PUA/Game: Competing with Other Men

I walk into a room full of men and women and there are no men in that room, ever. There’s just all the women, and me. That’s because I don’t compete with other men. I guess I think I’m better in a way. I mean not an arrogant feeling, more like I look around them and think, “Competition? What competition? You call that competition? I don’t think so.” Mostly I just don’t worry about them. And any guy who seems like he really has it going on? Well, he’s just a fellow stud, just like me. But he’s not better. I don’t often think other men are better than I am.
I never got into competing for females like most guys do because I despise competitive men, although most men are quite competitive. I always figured that I would not have to fight the other guys for the females. That feeling is rooted in insecurity. That man is thinking, “Wow, I am not as good as these other guys. These other guys are superior to me, and they are going to steal the chicks.” This leads to men AMOGing and fighting each other, etc. I am not into rivalry. I dropped out of the bullshit game ages ago and dropped out of society altogether. I am not a part of that bullshit.
I don’t feel like I will have to fight the other guys for the females because I just assume that the females, including the hot ones, will just go for me automatically anyway no matter how many other guys are around. The female interest in me is a given. I mean that’s not even up for grabs. Why would they pick all those other guys instead of me? How stupid. Women aren’t that dumb. Obviously they will go for me because it’s a proven fact that I am hot as Hell. Not only that, but I am King of the World. Why would women go for these other guys when the King of the World is in the room? See?
A lot of people hate someone who thinks like that, but at least I’m not competitive. And I generally do not come across as arrogant either.
I talk to another guy, and I do not have to AMOG him like all the other guys do. Anyway isn’t the AMOGing that all men do a bit arrogant? I am not thinking, “I am so much better than this idiot.” I am just thinking, “I am not worried about this guy as competition.”
If he’s Joe Cool then he’s just like me, and so what? And if he’s not who cares?
I am not thinking about where that guy stands in relation to the women in the room. I don’t care where he stands. That’s not an important question for me. Even if I see a guy with a bunch of women around him, I don’t get jealous of him. I just laugh and say, “Ha ha! Another guy just like me who gets all the chicks! Maybe I should go make friends with him. We are two of a kind.”
This mindset works very well for Inner Game, but it might be hard for a lot of men to work themselves into this way of thinking.

Alt Left: The Intelligence of Hispanics

The Hispanic IQ is 90. I am sure you want to say that’s low, but the IQ of the average human is 89. So if you think 90 IQ people are stupid, then you have to think your average human on Earth is a complete idiot. And I suppose some might like to make that case.

Having lived around these people, the first thing I will say about them is they are not stupid at all. But even though they are not dumb, on the other hand, they are not real smart either. It’s a very average type of human, even on the low side of average. The main thing about them is their ignorance. Hispanics are frighteningly, terrifyingly ignorant. Why this is, I have no idea.
Around here your average Black person knows more about history, sociology, even psychology, and especially politics than the Hispanics do.  They Hispanics don’t know, and it seems like they don’t want to learn.

It is also interesting to note that the ignorance comes largely though not exclusively from Mexicans. A lot of them have told me that they only had 2-5 years of education. A 40 year old woman told me her kids only had 5 years of education. The second generation who are born here act worse than the immigrants, and they are just as ignorant, if not more. At least the Mexicans seem to have some desire to learn. The 2nd Generation doesn’t even want to learn anything. They are very happy with empty heads.

The Mesoamerican immigrants know a lot more about politics than the Mexicans do. In particular the ones who went through revolutions such as Nicaragua and El Salvador know quite a bit about politics.

One strange thing is that the people you meet from South America seem a lot smarter and especially less ignorant that the Mesoamericans. I’m not sure why that is, but the culture of Spain is still very prominent down there, and that culture revered learning, men of letters, etc. The women down there actually love intellectual men because it is a sign that you are upper class or have an upper class mindset.

They’re certainly intelligent enough to function and more or less run a metropolis. It will work so much better if there are a few Whites around to keep the lights on and whatnot. We have had a couple of towns around here that have gone 100% Hispanic, no Whites anymore, and it is not a good thing. It’s not even a decline. It’s more of a complete collapse.

Does this mean they are stupid? I’m not sure about that.
A better argument is that when the Whites all leave, and you have a city that’s 100% Hispanic, Mexico takes over. It just becomes another town in Mexico. Ever been to Mexico? If you have you will understand what I am talking about. If you want to know the particulars, there’s no money anymore, local government collapses, nothing works and there’s no money to fix stuff, gangs take over very badly, and in particular, some heavy-duty Mexican style corruption rears its head.

When Mexicans come to the US, which is fine by me, they really need to leave Mexico behind. Bringing Mexico with them doesn’t work.

PUA/Game: "Staring" at Women

RL: Yeah. Now it’s sexual harassment for looking at them.
You just know these laws are going to be abused by stupid, emotional, vindictive, and evil-minded women, of which there are hundreds of millions.
Women are like Jews, Blacks, LGBTQZKPRBFXYZ, etc. Just another identity politics group.
Jason: So what is the difference between gawking and looking? And yeah, of course, there is a vindictive group of women out to harm men – unless, of course, they’re the ones they specifically like! For instance, if women are showing breast cleavage, then it’s to get attention – but not from retards and nerds – or maybe even blacks.

That’s why women are full of shit. You see why men hate women now? It’s because of crap like that. They walk showing full cleavage and then they get pissed at us for looking and try to cover themselves up. Well, you know what?
“If you don’t want men staring at your tits, quit walking around with your boobs hanging out!”
I told my Mom that and she laughed hard. But my Mom’s not really a feminist. She’s more of a real woman. Like I said, there’s real women and there’s feminists. We love the real women. The feminists can all jump in a lake of fire. Or maybe I will push them in.
You hit it on the head. She’s walking around with her tits hanging out so Chad can look at them. “Hey Chad! My tits are hanging out! Come look at them baby!” But then most of the rest of the Normies and especially the Omegas really have no right to look at her tits, even though they’re hanging out of her shirt! Because sexual attention from unattractive men is outrageous, and as a feminist, she wants to make it illegal! Most women think that unattractive men simply have no right to be obviously interested in or attracted to them at all.
And if you want to know one reason why so many men hate women, there it is. Even those of us who don’t hate women, well we hate that attitude of theirs for sure. Women can stick it. We don’t care what they think. We’re men for Chrissake! We do what we want? Why should we care what some silly woman thinks about anything?
You aren’t supposed to gawk or stare at them. It’s bad form and very bad Game. That said, I have gotten accused of it quite a bit. I must admit I am baffled when I am accused of staring because I try very hard not to do that. I think I was just looking at them. I do like to people look. I mean everyone does that, unless the feminists are going to make that illegal too. I told you females now get mad at me for even looking at them. I guess I’m not allowed to do that.
A blank, open, obvious, idiotic stare is pretty bad. But just looking at  someone isn’t. I told you about that time when I walked into the Roxy and every single woman in that place looked right at me. They’re staring, right? So what! I mean every time a chick has checked me out anywhere ever, of which there have been zillions of times, she was staring at me. But women hate em. Fuck these bitches. They get to stare at us all they want, but we can’t stare at them?
If a woman glares at you, you probably are staring too much. That would be one way to tell you are staring.
If you look at a female and she gives you a frightened look, quit looking at her. You are scaring her somehow or other. This even happens to me sometimes.
I try to look out of the corners of my eyes. I look at the whole scene so I am not looking directly at her, shift my eyes around all over the place, look over her head, look to the sides of her, try to be very unobtrusive about it by sort of hiding in the background, look away from them a lot, I have million tricks. It’s hard not to look at a beautiful female.
Especially because men don’t exist for me. I mean I walk into the room and it’s all the attractive females and me. Those are the only people in the room. If there’s one attractive female and 20 unattractive ones, then there’s only one female in the room. And the whole time I am in the room, if I have nothing better to do, I am going to be looking at her.  First of all because I can’t help it. It’s like I am sucked into her by some energy force that I cannot control. I usually look at them out of corners of my eyes and use all the other tricks, so they don’t usually get mad or even notice much.
If you are outside, that’s what sunglasses are for. Sunglasses were not created to protect our eyes from the sun. They were created so we men could look at women.

