Game/PUA: How to Use Your Brains to Get Laid

Yes, you can get laid off your brain. It’s not easy to do, but there are women who there who are dead suckers for a smart guy, and the smarter you are, the better. I dumb myself down everywhere I go all day long. But I am smart enough to occasionally say things that other people, especially women, think are brilliant or ingenious. I was talking to a woman once recently, and I said some aphorism I made up about men and women complementing each other like the yin and yang of the Taoist symbol. Not my exact words, but you get my drift. She was taken aback and then said, “Damn, you’re good.” I didn’t know what else to say without bragging, so I just said I was a writer, and writers think like that and say things like that. I actually get laid off my brains nowadays. I mean I still sort of have Looks (good for my age apparently) and of course Game. I have had young women fall in love recently with my brain and the Looks and Game (charm) of course only to fall out of love in 5-10 weeks when they realize they are not attracted to my body at all. What happened was I was sustaining the whole relationship on charm and to some extent brains. The problem with charm is it wears off. Charm works like a spell and it is actually a form of magic. You are literally casting a magic spell on here when you have under the spell of your charm. The problem is that charm itself has a short shelf life – as I said, 5-10 weeks, and then the charm wears off and she comes to her senses, so to speak, wakes up and is able to see clearly for the first time in weeks, takes a look at me and decides they’re not attracted to me at all due to my age. It’s interesting – if you are a true cerebral outlier and you have decent Looks and good Game, you can actually get laid off your brain. You are so out there brain-wise that a lot of women are simply in awe of your mind. I have had women tell me that they want to fuck my brain. Literally. You really need at least some Looks (at least be good-looking for your age), and Game is essential. If you have those two down, and you can use your superior brain especially in a “handsome, charming, smooth, romantic genius” type of way, yep, you can actually get laid off your brain. When that happens, the women usually say I’m a genius, and they fall in love with me based on that, among other things. “Robert, you’re a genius! And that’s why I love you!” You know how many times I have heard that? I am not sure if your average smart or even very smart guy would be able to do this. Understand that I am coming from a 1/1,000 POV. But if you have a nice, fast brain along with Looks and Game and whatever else, you might try to use your brain to get laid. All in all, brains is sort of a Game “add-on” so to speak. If you have Looks, Game and hopefully some aspect of Power, Money, Fame, or Status (these would be the essentials), then you can add in the Brains, and it will work synergistically with the others. But Brains alone without Looks or Game I suspect is pretty useless. If any guys on here have ever used Brains to get women, tell us about it, and if you know your IQ, tell us your IQ too. I know this works at the severe outliers, but I am not sure how far down the scale you can go to where it’s still working. I don’t really care about your IQ’s, but I want to found out how far down the scale you can go to where it still works or if it only works for the severe outliers.

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