Why Are Some Gay Men Catty?

Answered on Quora. Do you mean why do many gay men display catty behavior? It’s because catty behavior is feminine behavior, and most gay men act feminine (now proven by science). Catty is a female quality. All women know what catty behavior is because they are around it all the time, and they probably even engage in it themselves. Cattiness is an essential part of the Feminine Character. Most gay men are much more feminine than straight men and tend to act like women more than straight men, hence most gay men mirror a lot of the behaviors of women, cattiness among them. Why are so many gay men catty? For the same reason that women are often catty and bitchy. In the Feminine Character, hostility and anger is often displayed verbally as opposed to physically. Hence hostility in women often looks like cattiness and bitchiness. And it follows that hostility or anger in many gay men is typically more verbal than physical also, and hence often looks like cattiness or bitchiness. Now if you asking why so many gay men act catty, bitchy, and mean, I am, number one, not sure that is true, and number two, even if it is true, I have no idea why they would be like that.

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