Emmanuel Macron, Cuck of the Century

I knew this was going to happen. I happen to think that it should be legal to be an asshole. Obviously women want to make it illegal to be an asshole. Of course the law will only apply to men, women being the equality-minded magnanimous creatures that they are.
I have a feeling it is not going to stop there, and I worry I might get caught up in this latest form of Mass Psychosis.
I think there is a woman I know at a coffeeshop who might think I am stalking her or something. All I’ve done is look at her (Well, she’s a stone fox, how can you not  look at her?) and talked to her a few times, nothing sexual, not really any flirting either. I did get her email address. Emailed her once with some links, got no response, so stopped contact.
She just knows I am interested in her, and I guess that freaks the cunt out and pisses her off.
The other day I was making a very wide u-turn in a street where the U had to go a ways into another street on the curve. Well, I finish the U and get over to turn right in the opposite direction to complete the U. She was coming up the street and ended up right behind me. She’s right there behind me. I think I waved at her maybe. She sees me and throws the car into reverse and starts backing up really fast.
For a while I thought it was nothing, but now I am starting to get worried. Apparently because our cars were in close proximity, I must have been stalking this dumb bitch, right? Hell, I didn’t even know where she lived or that she lived in that area. I knew nothing about her. I had no idea she even had two kids or lived in the city and was not a commuter.
Of course I’m not stalking this dumb cunt. I am barely even talking to her because she’s such a bitch.
I am worried that I could get reported under this bullshit law.
One of the charges against Morgan Freeman was some dumb cunt who said when he was talking to her, he was looking at her tits. She had to tell him, “Hey, my eyes are up here.” This was sexual harassment because the bitch got her panties in a wad over it. This is so stupid. Every straight man on Earth does this routinely or has done it in the past. Why do you think, “Um, my eyes are up here?” is such a popular joke.
Yeah. Now it’s sexual harassment for looking at them.
You just know these laws are going to be abused by stupid, emotional, vindictive, and evil-minded women, of which there are hundreds of millions.
Women are like Jews, Blacks, LGBTQZKPRBF, etc. Just another identity politics group.
One thing about the Jews is they never stopped pushing. I know their history. They would push and push and make the Gentiles more and more angry. Some smart Jews always said,
“Hey, we keep going like this, they’re going to start a pogrom against us.”
Of course that’s an insult to any belligerent Jew, and if you tell him he’s pissing the Gentiles off, the Jew’s response is to get his back up, attack like a psycho, and scream, “The Gentiles don’t like it? Fine! Then we’ll do it 10 times harder!” So what happened after a while. Duh. A pogrom. Another expulsion.
Most sane humans know that if you are really pissing someone off so badly that they are close to their breaking point and may get destructive or dangerous that it’s time to back off on the attack and get away from the person. Many hospital beds have been occupied by idiots who pushed people to their limits, and when people warned them they were pushing people too far, said, “Fine! I’ll do it 10 times as much!” it’s an excellent way to get your ass beat. Which has been happening to the Jews for centuries.
Anyway, my point is all Identity Politics groups do just this. If you tell them they are crazy and they are pissing people off and causing a huge backlash, they all get outraged, get their backs up and scream, “They don’t like it! Fine! Then we will do it 10 X harder. ”
None of these groups ever stop pushing. Blacks will never stop. They will just push, push, push.
The gays get more demanding, weird and radical every year.
The trannies are the same, except they are far weirder than even the gays.
And like all of these other groups, of course feminists never know when to stop either.
To feminists, the patriarchy is as immobile and untouchable as God Himself. It’s a known physical fact of the universe like black holes that will never go away.
Anyway, keeping the patriarchy around even if it doesn’t exist gives feminists something to do and something to yell about. And indeed the feminists keep pushing. The definition of rape expands nearly every year, as does the concept of sexual harassment, at the same time as the definition of consent gets more narrowed. Of course these policies are designed to completely screw men over while leaving women untouched. Hey, I told you women were fair and magnanimous.
Sex Negative Feminism, now the principal kind of feminism that has taken over all of society, keeps getting worse every year.  #Metoo will not just grow but it will expand in definition because angry ideologues with a punishing agenda – especially grievance feminists – never know when to stop.
I figure looking at a woman will at least be sexual assault in 10-20 years, assuming the female snowflake was made uncomfortable by it of course. Asking for a number or asking for a date will be seen as rape if you made the woman uncomfortable.
Feminists will develop a new stupid slogan, “Making Women Uncomfortable Is Rape!”
Feminist men, cucks, white knights and other fags will of course fall all over themselves saying  that uncomfortableness is rape, and they never make woman uncomfortable, or if they do somehow screw up and do so, they immediately get on their knees and kiss the feet of these superior queens called females.
Expect Jessica Valenti to lead the Crazy Brigade. Have you seen her column? A lot of it is Street Harassment Is Evil! but she recently published a piece called, How Come Men Don’t Look at Me Anymore? talking about how much it hurts to lose all that male attention. What a dumb bitch. And women wonder why we call them stupid.
If anyone is wondering if this post is misogynistic, in my view there are two kinds of women, real women and feminists.
I love real women with all my heart and soul as much as I love my wonderful mother.
The feminists? Well, I would not mind if they all met Mark Lepine. After all, he didn’t act alone. Who else pulled the trigger that day, if only in their minds? I sure did.

Game/PUA: Approached Six Times and Rejected Six Times – What Went Wrong?

Found on the Internet:

I approached all except for one on the street. The sixth I approached in the mall. In all six cases, I was walking, and they were going in the opposite direction as I was.
Some bad reactions:

  • With one girl on the street, I said, “How are you?” to her as she was walking towards me, and she lifted her finger up and said, “NO!!!!!”

  • I said “Hello, you look fine today,” to a girl in the mall, and she looked at me like I was a sexual predator about to rape her and even turned a second time to see me again looking in disbelief.

Those reactions are pretty bad. Especially the one who held her finger up and said, “No!”. That was just brutal.
OK, first things first here. You can’t approach women on the street. It never works.

To Approach, You Need a Smile and a Reason

Second, you need a reason to approach. And first of all you must get a signal. A signal typically means a smile. I still get these smiles. But the smile doesn’t mean much. A lot of the time, it just means you are not a hideous autistic creepozoid tard. It means you are normal and maybe you have decent looks.
But at any rate, if you get the smile, you can always approach, and it’s never creepy. Generally you can best approach if she is next to you in line, getting the condiments for your coffee, or if she is a helper in a store, etc. But you need that smile.  No smile, no words. The smile is an opening that can mean, “It’s ok to approach me.”

Approaching Women on the Street

First of all, while walking, he approached women going the other direction. This is almost literally never going to work. Think about it. She’s going in the other damn direction! She’s probably in a hurry and she might be walking fast. You are forcing her to stop! That’s a real imposition. Why the Hell should she stop walking in her direction and have a conversation with you? Unless you’re Chad, it’s insane.
The only thing you can do to a female on the street who is walking in the opposite direction as you is smile and say, “Hi.” That’s what I do. Nowadays, even that doesn’t go over well, and I typically get a stone face and no response, but it wasn’t that way when I was younger.And at any rate, it’s not a crime to be friendly unless you are a #metoo fan.
On the street, you talk to females if at all if you are stopped at a light or going in the same direction. If she slows down when you walk past and doesn’t appear hostile/frightened, then this is a very good sign! It means she likes you and wants you to approach.

Always Open by Saying Something Situational

He said, “How are you?” Not a good approach. What’s the point of saying something like that?
Always try to say something related to whatever situation you two are in. If she is holding books, ask her if she is a student. If she has a uniform or a name tag, ask her where she works. Remark on her clothing or jewelry, but be very careful how you do it. Talk about the weather. Anything. Well, not anything. Anything topical, friendly, and not creepy or weird.
His other opener was, “Hello, you look fine today.” Catastrophically bad. Sounds creepy. He is opening with an openly sexual remark. Very bad. You can only say this to a female after you know her a while.
Some men might think this is an innocent remark. But it’s not. It’s not a healthy compliment. Instead, women will see it as out and out creepy unless you are Chad. It’s too forward, too sexual, and too fast. And most importantly,  it shows that you never talk to women because most males know you can’t open with that because it’s too forward, and it looks creepy. Why do you think men get called creeps? For doing  like this.

How to Approach from Behind

People often say, “Never approach from behind,” but that’s not necessarily the case. Approaching from behind can be done, but it is very tricky.
Here is how I do it. Tap her very slightly on the shoulder with the tinest of taps, like you are a mouse. Then move back a bit. When she turns around, act like you are moving backwards. Act apologetic and as if you are the most harmless thing on Earth. Smile. It might work or it might not, but it’s worth a try.

What to Do If She Gives You a Hard, Rude Shutdown for No Good Reason

After you open and are now having a conversation with her, watch the entire interaction like a hawk, paying attention her every move and sentence and analyzing everything as best you can.
If she gives you an “I can’t believe you’re even talking to me, you reject!” look then walk away very rudely and leave the bitch hanging. Be as mean to her as she was to you.

PUA/Game: The Advantage of Having a Close Female Friend or a Female Best Friend

Some of my best friends in life were women.
I grew up with my girl cousins. They were my best friends, almost like siblings. I still see them sometimes. All I will say about them is they taught me all about women.
Five years ago, I made friends with a young woman in her 20’s. It started out sexual, then it went to “I am not attracted to you” to Friendzone.
We called and texted each other all the time. She was my best friend. She even gave me advice on how to get women. If I had a question about a woman in my world’s behavior, I would ask her and she would try to figure it out.
If I was dealing with a woman in my world, she would give me all sorts of advice for how to turn it into a dating situation. There were times I had women over at my apartment and I was trying unsuccessfully to seduce them. I texted her and told her. She promptly starting giving me all this advice on how to seduce this woman. “Ok, what is she doing now? Hmmm let me think. Ok here try this. Go up to her and bla bla bla bla.” She was actually trying to help me get laid!
At the same time, I really learned all about women knowing this chick.
One thing I learned is they are horny as Hell. I learned this due to what she told me about her sexual self.
We would be texting and she would say, “Excuse me, I have to go masturbate,” and then come back 45 minutes later. “Damn. That was good,” she would say. Some nights she would masturbate off and on all night long. Some days she would do the same thing. She had a driving job and she would pull off the road during breaks in her job, pull into a parking lot, and surreptitiously masturbate to orgasm.
I learned all about women’s sex drive too. I have had girlfriends who told me that some days they were wet from the time they get up in the morning til the time they go to bed at night! That’s as horny as a man!
In addition, there is a physical sensation of female horniness described to me as “a pain in the stomach, but a good pain.” I believe these are the gina tingles the PUA guys talk about. It seems to be a tingling sensation in their abdomen.
There is also a psychological component to their sex drive. She described it as “a feeling of hunger.”
Sometimes she would say, “Damn I need to get laid so bad,” or “I need cock! I need a big hard cock, right now dammit!” or “I feel like just grabbing some guy off the street and dragging him off and fucking him.”
She was a very good friend to me for 1 1/2 years. I eventually ended it because of the Friendzone, I wanted to have a sexual relationship with her. She said she saw me more as a father figure since I was 30 years older than she was. She said I was the same age as her father, and it felt like she was having sex with her father, and this bothered her. I think this was a reasonable reaction on her part.
If you can ever have one good female friend, one nice thing about it is you will learn all about women and what they are really like. I mean really, really, really like. You will understand women inside and out after a year or two of close friendship.
On the other hand, I have supposedly been handsome my whole life, so my experience may be limited to attractive men. I am not sure how a friendship between a unattractive man and a woman would work out. It might not be so rewarding.
One thing that is not necessarily true is that the reason you are Friendzoned is not necessarily because she doesn’t find you attractive. I have had quite a few female friends who were attracted to me but had no interest in having sex with me for all sorts of reasons. Some were married, others were relatives, others just didn’t think of me that way, and others had too much of a wage gap between us.
I will say that one thing that seems to be necessary for a rewarding friendship with a female is that she has to respect you as a man. In particular, she has to respect you as a sexual man and it helps if she sees you as something of a sexual threat. It even helps to have one or more girlfriends or dating partners at the same time you are friends with your female friend. In my experience, your female friend will respect you so much more if she sees you being successful with women.
If you can find a woman who will be a very good friend to you or especially a best friend, consider a friendship. At the very least you will go a long way towards figuring these baffling creatures out. There is something quite special about having a female as your best friend or bestie. It’s almost magical.
Pluses of having a close female friendship:


  1. You learn all about women, and I do mean all about women.
  2. She might try to help you get laid and give you tips on approaching, dating, etc. She can practically be your dating coach.
  3. If you are very lucky, she will fix you up with her friends. In this case, even being friendzoned is not bad.

However, if you got friendzoned explicitly because she doesn’t find you attractive, that’s quite an insult. If she doesn’t think you’re ugly, she probably doesn’t think you are much of a man. So she’s either calling you ugly or she’s calling you a wimp, pussy, or faggot. There is something especially painful about this. It’s like a kick in the stomach to your view of yourself as a man and  in particular as a sexual being.

