Is it Possible for a Black Person to be Alt-Right?

There are no Black Alt-Rightists, and there will never be any Black Alt-Rightists because if the Alt Right is united on anything, it is hostility to Blacks. Keep in mind that the Alt Right in general is White racialist all the way to White nationalist and White racist. Not a lot of the Alt Right is actually White Supremacist because it is common knowledge on the Alt Right that NE Asians are equal or even superior to Whites. There are some White Supremacists on there though who even dislike Asians. Stormfronters would fall into this category. However, even on Stormfront, Latin American Whites are allowed to have up to 2 But the community is united on Blacks. No Blacks are OK and in general, no significant amount of Black blood is acceptable. They act like Blacks and Black genes are poisonous. That’s not to say that there are not Blacks who want to joint the racist Alt Right. I recall some 50 years ago, a Black man tried to join the KKK. They asked him why he wanted to join, and he said, “I don’t like niggers either!” On the milder end of the Alt Right such as American Renaissance, Thomas Sowell, a Black scholar, has a number of supporters. Some of the worst Alt Right out and out Nazis have Asian girlfriends, date Asian women or say they would be open to the idea. I am talking Daily Stormer types. It is very annoying to call White racists who think Asians are equal or superior to Whites White Supremacists! Just because you are a White racist does not mean you are a White Supremacist. There are some Black HBD’ers though, and some say the HBDsphere is part of the Alt Right. There are absolutely groups of “Redpilled Blacks.” A friend of mine is a member of one of these groups. The Redpill movement are part of the Manosphere, so the Redpilled Black groups are made of mostly young Black men. MGTOW and Incel groups in the Manosphere also have many Black men. But unlike the rest of the Alt Right, they hate Trump, and they despise the racist Alt Right. There has been a lot of talk about the Alt Right bailing on Trump lately, but I see no signs of this. I know some people on the Left of the Alt Right (an Alt Left faction) who say they renounced support for Trump, but they all seem to be still supporting him. These are the people who feel embarrassed to admit they are support Trump. There is indeed an actual Alt Left, but it is quite small. It started out as a leftwing split from the Alt Right. There are already many wings on the heavily splintered Alt Left. There are some Blacks on the Alt Left. In fact, a Black man is a leader of the larger Alt Left groups on Facebook. As far as the Alt Light exemplified by Trump supporters and the Breitbart website, there are indeed a few Blacks on there. Check out rapper Kanye.

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7 thoughts on “Is it Possible for a Black Person to be Alt-Right?”

  1. As much as I supported HBD, the Alt right’s only credit was as a reaction toward the Cultural left. Otherwise, not real appeal.
    With that said, in my absence, I’ve learned ALOT about assumptions made with IQ, genes, behavior, and race. While I hold to a biological reality on race, current popular HBD theories I either reject or am skeptic off until more supportable ones are.
    RR’s current stuff pretty much shows where I am with that.

  2. Nonsense, blacks can be alt-right, they just need to accept the grace of segregation. Blacks that are alt-right will be installed as kangs of our african resource colonies

  3. I imagine there are black men who share men share some views associated with the alt-right, but I’d be surprised to find any that identify with the movement at large. I’ve never run across one.
    It’s not uncommon for alt righters to have some blacks they like even while having racist views, something they share with Donald Trump.

  4. Black man joining KKK. “I don’t like niggers either.” LOL
    American serial killer Wayne Williams aka Atlanta Child Murderer killed little Black boys because hated little niggers. Ironically, many people thought KKK were behind it. But it was far fetched since most of these boys disappeared in Black ghettos.

  5. It still boggles my mind we have a fucking alt-right president! This has to be the lowest point in western civilization!

  6. Kanye got called out for anti-Semitism recently. Someone on a racial forum said they’ll really silence him because unlike Mel Gibson, he’s Black. It’s possible, and I see Black influence as rather illusory. I think they could even take Oprah out if she had her book club read The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews.

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