine was Henri de Boulainvilliers, but he was followed by countless others. Even among the lower social ranks the various professions claimed of very different genetic origin each. The most official doctrine of the right wing thought was to the effect to there was far more genetic distance between true ruling Nordics and Whitish working people than between the latter and for instance Algerian Kabyls. Beggary was traditionally ascribed to the influence of Gypsy genes, among others. There never was any such thing as White solidarity in traditional Europe, there used to be ethnic solidarity among very definite tribes. All-White solidarity as used to exist in pre-Civil Rights America was something very new and artificial on the backdrop of European history, and it could be made possible only through common despise for American Blacks (which did not mean necessarily at all the desire to enslave them but only to maintain a distance). In Canada, as Blacks and Indians were far too few and scattered to be part of everyone’s daily experience, there never was all-White solidarity, apart maybe some despise for the French-speaking which was more based on religion and culture than race as both English and French were proud to be of the same Norman genetic stock, though the French were also suspected of being mixed with Amerindian tribes and not 100% White. When you tell the French upper class to defend their people against their enemies they will understand to defend rich, tall, blond, athletic people of either Germanic or Jewish race (there also used to be a theory of nobility based on presumed ancient Jewish origin of people having converted to the good Christian side of the religious divide but having retained thereby the former supremacy originally promised to them in the Bible) from all over the world and whatever the language, against their own lower classes which they feel are of incompatible genetic stock. The traditional French upper-class left is based on the idea that lower class people should be protected and even extolled only when they accept their inferiority and behave accordingly and deserved to be protected against the other who would enrich themselves financially or intellectually above their own nature, and that dishonest people are to be defined as genetically inferior people having enjoyed accidental and undue financial elevation : of course this is not official but you have to know the real unsaid prejudices if you don’t want to experience very bad phenomena. White solidarity is something very new and artificial as a concept, it could arise only in contrast to Blacks (it failed to materialize in contrast to only Asians or Indians) and only under the influence of pre-Civil Rights America, it is actually the same kind of solidarity that also arises between all castes in India when they face African Blacks : it is motivated by the hatred for non-human Blacks, not by any love for your own or for your fellow humans. When poor people claim to be White in France it is presumed they have been too much influenced by TV-based American sub-culture and have performed some kind of mental emigration to Texas. The only thing that used to exist in France was solidarity between people of the same provincial dialect, and the French aristocrats having properties and privileges in these provinces always claimed to be of a very different origin.

  4. Who cares about “your peolple”? they are pretty much foreigners to me. As long as crime is low and incomes high, its good.

  5. I don’t think everyone knows the true story of – what it’s like to be a minority – for whatever reason. The group who is in power will never admit to abuse – mostly to save face. And – on the other hand, the victims are oppressed in various ways, machismo being one – to not whine (etc..) about it.

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