PUA/Game: IOI's, Different Types of IOI's, and What They Mean

Tulio: How good looking does a guy have to be to get glances and flirtatious smiles from women while just walking about in public? I don’t think I’m a bad looking guy, especially for my age. I’m certainly not under average. But honestly, I can walk in a dense urban area and  not get even one IOI (indicator of interest) from a woman the entire day.
I was just thinking back a few years ago when I was walking around downtown Chicago. I got one from a woman that I think was clear. And a 2nd one that may have been where I kept making eye contact multiple times with this girl at the Willis Tower observation deck. But even two in one day is out of the ordinary for me.

How attractive does a man have to be to get glances and flirtatious smiles from women just walking about in public?
I am not sure. However handsome I was at my most handsome – that was good enough. Probably 18-29, somewhere in there. Apparently I was quite goodlooking back then because women were always raving about how handsome I was. And in addition there were the continuous IOI’s, smiles, flirtations, and checkouts. I even had women do complete 90 degree turns and actually rubberneck me like you do an accident on a freeway.
When I was 24, I had two offers to be a male model.
When I was 28 years old in Santa Ana in 1985, I remember I was in a library once, and every time I looked up, every woman in that library from 16 to 50 was staring right at me. With the IOI stare too. My head was completely insane with OCD too, so anxiety disorders don’t necessarily turn women off if you are goodlooking enough.
I remember when I was 24 in Winter 1982, I went to a music industry event at the Roxy in LA. It was an insider’s event with all record company people to showcase some new band. They gave you free tickets and all the beer you want.
Well, as soon as I walked in the door of that nightclub, I looked out at the club, and I almost fell over. Because I swear every single woman in that whole damn club was looking right at me. With IOI’s too. It was actually terrifying for some reason because I have never had so much attention like that, and I shivered a bit, and a wave of fear ran through my body. I guess if it happens all the time you get used to it, but if you are not used to it, it can be overwhelming or frightening to have all that female attention.
But it’s stuff like that that builds confidence and Inner Game. You have things like that happen to you all the time for years on end, and you end up thinking you are That Guy. And with me it has stuck my whole life.
I must say it’s awesome to live like that. Even having that experience of walking into that nightclub, and a whole club full of hot women looking right at me with IOI’s, most men never have an experience like that in their lifetimes. If you could have an experience like that, I can’t describe what a rush it is. It is what I would call a peak life experience. It’s almost like things like that only need to happen to you a few times in life, and then the next day you can die happy because you have accomplished everything you ever wanted in life.
I’ve been getting IOI’s ever since that night of course, but they have really disappeared lately. My usual day nowadays is about like Tulio’s. If I even get one or two IOI’s or flirtations in a day, that’s a very good day. Usually I don’t even get smiles unless they are from people who work in stores, and often only when they are dealing directly with me. Checkers are often very friendly to me, but that’s their job.

What Exactly Is an IOI?

One day a couple of weeks ago, I don’t know what happened. Maybe I psyched myself into this really good vibe or halo using some Inner Game. Inner Game, vibes, halos, or I even go so far as to call it magic is quite real. It’s a vibe or energy that is generated within you that radiates out into the world giving off whatever vibe you want to give off. The more revved up the vibe is, the more powerful it is.
But anyway, two women in cars, one ~30 and the other ~40 looked at me and checked me out. If they look at you at all with a non-hostile look, they are usually but not always checking you out. At the very least they are interested in you.
Now, it is very hard to describe what a “checking you out” look is like. It’s more of a Gestalt thing that defies description and is one those many things in life that is described better with”I know it when I see it” than an actual description. Once you have seen it enough times, you can’t mistake it for much of anything else.
If they’re not interested or if you turn them off or are not attractive to them, they will not even look at you. They will act like you are invisible.

Just Because She’s Looking at You Doesn’t Necessarily Mean It Is an IOI

Sometimes or most all the time if you are unlucky, if they do look at you, they will give you not particularly friendly looks of all different types that are hard to describe. Now those are cases where a woman is looking at you, but she’s not checking you out. Just because a woman is looking at you doesn’t mean it’s an IOI. Whether it is an IOI or not has more to do with the quality of the look. I mean, sure, women look at me a fair amount of the time nowadays, but the look is often not a good one. I get these looks that say, “WTF is with you anyway?” or “What’s up with you?” or “Who are you?” or “Why are you looking at me?” or maybe just “WTF!”
A look that is an IOI has a certain quality about it unlike the other ways women look at you. It can take various forms, some of which are very flattering. Once you have gotten different types of IOI’s repeatedly in your life, it’s easy to pick them out and even figure out what sort of an IOI it is because even IOI’s differ. But describing it in words is hard because once again it is one of those intuitive things that is more “I know it when I see it.”

The “Oh man, I really like him!” Look

One of the best ones of all is “!Oh man, I really like him! or  Oh Hell yeah!” or “Damn, he is Alpha as fuck! I want to fuck him right now! Damn, I would like to jump on him! Damn, he’s a bad boy! Ha ha damn, he turns me on!”
She always has this sort of winking, secret, private pleasure, sneaky, conspiratorial, and devilish smile on her face that is part of the look. Her eyes are lit up and twinkling. Her body is revved up with energy flowing through it, and it almost looks like it might start slightly vibrating. And she looks like she is ready to laugh in a quiet giggling or chuckling way for some reason, maybe because sexy as Hell bad boys are a bit funny for some reason.
She is often in the background or even behind you, so you don’t see her unless you turn around. It has a secretive quality about it, as she is trying to look at you surreptitiously for some reason, maybe because she’s so turned on, and she doesn’t want to be that revved up when she is face to face with you. She’s secretly lusting after you in private from some rather hidden place in the background somewhere.
I even got those from young women, but only rarely, when I was in my 50’s, but I haven’t gotten one in a long time.
It’s one of the most killer, ego-charging looks a man can receive from a woman in a lifetime, and it doesn’t happen very often or probably at all for almost all men. The look seems to be generated more by the Game you are running or the vibe you are giving off than your actual attractiveness, though you have to have a base level of attractiveness to get it in the first place.

Sometimes a Look Is Only a Look

But even that look might just mean she is fantasizing about you idly. The last two I got were from young women, one 23 and the other maybe 28. They were both goodlooking, and the 28 year old was a drop dead knockout. But one was married and the other had a regular boyfriend who I saw her with a lot. I doubt if either one wanted to cheat on their boyfriends or husbands with me. Instead they were just enjoying me as some sort of a sneaky private devious pleasure.
That look definitely means you are making her horny. It’s raw, pure female lust. But just because you’re making her horny doesn’t necessarily mean she wants to have sex with you! This is so hard for men to understand.
Think about it. In a woman’s lifetime, how many men do you think she sees out and about who make her horny where she thinks, “Damn I want to jump him right now!”? I say 10,000. One a day for 30 years. It could be a lot more than that.
Ok, how many men does your average woman sleep with in a lifetime? The mean is three men. One a decade for 30 years.
How many women fuck 10,000 men? Well, Annie Sprinkle has, but few other women have. So for every 3,300 men a woman sees in her life who make her horny, she has sex with only one of them! All the rest just turned her on, but nothing came of it, often because that was her intention.

New Photos of Robert Lindsay

Taken September 3, 2017 in an Indian restaurant in Mountain View, California. In other words, Silicon Valley.

I really hate this pic and think it is ugly as sin, but women like it. A woman my age said, “Wow, no way is that a bad pic. You’re a really handsome man.” And an 19 year old girl, a friend of mine, just told me thought it looked good too. Also that my hands looked good, whatever that means.
Same pic, same night. Some Indian waiter came and stood next to me for a couple of pics. My date took the photo. She was a model in her late 20’s. Earlier in the day I had a date with another young woman. Neither one worked out very well, but I was so happy to date two women in one day! I’ve never done that before. A new first.

Just having two dates in one day got my confidence so revved up that I was looking around for another woman to have brunch with the next day.
Three days later, I asked out a woman working in a supermarket, but she had a husband.
Four days later, I met an IT worker, a 27 year old Australian woman whose husband worked for Tesla in a coffee shop in Menlo Park. She said, “You don’t have a place to stay? How sad. You can come stay with my husband and me at our place. We will fix you dinner.”
Just as she said that one of my female cousins, a 55 year old woman, walked into the shop and took me away with her. I ended up spending the night at her place with her family. We pretty much grew up together, and she and my other two girl cousins were my best friends, like sisters. And they all taught me all about females.
My Mom had called my cousin and asked if I could stay there, and my cousin said sure. Then my Mom called me and told me I could stay at my cousin’s. Then she said,
“Now Bob! She has two teenage girls, one 17 and the other 15. I want you to be on your very best behavior around those girls! I don’t want to hear about any problems between you and those girls!” There weren’t any problems. Actually the 15 year old was extremely friendly, and I had never met her before.
That’s so funny. Even my own Mom knows what a perverted old bastard I am. I don’t have any preference for teenage girls of course anymore than any other man does. It’s just that a teenage girl isn’t a girl to me. The only things that are girls are those females under 13. 13-17, that’s more or less a woman, especially 15-17. To me a teenage girl is just another woman to me. A very, very young and silly woman, but a woman nonetheless. The JB’s especially are just way too young for me anymore. They almost seem like little girls, and most of them are very silly and childish.
I don’t think I would mess with a JB nowadays though. Guys my age have sex with a 16 year old girl, and they call them child molesters and sentence them to 10 years in prison where you probably get beat up as a chomo. I like to live dangerously, but I ain’t taking that risk.

PUA/Game: All Men Need to Run Some Sort of Game

Every Chad, Chadlite and high tier Norman I have ever known ran some sort of Game, and they usually had the most insanely awesome killer Game you could imagine. I mean like 20 different kinds, 5-10 different roles which may as well be whole new identities where they may as well be a different person, running multiple levels of Game at once, running what may as well have been 10th Dimensional Game, etc. Some of these guys had such complex Game schemes that if you plotted them out, it would look like a Rube Goldberg device.

Game is simply all of the things that you do or say to try to get women. How you look, walk, talk, move, hold your coffee cup, your clothes, all of your conversational topics, jokes, flirtations, come-ons, lines, schemes, plans, moves, decisions, and whatever you have in your Felix bag of tricks to get women. All sane men run Game. Your father ran some sort of Game to get your Mom. Chads etc. supposedly do not need to run Game, but when they do, their chances go way up.

Always remember that seduction is basically a scam, a fraud, a con, a lie, a trick. You have to scheme women into bed with a thousand tricks because they’re always trying to weasel out of the bone. Then when you are dating or have a relationship, you have to run continuous Game to keep it on the up and up, keep her attracted to you, keep the sex going, etc. Even most married men need to run Game to keep their marriages running. There is a site out there called Married Man’s Game, and it is very popular.

