Romantic Orientation and Sexual Orientation

Sebastian Hawks: This con-artist dude claimed he wasn’t really gay, he was “hetero-emotional” he liked to fuck guys but could only really, really be in love with a girl. Sounds gay to me. He later married a chick under my theory that he found being a con artist and showing up with a gay lover immediately put the mark on the defensive, but having a woman trailing along put them at ease making his scams easier to pull off.

If that guy really is heteroromantic, then he leans straight. I know lesbians who told me they could only fall in love with a woman and that is why they identified as lesbian. A bisexual woman I knew even identified as straight because she said she did not do relationships with women because relationships with women were “insane, full of chaos and drama,” as she put it. So this bi woman agrees with what we men have been saying forever. George Michael was very attracted to women as well as men, but he said he could only fall in love with a man. In general, your romantic preference is going to line up with your strongest sexual presence. On the other hand, this heteroromantic guy seems like a very strong bisexual if he had a gay boyfriend for a long time. He can probably easily have relationships with both males and females if he’s telling the truth about his preference.

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