Is It Gay To Like Rainbows?

Answered on Quora. Of course not. However, the rainbow symbol now has been adopted by the gay, bisexual, trans, etc. subculture, so if you are heterosexual, I would not go around wearing rainbow symbols. If you do, everyone is going to think you are gay. If you are straight, why in the Hell would you want everyone to think you’re gay? What would be the point?

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3 thoughts on “Is It Gay To Like Rainbows?”

  1. I think that’s terrible! It’s kind of like how Nazis stole storm clouds. Think about it!

  2. Oh, here’s a good idea for an article. How does John Ritter play into the gay agenda? I mean, I saw him on Love Boat playing a man dressed as a woman, and then there was Threes Company and also he was a gay guy on the movie Slingblade.

  3. Lots of people wearing rainbows at my college (the big university, not the ass-wipe white supremacist one) This was when the supreme court legalized gay marriage. Anyway, it was also all over Facebook and I think most of the supporters weren’t gay, but many were cultural left nut-jobs anyway.

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