Game/PUA: Flirtation Doesn't Necessarily Mean Anything

SHI: I’m not buying your incel transformation story, “Chad” Lindsay.
You’re an old fox that still knows his way around the lovely ladies.


Flirtation Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Anything

An 18-20 year old woman working in a supermarket was pretty flirty with me the other day. But that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Maybe she just thinks I am goodlooking for my age, and of course I am always sexy. But I doubt if she really wanted to get involved with me.
Men have to understand that half the time women are acting flirty it is just the natural reaction of any woman to a goodlooking, sexy guy. It’s play, a game. She is showing off her power to attract a sexy guy, and she is getting ego points by getting attraction from a goodlooking guy. But a lot of the time, it is more of a normal biological reaction of a woman to an attractive male than anything else. A good percentage of the time, flirty women do not want to get involved with you.
To find out if there is anything beyond the flirtation. Simply take it further conversation-wise and see where it goes.

The No Sex or Romance Wall

If she was just flirting with you as a game, she will shut it down pretty fast when you take it further or at least put up the No Sex or Romance Wall. The No Sex or Romance Wall is pretty much all walls I think. There might be other kinds but I’m not sure.
You really need to know what this wall means. A lot of young women are really friendly and nice to me, but nevertheless, behind that smile is that exact wall. The friendliness only goes a certain distance, and then it stops. I don’t blame young women for not being attracted to me. I mean it’s a perfectly reasonable, rational, sensible, and moral decision on their part.

Game/PUA: It Never Ends

It Never Ends

I think I can still get women my own age. Some of them still look pretty good, believe it or not. And it never ends. I was talking to a 61 year old total fox, full-on 10. It went a little ways with her and then it stopped after maybe 10 days. She was falling a bit in love with me too. I will elaborate how I could tell that if you wish.
Anyway, she said she was getting deluged with messages, all from older men. Total bombardment. So there is no man shortage. When it comes to the hottest women, it’s  10-20 guys chasing every hottie just like it’s always been at every other age. When you were 14, there were 10-20 boys chasing after every hottie. When you are 60, there will be 10-20 men that age chasing after every hottie. When you go for the hotter women, the 8-10’s, it’s always a horse race, you’re always fighting a platoon of competitors, and the odds are always against you. In order to get the hottie, you have to beat those 15 other guys. You have to  better than they are. That’s the only way she is going to choose you.
It never ends.

Game/PUA: From Alpha to Omega in Four Easy Decades

I finally see now how incels feel because I have virtually become Omega simply due to my age.

I realize that this is just the normal way that life is, but it still hurts. The problem is I still see myself as That Guy. I see young women all the time who would be checking me out, flirting with me, or at least looking at my younger self, and now they act like I’m a ghost.
My former life varied from Normie to Failed Normie to various species of Chad. According to one definition of the term, I’ve been Alpha for a lot of my life.

I was also incel for various periods which ended after variable lengths of time. I was actually legendary neighborhood Chad at one point. Other men almost worshiped me like a God. I kept hearing:

How the Hell do you do it? I will never understand how you get all these chicks. This is one thing I will never understand.

Like that. It’s a great way to live. If you can live like that for even one month or maybe even one week, you can just about die happy the next day because you would have gotten everything you wanted out of life.

Fast forward and I am now 60 years old. I am now invisible to 99% of women on Earth. Even women in their 50’s won’t date me because once you have that 6 in front of your age as opposed to a 5, you are now old. Usually only women 60+ will date me, but a lot of them look like monsters or wild animals that escaped from the zoo. My hardons are a bit iffy nowadays anyway, but how I could get it up for one of these wildebeests is beyond me.

All my life, women have been looking at me, flirting with me, smiling at me, going into robot frozen stares at me (Game pro tip: that means you’re making her horny and she wants to have sex with you). I am used to this. It’s just the normal every day.

Well, now that’s gone. All the sex has been sucked out of my world. Almost no woman flirts with me ever, not for one second. Even the slightest bit of flirting that I try is coldly shot down. There is no possibility of sexual anything, even flirtation, in my day to day life. Almost no woman even looks at me anymore.

Sometimes they look at me and smile, but I think that is just to say, “You’re old but you’re normal, so I will smile at you.” Problem is if I go to talk to her after she smiled at me, she often acts outraged. Their attitude is,

How dare you fucking try to talk to me!

You see, I have no right to talk to them, or to talk to any woman, ever, for the rest of my life, I guess. Because age.

I also get these,

How dare you ever fucking look at me, old man!

looks sometimes. I can’t even look at these cunts.

Sometimes I will look at a woman, and she will almost fly backwards like,

I can’t believe you’re even looking at me, you gross old man!

Then if I talk to them, they fly backwards some more like,

You’re talking to me! I can’t believe it!

Probably because I am still halfway normal, and I still have 100% of my excellent Game skills (said Game which is now nearly completely useless due to age), they calm down, mention something about a husband, boyfriend, or fiance, and that’s that’s all I need to know. They are usually quite polite about it when they mention the husband or boyfriend. I do appreciate them letting me know so I don’t waste my time.

I said my Game is worthless. It is worthless, and my Game is kick-ass, or used to be anyway. But Game without Looks and $1.79 will get you a Slurpee at a 7-11 and not much else. In other words, Game -Looks is just about worthless. I’m so tired of  all the PUA’s:

All you need is Game. Looks are not important.

They’re all fraudsters selling snake oil.

I still date young women sometimes, even all the way down to teenage girls if I get really lucky. I have no idea how I still get teenage girls because it’s impossible to do at my age. Apparently I am violating the laws of physics somehow. Problem is these girls and even young women up to late 20’s end up ending the relationship after 1-12 weeks.

When they end it, sometimes they more or less tell me I am ugly. I am getting told that a lot now. Specifically, they say they are not attracted to me. The painful thing about that is that no woman ever said that to me until I got into my 50’s. They broke up with me for all sorts of reasons, but none ever said they were not attracted to me. And no women who decided not to date me ever said she was not attracted to me. I did hear, “You’re not my type,” but that’s not necessarily insulting.

Like I sometimes date young women, even models. The last one (an actual model, 28 years old) was good for five weeks, and then she ended it, saying I did not turn her on. In other words, I am ugly.

She spent 24 hours in my hotel room recently and even spent the night in my bed. She acted like I was radioactive and went so far to the edge of the bed she looked like she might fall off. I had to go over to my edge. She freaked out and visibly flinched any time I even barely touched her. She wouldn’t even snuggle up next to me or kiss me a bit.

That was literally the worst night of my life. I have never felt so ugly, unattractive, and unwanted. The feeling is so devastating it is hard to put into words.

I hire maids, usually illegal aliens, to clean my place. I always try to seduce them because I am a disgusting pig who generally tries to seduce any woman unlucky enough to get stuck in my apartment. They’ve all been blowing me off, but sometimes I at least get to feel their bodies a bit through their clothes before they start laughing and push me away.

But last spring, I finally had some success! I got one of my maids to take a shower with me (she was homeless).

I told her she needed a shower as she was homeless, and she agreed. Of course it was a ruse just to get her into the shower so I could climb in with her. She went into the bathroom and started disrobing. I went in after her without saying a word. I didn’t say a word, just started disrobing myself. She didn’t say anything but she looked at me outraged like:

I can’t believe you’re doing this!

She got in the shower and I jumped in right afterwards. She protested for a few seconds, but then she calmed down. It was the same attitude:

What the Hell!? I can’t believe you just jumped in the shower with me!

I kept grabbing her the whole time I was in the shower because, well, that’s what you do when you’re naked in the shower with a woman, right? Hey women. Pro tip: If you get naked and take a shower with a man, you need to do some sexual things with him. If you don’t want to do sexual things with the guy, hey, no problem. I get it. But don’t jump in the shower naked with him then!

She kept knocking me away the whole time in the shower, but I did get to bang her a bit for 5-10 seconds, which made it all worthwhile. Then the cunt dared to walk around my apartment naked for two hours! I was grabbing at her the whole time of course because that’s obviously what you do when you have a naked woman wandering about your place, right? She kept pushing me away. After a while she got pissed. I kept grabbing at her anyway. My attitude was,

You don’t want to me grab you? You can put some fucking clothes on baby!

My apartment is enemy territory, ladies!

Finally I caught her shooting speed in my dining room, stark naked. That was it. Out she went.

This whole episode also felt very bad. A naked woman strolling around my place for two hours and refusing to do anything sexual with me. How humiliating!

With a lot of women at stores, I can only have the most minimal conversations. Any time I get into anything remotely personal other than (“Here is my order”), they act weird, uncomprehending, outraged, shocked, disappointed, or anxious, and either stop listening or ignore me. Women ignore me when I try to talk to them all the time now. It can’t tell you how bad that feels.

I can’t look at high school girls at all anymore, and I’ve been looking at them my whole life. Now if I look at them, I get these pure hate looks in return. I have no right to look at JB’s!

I get conversational hard shutdowns constantly.


I so miss being treated like I am attractive by women, women looking at me, smiling, winking, flirting, checking me out, going into zombie stares. I long for that every day, and every day it never happens. I am coming to the horrible conclusion that maybe I am ugly after all. Since age 18, people have been raving over how good-looking I was (especially in my 20’s). It was like everyone wanted me, girls, women, and even men (fags). Now no one wants me. I think I still look good though because a lot of older women say I still look good.

So this is how it feels. This is what being an Omega is like. This is what these poor incels go through every day of their miserable lives, all day long. Fuck. It’s holy depressing as all get out. It would be infuriating too if I did not have my past to fall back on, so it doesn’t make me angry. But I can see how it would enrage a man. I’m just choosing not to get enraged.

I get it. I see why incels commit suicide. In fact, I don’t see how any of them don’t commit suicide. These guys deserve some credit just for hanging in there and carrying on.

And I even understand why they go ER, although of course I cannot support that. It’s amazing more guys haven’t gone ER. I don’t see how there’s only been a few.

People must have an awful lot of self-control.

I’m not surprised at all that so many of these incels hate women.
When you are like this, women more or less treat you like serious crap all the time, 24-7, day in and day out as the years stretch on. Well, after months or years of being treated like crap full time by women…it’s obvious that a man would start to hate them, right? I mean why not? Why not hate people who treat you like crap and act like they hate you? Hate makes hate, right? You hit a man enough times, he might just start hitting back, right?

I think I actually get off easy, as women are still very nice to me if I keep it to “Here is my order.” Some of them even call me by name. A lot of women in stores still smile at me when they see me (except I am not allowed to talk to them). Some will even talk to me casually (except no 1% even hint of flirtation).

I’ve heard that these incel guys don’t even get smiles from women! Good God. How could anyone live like that?

Game/PUA: George Orwell on Incels

The second great evil of a Tramp’s life – it seems much smaller at first sight, but it is a good second – is that he is entirely cut off from contact with women. This point needs elaborating. Tramps are cut off from women, in the first place, because there are very few women at their level of society.
One might imagine that among the destitute people the sexes would be as equally balanced as elsewhere. But it is not so; in fact, one can almost say that below a certain level society is entirely male. The following figures, publishes by the L.C.C. from a night census taken February 13th, 1931, will show the relative numbers of destitute men and destitute women:
(Figures from shelters, churches, casual wards, and hostels follow)
It will be seen from these figures that at the charity level men outnumber women by something like ten to one. The cause is presumably that unemployment affects women less than men; also that any presentable woman can, in the last resort, attach herself to some man. The result, for a tramp, is that he is condemned to perpetual celibacy.
For of course it goes without saying that if a tramp finds no women at his own level, those above – even a very little above – are as far out of reach as the moon. The reasons are not worth discussing, but there is little doubt that women never, or hardly ever, condescend to men who are much poorer than themselves. A tramp, therefore, is a celibate from the moment when he takes to the road. Having no hope at all of securing a wife, a mistress, or any kind of woman except – very rarely when he can raise a few shillings – a prostitute. It is obvious what the results of this must be: homosexuality, for instance, and the occasional rape cases.
But deeper than these is the degradation worked in a man who knows that he is not even considered fit for marriage. The sexual impulse, not to put it any higher, is a fundamental impulse, and starvation of it can be almost as demoralizing as physical hunger. The evil of poverty is not so much that it makes a man suffer as that it rots him physically and spiritually. And there can be no doubt that sexual starvation contributes to the rotting process. Cut off from the whole race of women, a tramp finds himself degraded to the rank of a cripple or a lunatic. No humiliation could do more damage to a man’s self-respect.
George Orwell, Down and Out in Paris and London, Chapter 36. (1933)

From George Orwell to Eliot Rodger, and not an inch of space between them. And speaking of Paris…
Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose, n’est-ce pas?

A Fake Charge: George Orwell Was an Anti-Semite

Orwell has long been charged as an anti-Semite. I accepted it at face value like the charges against T. S. Eliot and others. But I just read an article in the Israeli paper Haaretz charging Orwell with antisemitism. I was surprised that there was little there. In some of his books, notably Down and Out in Paris and London, he runs across several quite unpleasant, rude or uncivilized people. They happen to be Jewish. He notes this. In fact, he regularly notes a person’s Jewishness. Supposedly this is anti-Semitism right there. If I write about my life and point out that various people in my life were Jewish, I’m an anti-Semite! Because it’s anti-Semitic to even notice such things.
I disagree with the charge. The people he meets are simply rude, unpleasant, uncivilized individual humans who just so happen to be Jewish. Nowhere does Orwell attempt to say that all or most Jews act that way.
Around 1941, Orwell pointed out that many Jews worked at British media outlets and that others outright controlled a number of British newspapers. Supposedly this is anti-Semitic. Except that it’s not. If Jews are 2% of your population and far more than that among journalists or media titans, it’s surely not anti-Semitic to point that out!
Around the same time, Orwell heard that a lot of the people sleeping in the London subway area were Jewish. He resolved to go find out. He went there and while everyone there was not Jewish, there were quite a few Jews sheltering there. He notes that Jews tend to stand out wherever they are. Supposedly this is more anti-Semitism. I can’t see it. He hears that a lot of Jews are sleeping in the underground subway area. He goes to check it out. Sure enough there are quite a few Jews there. He notes that they somehow tend to stick out and distinguish themselves from non-Jews. This is anti-Semitism?
Orwell also wrote many times opposing anti-Semitism. Apparently this is not enough to absolve him of the charge. Instead it just makes him complicated. Or, I would argue, human, as we are all complicated, complex and even ambivalent about most things.
Let me tell you something. I have never once heard of one single anti-Semite who wrote works attacking anti-Semitism. Anti-Semites don’t do that. If you do that you are de facto not an anti-Semite. Period.
Orwell also had many Jewish friends. In fact, people were shocked by how many Jews came to his funeral. Do you think Jews would flock to the funeral of an anti-Semite? Why would they? Did Jews flock to Wagner’s funeral? Hell, some Jews still walk out of the room if you put him on the turntable, and that was over 100 years ago.
Jews do not flock to the funerals of anti-Semites. You think they are stupid. Not all people Jews call anti-Semites are actual Jew-haters. Many are innocent. But on the other hand, most if not all actual anti-Semites are pegged properly as enemies by the Jews. The Jews definitely know who their enemies are. The only problem is they exaggerate their number. But this is one good thing about paranoia. The paranoid is very unlikely to be blind to any actual enemies in his life. He’ll spot them out before anyone.
Orwell also had many Jewish friends. Jews and Blacks and anti-racist idiots love the old chestnut “A lot of my friends are…” as a defense against racism. It is true that some mild racists have friends of the group they dislike. Their argument, appropriately enough, is that the friend is not like the rest of them. If the friend is just fine though, one wonders how racist the person really is as racists usually condemn the whole group.
Let me tell you something. I have known some real anti-Semites. I mean real hardcore Jew-haters. They came from different backgrounds but they all had one thing in common – not one of them had a single Jewish friend.
It’s the same with Blacks. People who truly hate Blacks don’t associate with any of them. I knew a racist who used to gather signatures for petitions as his job. He hated Blacks so much that if a Black man came up to sign the petition, he would not let him sign. Instead he would walk away, tell him to get lost, something like that. That’s not an unusual reaction. A lot of hardcore racists are exactly like that. An ex-wife of my cousin was from Southern Illinois. When the ex-wife was born, her father hated Blacks so much that he sent the wife to another hospital rather than have a Black physician deliver the baby.
So next time you hear some anti-racist scream, “Yeah, we know, a lot of your friends are _______. Sorry, that’s an old one. You’re still a racist!”
Think again. If you really do have one or God forbid quite a few friends of the hated group, you probably don’t really hate them that much.

Paranoia, Aggression, Victimhood, and Assimilation: The Dilemma of the Jews

If you want to find out if someone is an anti-Semite, the last person you should ask is a Jew. This is because Jews see probably 10X more antisemites than actually exist. In other words, they’re paranoid.
One wonders why one would want to think that people who like you actually hate you or go about worrying all the time that many people in your day to day life surreptitiously hate you. If you go to a therapist with symptoms like that, you get diagnosed with a mental disorder. It’s called paranoia. When it gets very bad, it becomes Paranoid Personality Disorder and it gets even worse in a lot of psychoses, especially Paranoid Schizophrenia, Manic Psychosis, and Delusional Disorder.
If paranoia is a mental illness, does that mean that most Jews are nuts? Maybe. I’d much rather call Jews crazy than evil. Besides, it’s a lot more accurate.
But one wonders why the need for the paranoia? It’s simple. The Jews are a tribe, a human tribe. Judaism and Jewishness is simple a manifestation of human ethnocentrism found in every tribe. All tribes are paranoid about all the other tribes and have an extremely elevated view of themselves that implies that they are either the best people on Earth, the only people on Earth, or the first people on Earth. Paranoia tends to go hand in hand with grandiosity. After all, if you are a measly nothing of a man, why would all of these powerful entities be plotting against you all the time. The only way you could have all these people out to get you is if you were pretty damned important!
People with low self-esteem are not usually paranoid. They assume people don’t like them, often correctly. At any rate “people don’t like me” is an anxiety process related to low self-self esteem, anxiety, guilt and high inhibition. The classic process is Social Phobia. Social phobics often feel that people don’t like them because they are inferior. But that’s not paranoia!
Paranoids, instead, go far beyond the notion that people don’t like them. It’s so much worse than that. Paranoids believe that the people who don’t like you are actual enemies and they are plotting against you! And it’s associated with high self-esteem, not low self-esteem, and low levels of anxiety as opposed to high levels. Instead of anxiety and depression, the paranoid feels grandiosity and anger.
Now here we tie into the Jews.
Look a the description I just wrote of how paranoids act and feel and tell me that doesn’t sound exactly like some of the negative stereotypes of Jews.
Why be paranoid?
The Jews are paranoid because paranoia is the only thing that keeps them going. In the Middle Ages, they actually built some of those ghettos themselves in order to keep their people away from the Gentiles. In 1800, a proper Orthodox Jew would not only not dine with a Gentile. He would not even take tea with one! The Yemeni Jews are like this to this very day.
For centuries in the ghetto, the rabbis preached how the Gentiles hated them and how the Jews had to keep away from the Gentiles. In Medieval Spain, if a Jewish woman had sex with a Gentile, her community would punish her by cutting off her nose!
The Jews are remarkably inbred. They have existed for 2,000 years in the Diaspora and they are still remarkably pure. A good way to keep your tribe pure is to preach that all of the outsiders are evil people who hate you. Of course you don’t want to mingle with them, much less have sex with them.
So the Jews actually owe their very existence to centuries of paranoia along with all the attendant emotions that go along with it – grandiosity towards themselves, anger and hostility (not anxiety) towards non- Jews and basically aggressive, belligerent, chip on the shoulder mindset, which clinical paranoids also have.
All paranoids are victims. Not only that, but they are innocent victims. Innocent victimhood is a necessary state for the paranoia to develop in the first place. The Jews also are perennial victims. They are supposedly victims of centuries of oppression everywhere they  have gone and the future only holds the same if not worse. And of course the Jews are always innocent. They got thrown out of all those countries through no fault of their own. They dindu nuffin. Those Gentiles were just being irrational or insane and downright evil. Pure evil. Pure evil for no reason at all, the worst sort of evil of them all.
Hence it follows that Jews have a need to be victims. Hang around Jews long enough and it will become apparent that they actually desire and cherish their victimhood. In fact, in my opinion, victimhood is the most precious thing a Jew has. One thing you don’t do is take away a Jews sense of victimhood. It seems they will almost kill to keep that.
So what happens if you take away the paranoia and sense of victimhood from the Jews? Simple. The Jews go extinct. The only reason they persisted all this time was due to their hatred for non-Jews. The day the Jews stop hating non-Jews and seeing themselves as victims of all-encompassing anti-Semitism is the day the Jews start going out. Because once that happens, the Jews will have no reason not to assimilate and marry non-Jews.
And this is the Catch-22 of Jewish assimilation. And in fact some of these very arguments have been used by Jews themselves in the centuries-old debate about assimilation.

Game/PUA: The Art of Seduction: Why Women are 10th Dimensional Chess

It’s not true that getting women is all about looks. I have known men who were the handsomest men in town, and they couldn’t get laid with God’s help. They often had anxiety disorders or they were extremely shy.

There is an art to this sort of thing. Just talking to her is one thing. Then sparking her interest enough so you can get her number somehow. Then asking her out or even better arranging some “innocent” fake thing like a study date. Turning friendships into sexual relationships – very hard but it can be done.

Then you have to call her a few times before the date, and if you call her too much, she bails. If you call her too little, she cancels too. You have to call her just often enough. Then you have to talk right on the phone while you are talking to her, and you can mess this up in a million ways too, often by saying just one thing.

You have to learn how to put out the brushfires that inevitably develop even early on before the first date. There is a way to do this, and if you do it wrong, she blows up and leaves. I hear about guys having dates or arranging to meet a woman all the time, and the woman cancels before it even happens.

Then you meet and you have to play your cards right here too. You can seriously turn her off very easily.

If she suddenly suggests something sexual like, “Let’s grab a blanket and go to the beach,” you have to jump on that right away because half the time, she will think better of it and say, “No, let’s not, I have a husband.” When she suggests sex, it will almost always be in some strange code where she doesn’t come out and say it. Instead she says something innocent that actually has a sexual proposition embedded in it. It’s up to you to read the code right and jump on it at exactly the right time.

If you actually have a real date, there are a million things that can go wrong here. If you are nervous or autistically inept and awkward, you can ruin the whole date very easily. You have to figure out how to charm her. There are a thousand tricks. It’s not so easy to charm a woman. There are men who are very good at it, but they worked at it for a long time.

Innocently: “Do you mind if I put my hand in your pocket there?” Shy like a little boy. “Oh no, go right ahead!”

Innocently, like a little boy: “Could you get my keys out of my pocket please?” Winking.

Even if you start making out, she tries to stop it halfway through a lot of the time because she has second thoughts. Then you have to figure out what to do next.

You have to figure out when she’s horny and wants to go for it, and then you have to make your move, and you better make it fast. If you don’t go for it, she gets pissed and withdraws the offer (which was completely nonverbal anyway) and contemptuously thinks you’re a pussy because you didn’t go for it. Only rarely does she drag you off to the bed (though it’s happened to me). If you don’t bust a move, you simply don’t get laid, period. If you never bust a move, you die a virgin.

Getting her into bed requires a million and one tricks in your Felix bag of tricks. Seduction is a scam, a game, a con. It’s trickery. You’re basically tricking and fooling her into bed because half the time, she doesn’t want to do it, and she’s always trying to weasel out of the dick. There are a thousand tricks here too.

“You don’t want to fuck? Fine. I’ll go sleep on the couch. See you in the morning. Bye.” Works great. Pretty soon she’s asking you to come to the bed.

Give her orders. “Get on that bed right now!” She scurries over like a scared little obedient girl. Now laugh.

And then when you are in bed, of course you have to perform. You can’t be impotent, and a lot of young men are if they are anxious. Coming too fast is not real great. She might ridicule you if you come real fast. It’s happened to me. “Oh poor baby, you came too fast.” Pretty humiliating. I suppose there are a hundred ways to screw up in bed too.

You think women fall in love with guys for no reason? Forget it. They fall in love because Chad love-scammers know how to cast actual magic spells on women to make the women fall in love with them. Then comes the relationship. It must be endlessly gamed every step of the way to keep it on the up and up.

Even if you are Chad, if she thinks you’re a pussy or she disrespects your masculinity, you will have problems, and she will cuck you just for being a pussy. Maybe even right in front of  your face, just to challenge and humiliate you even further. Of course she’s trying to get murdered. Women try to get murdered all the time. It’s a wonder more of them don’t get killed.

Equality is not possible between men and women. Someone’s got to wear the pants. Either you dominate her or she dominates you. Which is it going to be? So you dominate her. And there’s a very fine art to that between correct domination and abuse, and so many things can go wrong there too.

First of all, you have to learn to be dominant, which doesn’t come natural to many men at all. You have to dominate her just enough to keep her where she wants to be yet still be kind and loving enough to give her the affection she wants and the relationship deserves.

Brush fires and even forest fires are going off all the time because she’s a woman, and that’s what they do. You have to figure out how to put out these fires and keep it on the up and up. It’s very hard to figure out how to put out these fires because they are about all sorts of different things, and there are different ways to put out different kinds of fires about different things. What worked for one fire might not work for another. If you don’t put out the fires, the relationship can blow up, go cold, fester and smolder, or even break at the seams.

The fights can be wild and painful. You tell her your most sensitive Achilles Heel issues that you will almost kill over, and the first fight, she whips them out and turns them into nuclear weapons and fires them at you. Being attacked by a woman viciously and contemptuously can be devastating if you are not prepared.

Over time, you have to learn to be prepared to deal with a furious woman using every evil trick in her book to hit you where it hurts worst of all. There’s a right and wrong way to respond to attacks, and you can blow up the response in countless ways.

Now to get really insane, try doing what Chad does – running two or more women at once. He’s running three different women, none of them know about each other. This is the craziest game of them all.

It’s almost a 40 hour a week job, women are screaming at him all the time, the phone’s always ringing, he’s making and breaking dates all the time, people are threatening to kick his ass, women are having tearful meltdowns or threatening to kill him, two women start fighting over him, and most importantly, he’s lying to everyone all the time.

Even one woman is headache enough, but if Chad runs 2-3 at once, he has double or triple the headaches. It’s a crazy way to live, but some Chads like it because they get a lot of sex, and they like to live dangerously. And the only thing better than having one chick crazy about you is having two chicks nuts about you.

I have definitely lived this way, but not for long. The odd thing is that I could never run three women at once, though I tried constantly. I would get up to three and then it would always crash back down to two again. Running two women at once is nutty enough, but three just didn’t seem to be possible. All of the above happened to me when I was trying to run multiple girls and women at once.

Maintaining the relationship, keeping it going over months to even a year or more through probable breakups full of wild drama and chaos, keeping the sex going (not so easy as you think), then when you get into multi-year relationships, you have something really heavy, but those can be blown up too pretty easily. A deep relationship like this must be cultivated in its own particular way, and it’s not an easy thing to do.

I’m not even going to get into marriage here.

It’s not that easy being Chad or Chadlite or even a regular Normie. Women are an unholy pain the ass, and relationships with women are full of regular drama and chaos for no particular reason.

Every Chad I have known practically had a BA in Seduction and Gaming Relationships with Women. It’s not just his looks. You can have male model good looks, but it’s worth fuck all if you’re a mouse. Even the Chads and Chadlites I have known have told me that the hardest thing they ever did in life was getting women and running relationships with women. The best men of all not only have looks but they have almost a PhD in Game and running relationships.

The Dangers of Fisting

I never thought this was a good idea. Gay men have been doing it forever, but it’s only recently that women started doing it too, at least according to the porn I’ve been watching.
Fully 37% of gay men have engaged in fisting.
What is it? Well, the insertive partner takes his fist and shoves up the receptive partners ass. Shoved is not quite right as they go tend to go very slowly with lots of lube.
I almost never look at gay porn, either photos or videos, but of course I’ve run across a tiny bit of it. It’s not my thing, and I find it rather disgusting.
I’ve seen a few gay porn stills of this. I have to admit that it looks pretty weird to see a man with another guy’s fist shoved all the way up his ass.
Here are some of the problems that can result from fisting:

Eleven patients with injuries of the rectum and sigmoid colon secondary to the insertion of the clenched fist are presented. Six patients sustained mucosal lacerations of the rectum and four patients had rectosigmoid perforations requiring laparotomy. One patient sustained a severe sphincter laceration producing complete anal incontinence. The management of these conditions is discussed.

I don’t know much about the mucosal lacerations of the rectum. I’m not sure if that can happen with anal sex. Usually with anal sex you get these little tears called fissures that tend to heal on their own after a bit. Laceration sounds pretty hardcore.
The other four are much more serious. These are rectosigmoid perforations, in other words, a perforated rectum. That’s a very bad thing and it almost never happens from just anal sex. I’m not sure what a laparotomy is.
The last man had a severe sphincter laceration which produced complete anal incontinence. You can have surgeries after this happens to try to fix the problem, but they don’t necessarily work. There are indeed some older gay men who have anal incontinence after years to decades of all sorts of anal sex. These men do indeed have to wear something like a diaper to deal with this issue. It’s not a myth.
I doubt if it’s the typical outcome though. That sounds like a nightmare. Not being able to hold your shit.
I keep seeing the word laceration used here. I’ve never seen that word used in conjunction with an injury from anal sex. That must have something to with the fact of a huge fist being up there instead of a small penis.
I can’t believe 37% of gay men have had a fist shoved up their ass. That sounds nuts. Sometimes I wonder if there is something wrong with gay men, other than simply being gay of course. They seem so self-destructive.

How Many Blacks Are Part of Ghetto Culture?

Jm8: It could perhaps be, in part, that Black (and South Asian) children’s scores rise as they get older and thus become more assimilated into mainstream British culture. In the US, many Blacks never really or fully assimilate into the mainstream culture, but remain ghettoized/maintain a ghettoized culture, culturally if not geographically/physically.

~50% of Blacks Seem To Be Part of Ghetto / Rap Culture

Yep. A lot of Blacks are part of ghetto / rap type culture. Looking at the ones on Hi5, I would say that 50% of the Black women of all ages on there are caught up in ghetto/rap culture.
And some of the ones who seem like they are not are actually deep into it. A young woman and I clicked like on each other. She gave me her #. I called it and some ghetto guy answered and gave her the phone. She lived in Inglewatts, I mean Inglewood. She was a whore. She wanted to charge me $100 to fuck her.
Her photo was the most charming, sweet, darling, little Miss Princess photo with those Snapchat dog ears on it. I could have sworn she was completely outside of that bullshit culture. Instead she was dead in the middle of it.

Ghetto Culture Is Not the Only Black Culture

Alpha said that ghetto culture is not the only Black culture. The thing is that’s the only Black culture that I know of.
But then I met a woman from the South on Hi5, a Black woman. She was from a small town in North Carolina. She had a lot of photos. Every person in her photos was Black. It’s hard to tell by photos, but everyone in the photos seemed like a pretty good person.
But this was not ghetto culture. I’m not sure what it was, but it was definitely a Black culture. I am not sure I would want to be a part of it because everyone was Black. It had a heavy dose of Protestant religion. The woman was a very good person, happy and optimistic. I’ve never really seen a Black culture like this, but I have heard that there is a culture like this in small towns in the South. It’s actually not a bad culture at all, and it’s Black as night.
One wonders if the Black professionals who went to Obama’s church (Reverend Wright) in Chicago would be part of a Black culture? Do they really act that much different from White people though? Do they really have a separate culture? I can see how it would be different in some respects, but not greatly.
Are the wealthy Blacks in Baldwin Hills, Ladera Heights, etc. part of a Black culture? Do they mostly associate with other Blacks? I think some of them might be part of a Black culture.
I met a woman on a dating site recently. She was a Black businesswoman / singer / entertainer from LA who had some money. She seemed to be part of a Black culture. She was very involved with Tina Turner going back decades and apparently used to tour with her, including to Europe. It seemed like most of the people around Turner were Black. I suppose you could call that a Black culture. It was not a lot different from White culture, but it was different in some ways.
If Black people mostly hang out with other Blacks, is that a Black culture de facto?

The US Left: An Autopsy

James Schipper: Dear Robert
There is a real left in the US, the Politically Correct Left. Their darlings are the sexually abnormal, except pedophiles of course, colored people, and immigrants. To promote equality at home and to oppose imperialism abroad, which is traditional Leftism, is not a priority for today’s Leftism. Instead, we have the pursuit of diversity at home and the promotion of human rights abroad.
However, the pursuit of diversity is perfectly compatible with extreme inequality. If a CEO makes 200 times more than the companies lowest paid employee, but half of the CEO’s are female and 1/3 are non-white, then that is fine.
As to the promotion of human rights abroad, it is the modern equivalent of the White man’s burden. In practice, it means that the West will tell the rest what to do.

This is probably about right. The Cultural Left is the Left in the US. My previous post discussed Daily Kos, ground central for the left wing of the Democratic Party.
I talked about how awful they were on Venezuela, but they are just as bad on Syria and Russia. Sure, you can’t discuss the Israeli conflict, but you can sure support Israeli foreign policy in Syria.
I am quite sure that Iran is hated too.
Kos is somewhat sane on North Korea – they think that Trump threatening to attack a nuclear armed state is the height of insanity. Of course they will use their nuclear weapons if attacked. What do you expect them to do?
Well, one thing is for sure, and that’s that the Daily Kos and liberal Democrats in general support the Cultural Left to the hilt. That’s one thing they are quite Left on – culture. There is no species of nonheterosexual orientation or nonbinary gender that they will not shout the praises of to the skies.
And of course there is the continuous cheerleading for the dubious Black Lives Matter group and the Left’s favorite pets, the illegal immigrants.
There is also a lot of promotion of radical or gender feminism.
You don’t see a lot of White bashing or male bashing. Some Black, Brown, and feminist diarists write that sort of thing, but those diaries are not very popular, and the audience is mostly female or Black and Brown liberals. The male Kossacks generally stay off the hardline feminist diaries, and White Kossacks are not seen a lot on the radical Black and Brown diaries. After a while there, I decided that White liberal men were not as cucked as everyone says they are. They didn’t seem very interested in the male-bashing or White-bashing.
There even used to be some liberals on Daily Kos who were very much against illegal immigration. They tended to get shouted down, but they did have a voice. I believe recently Kos made a new policy that opposing illegal immigration on the site would result in a ban. It’s sad.
More liberals or more precisely those on the Left wing of US liberalism seem to have increasingly had it up to here with the Israelis. Even a number of liberal US Jews have finally had it with the Jewish state. Israel’s behavior gets more outrageous, belligerent and murderous by the day, and I would assume that as a liberal, even a Jewish liberal, it gets harder and harder to see these radical ethnic nationalists (the Jewish equivalent of Amrenners or Stormfronters) behave as violently and viciously as they do.
Syria is so much of a tougher sell, as the US Left and US liberalism has been doubling down on overthrowing Assad and even supporting Al Qaeda and ISIS in the process from Day One. However, even on Daily Kos, there are a few commenters who go against the Official Narrative on Syria. Maybe 20% of the total, but they are articulate and quite loud.
Even much of the actual US Left has been badly split on Syria. Alternet has been supporting overthrowing Assad, as has Pacifica radio and some authors on Counterpunch. On Alternet and Counterpunch, the readers are much more pro-Syria than the writers. Pacifica has faced a big backlash for its pro-intervention coverage. It’s more accurate to say that support for Assad’s regime has badly split the US Left than to say they have taken any coherent stand on the matter.

What Is the Meaning of Blacks Closing the Achievement Gap in the UK?

Tulio: So then the race IQ gap is environmental then?

Well, I don’t know. Chuck at The Inductivist now says it is, and he is fighting with a bunch of hereditarians about that. And Chuck was originally a hereditarian.
The achievement gap may well be environmental if the British Blacks closed it. They say the achievement tests are a proxy for IQ, but they are not a perfect proxy, maybe .7 correlation. It might be interesting to see recent IQ tests.
in the case of British Black children, yes, their IQ’s beat White children at age 5 incredibly enough, but they crash back down to 86 when those children reach adulthood. A similar thing is happening in the US, where Black children now have an IQ of 90.5, but their IQ crashes back down to ~85 by adulthood.
There are a lot of theories about why this is happening, but one of the most depressing is that environmental effects are most prominent in youth, and that in adulthood, the genes start to kick in, and environmental effects fade into the background.
If we could close the achievement gap in the US like they did in the UK, it would be an awesome thing indeed. It would be one of the greatest achievements for Black Americans since the First or Second Liberations (Civil War and Civil Rights Act).
However, Black children in both the UK and the US are getting a lot smarter, and both cohorts are significantly closing the B-W IQ gap at least in childhood. I think smarter Black kids is a good thing in a lot of ways. You can sit back and count the ways that this is a good thing, but I think we both agree that it’s a huge positive.

The Left Wing of the Democratic Party – Where Progressive Policy Goes to Die

Indra Varuna: Hey Robert! Off topic but you think of Vox? (the progressive website and not Voxday)
It’s look like a Democrat mouthpiece, they published a article against Venezuela and another that Israel shouldn’t be boycotted, but they’re progressive in almost everything.

I don’t know Vox very well. I think they are probably OK, but I don’t read them that much. I think the last I read there was a debate on the B-W IQ gap between Ezra Klein and Sam Harris. Pretty much a waste of a two-hour podcast. They’re probably pretty awful on Cultural Left stuff.
Vox is really just the bullshit Democratic Party, in particular the left wing of the Democratic Party, which is still shit in my opinion.
Go to Daily Kos sometime. Sign up for an account. I have a lifetime ban on Daily Kos for “anti-Semitism.” Really I just attacked the Israeli cancer that is metastasizing in Palestine.
Some Kossack wrote an article attacking Syria from a BS POV and I asked, “What’s the capital of your country, Tel Aviv?” I basically said, “You are not an American. You are just another dual loyalty / agent of a foreign power / dual citizen type.” Well the Kossacks flipped out, called me a ‘virulent anti-Semite” and permabanned me.
If you want to understand the cowardly and craven left wing of this pathetic party, go to Daily Kos and read around.
In a nutshell:
DK is split on Israel, but most Kossacks love Israel. However, a minority of Kossacks have had it up to here with the Israeli infestation and attack them ferociously. Kos put in a directive that all debate on the subject of Israel is banned. I suppose that is where it is now. Not catastrophic but not real great either.
The real problem is that Daily Kos is really (((Daily Kos))). Like most other entities in American life, Daily Kos is Jewed to the hilt. 60% of the Democratic Party’s money is Jewish money, and most of it comes with pro-Israeli strings attached.
You don’t read much about Venezuela on Daily Kos, but what you do read is pretty bad. I read one article that was pro-Venezuela, but the commenters were all bitterly against the piece, and one said it should be flagged and banned as opposing some Kos policy. In other words, if you support Venezuela, you are violating Daily Kos policy.
Keep in mind that even Sanders was horrific on Venezuela. He called Chavez a “Communist dictator.”
The truth is that the Left is the US is pretty much crap. The actual Left in the US is usually pretty OK, but the majority of the Left in the US are these maggots called “liberal Democrats” who are distinguished by the fact that there is almost nothing progressive about them.
The US Democratic Party has long been pretty good on domestic policy, but they have always been horrifically reactionary on foreign policy. Even my late father, a proud ADA Democrat, was a Cold War Democrat who was horribly reactionary on foreign policy. Also, since he had been in the Marines, he believed that the US military could absolutely do no wrong, and he supported the US military to the hilt no matter who they were bombing, shooting, killing and slaughtering at the moment. It didn’t matter. They were always right. You could not oppose the US military in his presence. He would almost threaten to hit you. It was that bad.
Bottom line is the US is pretty hopeless. There’s no real Left in the country, and the Democratic Party is pathetically reactionary on foreign policy. The very idea that liberal Democrats are are even leftwing in any way is pretty risible.

The B-W IQ Gap: The State of the Argument

Alpha Unit: Facts about behavior stand on their own. But it’s perfectly okay to question someone’s assertions about why people behave a certain way.

Oh of course! I agree with that 100%. Actually the B-W IQ gap controversy has shifted over to that.
In the journals, the people on the Left surrendered a while back on the tests not measuring intelligence or being culturally biased. They now agree that the tests are real and that there are intelligence gaps between races.
The argument now has shifted over to what’s causing them.

  • The Left says it’s environment
  • The Right says it’s genes
  • Others say it’s both

I regard all three positions as completely valid hypotheses and I do not think any of these positions is a racist position.
It’s hard to say if there’s any consensus at all. A statement authored by Linda Gottfriedson and signed by 100 intelligence researchers in the New York Times in 1996 said the consensus was that they were not sure what was causing the differences, but the trend was for researchers saying that both genes and environment were involved.
To me, this is a much more productive discussion.
Unfortunately, in the popular press and mind, the arguments for the tests not being accurate or being culturally biased are still bandied about although they were abandoned in the journals a long time.
In other words, the Left in the press and in the individual minds of the Left continue to promote ideas that are so far to the Left that they’ve even been abandoned by the far Left in the journals.
What is bizarre is that things that are now taken for granted even on the far Left in the journals, such as:

  • The tests measure actual intelligence
  • The tests are not culturally biased
  • There is an actual B-W intelligence gap between the races

will get you called racist, fired or your career destroyed if you say them in public because the public is 20 years behind the journals.
In other words, you will get called racist, be fired or get your career destroyed for taking positions that are regarded as scientific fact even by the farthest Left intelligence scholars. That’s just bizarre and not only that, it’s totally pathetic.

Blacks Close the Achievement Gap in the UK

Ranting Patriarch: Where are you getting the idea that the black HS achievement gap is closed in Britain? That is a place where just being accused of racism lands you permanently on a police watch-list. You better believe they are cooking the books on black test scores, it could be criminally prosecuted to reflect / demonstrate / point-out any disparity.

Except that those achievement test scores along with IQ test studies have been showing the typical gaps in the UK forever now and no one has gone to jail for reporting the facts. Schools have been dutifully reporting on this gap year in and year out and it become a regular topic of discussion over there.
That’s a well established fact for a few years now and there’s been a lively debate on this all over the HBDsphere.
Check out Chuck at The Inductivist’s blog. He held that the B-W gap was genetic until the British scores came out. Then he changed completely and said it was no longer completely genetic because he said there was no reason for the British results other than environment. The hereditarians said that the British scores were anomalous and that they hardly contradicted countless studies showing a gap.
The achievement tests could be seen as proxies for IQ test results. I have not seen any IQ test results out of the UK that show a closing of the gap. However, one could argue that IQ tests are irrelevant and we should just go with achievement test results because the latter have shown to predict occupational success very well.
By the way, British children have even substantially closed the IQ gap by .4 SD.
And the youngest British Black children are even beating British Whites:

                 IQ at age 5
British Whites   100
British Blacks   106

Isn’t that amazing? However, upon hearing this, my mother said, “Ok, they’re smarter, but are they committing any less crime?” The sad answer is that in some ways, yes British Blacks are just as smart as British Whites right now, but the Blacks are still committing quite a bit of crime. Whether the rate went down with the achievement rise is not known. I suppose a cynic might say, “Great. We just a whole group of smarter criminals!”
Nevertheless, in the US, Black-White crime differentials are mediated by IQ. For instance, holding IQ constant at 113, Blacks have the exact same crime rate as Whites. One wonders why this is. If the crime tendency is genetic:

  • Do these brighter high normal Blacks have less genetic loading for criminogeneticity?
  • Or
  • Do they have the exact same loading except that once IQ gets high enough, it “overwhelms” criminogenic tendencies with various inhibitory, etc. factors that “ride along” remora-like with increased intelligence?

I favor the latter explanation. I honestly think that with increased Black intelligence, a lot of the Black problems discussed in the previous posts would lesson. Increasing intelligence tends to fix all sorts of problems, especially the ones discussed in that post.
One could argue that rising Black IQ would be paralleled by rising White IQ, and now you have an arms race that ends up with the same gap. As the saying goes, “If there’s a tiger chasing me, I don’t have to outrun the tiger. I just have to outrun you.”
On the other hand, even if a gap remained, a smarter Black cohort here and across the globe should ameliorate a lot of Black issues. I think that might especially be true in Africa. If we could raise African IQ by 1 SD, I think they would be able to deal with their issues so much better, and the continent would not be as much of a clusterfuck as it is now. 70 IQ Black Africa looks like a runaway train racing into a dark tunnel to a deadly crash ahead where the light fades out.

Alt Left: Lousy Arguments the Left Uses to Counter “Racist Facts”

Below is a list of the “racist facts” that I listed in a previous post. But first of all, a look at some great progress. Some good news for once.

Blacks Have Made Much Progress in Ameliorating Black Problems and Discrepancies

Yes, Blacks have closed the achievement gap by 1/3, which shows it was not purely genetic. However, 2/3 of the gap remains. Blacks in the UK have closed the achievement gap completely according to scores on the latest high school achievement tests.

Yes, the Black crime rate can go down and has gone down dramatically in the last 25 years. But that occurred at the same time as the crime rate for everyone dropping dramatically. It’s definitely true that you can have large swings in the Black crime rate. Black violent crime is down 40%. That wouldn’t be the case if it was all down to genes.

Nevertheless, crime reduction becomes an arms race as the White rate declines concurrently with the Black rate so the Black 6X discrepancy remains.

Yes, there are Black societies in Africa with over 1 million members who have homicide rates as low as the Japanese. This shows that a high Black crime and violent crime is not a genetic inevitability. And it shows that genes are not destiny.

An excellent environment which does not occur naturally very often (I call it a superenvironment) can wipe out the entire Black tendency towards crime and violence (which I believe is genetic). The problem is that replicating these “superenvironments” Blacks need to get these problems down to low levels seems to be quite difficult to achieve.

The Black IQ gap has closed significantly among Black children, among whom it has closed by 40%, and in places like Barbados and Bermuda, where it has closed by 50%. Nevertheless a significant gap remains. Blacks have closed the standardized test score gap in high school in the UK. Such scores can be seen as proxies for IQ.

The Black single parent rate was quite low in the 1950’s when 80% of Black children lived with a mother and father. So single parenthood is not a genetic inevitability.

There are wealthy Black areas like Baldwin Hills and Ladera Heights that reportedly have low crime rates. They are the opposite of rundown, slummy, blighted, dangerous Hellholes. Apparently if you get a lot of wealthy Blacks in one place, they can create a well-functioning metropolis.

However, in general, it seems that not a whole lot can be done to ameliorate the Black problems and discrepancies below. This is why most of the people talking about such things resort to extreme solutions such as bringing back Jim Crow and legal discrimination or forming a separate White state.

They advocate such extreme solutions because those are the only real ways to deal with the problems below. The problem here is that the solution is immoral. Immoral solutions are not acceptable no matter the problem.

Now we will look at why there is little point harping on and on about these discrepancies unless you can do something about it. If you don’t have even a partial solution to a problem, why talk about it?

Why Bother Writing about “Racist Facts?”

If there’s no solution, and if writing about this just gets me called racist, makes Blacks and liberals hate me, and stimulates a lot of White racism, why bother to write about this stuff unless I want to use these facts as a stick to beat Black people with? See what I mean? That’s why I don’t bother often to write about these things. I write about them once in a while, but I don’t like to harp on and on about them.

What’s the point? There’s no way to fix them, and all writing about them does is cause a lot of bad vibes, exacerbate hostility and racism in society, and make even more people hate me. Why do it?

Now we will look at the absolutely awful rejoinders that the liberal/Left uses as rejoinders against “racist facts.”

Bad Arguments Used by the Left to Counter “Racist Facts”

Nevertheless, the Left still has no arguments or very poor arguments for all of the facts below. I would like to point out first of all that the Left gets away with calling all of the above facts racist because they say they are lies. So we need to determine if these are lies or not. If they’re not lies, then the facts below are not racist. How can you have racist facts? It’s weird.

Even things like “Black schools tend to perform more poorly,” they will say is a lie because it’s a generalization. They will say, “Lots of Black students do very well in school, so that’s a racist lie!” This argument is a logical fallacy, but never mind. The rest of the allegations, they will just say they are not true.

I will list the previously stated facts below along with the bad arguments that the liberal/Left uses to try to refute them. I would like to point out that all of these liberal/Left rejoinders are very bad arguments. All are illogical or do not even attempt to counter the original statement. And in general, they rely in a huge way on all sorts of logical fallacies.

  •    Black people are less intelligent than Whites as measured accurately by IQ tests. They will say that’s a lie. However, it is simply a 100% fact. It’s not even 1% controversial.
  •     Black people impose considerable costs on society. They will say that’s a lie or White people impose costs on society too, so therefore the statement is a lie. This is factually true. Black people per capita impose much greater costs on society than other races.
  •     Your average Hispanic has an IQ of 90. They will say that’s a lie. But this is a straight up pure scientific fact. There’s no debate about that figure either. It’s accepted across the board.
  •     Blacks commit 6X more crime than Whites. They will either say that’s a lie, or it’s due to poverty (which means it’s still true) or that Whites commit just as much crime except they commit corporate crime. Those are all very bad arguments. First of all it is true. Second of all it’s not due to poverty. West Virginia is the poorest state in the country and it has the second lowest crime rate. The kicker? It’s almost all White. As far as corporate crime, so what? Does it effect you personally? Anyway it goes on constantly no matter who’s in power and there’s no way to reduce it. Since it’s always at the same level, isn’t it a good idea to lower street crime then? Are individuals truly and obviously harmed by corporate crime the same way they are by street crime? I say no. When I am walking in a shady neighborhood at midnight, and there is a guy in a suit and tie walking behind me, I will not start running away because I’m afraid he’s about to violate a health and safety code. Get it?
  •     Blacks are 13% of the population but commit over half the violent crime. They will say that’s a lie, or resort to the poverty non-argument, or talk about Whites and corporate crime, imperialism, or White historical crimes like settler-colonialism or slavery. But it’s true. And White settler-colonialism, slavery, and whatever is all in the past. Imperialism doesn’t affect Americans. Corporate crime is always at high levels, but it doesn’t effect people much at the micro level in a brutal way like Black crime does. Anyway, Blacks commit white collar crime at levels much higher than Whites do anyway, so if corporations were run by Blacks, corporate crime would be vastly worse.
  •     Large cities with high percentages of Black people tend to be slummy, dangerous, rundown, blighted hellholes. They will ask you to define those terms, say there are nice areas in all of those cities, say it is due to discrimination (which means it’s still a fact), or say White cities are slummy too. The terms are obvious. So what if there are nice parts of those towns? Does that obviate the places like look like they just got leveled in a WW2 bombing run? Discrimination doesn’t cause heavily Black cities to turn into slummy, dangerous, rundown, blighted hellholes. You know what causes those cities to be like that? Black people. Black people created those cities in precisely that way of their own free chosen will for whatever reason. There are almost no slummy White cities in the US. Haven’t seen one yet and I’ve been all over.
  •     Blacks tend to be more impulsive than Whites. They will say that’s a lie and demand evidence. Never mind the candy bar test originally done in the Caribbean and redone in the US and elsewhere in the Caribbean now replicated ~15 times. These tests showed conclusively that at least Black children are vastly more impulsive than White children at off the charts rates. And it has to be genetic. Those kids were only six years old.
  •     80% of Black kids are born to a single mother. They will say that’s because of racism or because Whites took all the jobs away. Neither of those things are true. This is true because so many Black men of their own free will refuse to stick around and take care of their kids for whatever reason. I’m not sure why this is but this behavior is also very common in the Caribbean and Africa, so maybe there’s a genetic tendency, no idea.
  •     Many Black men do not stick around and take care of their children. Same thing. Racism makes them do it, or Whites stole all the jobs. Neither of those things are true. Black men do this, it’s a fact, they do it far more than other races, and they do it of their own free will for whatever reason.
  •     Most prison rape is Black on White. Almost none is the other way around. They will say it’s a lie and demand proof. Or they will bring up some weird case of a White raping a Black and say it’s a lie because Whites rape Blacks too. Those are terrible rejoinders. Black men rape White men in prisons all the time. White men almost never rape Black men in prisons. Those are facts. Those Black men in prisons rape those White men of their own free will at insanely disproportionate rates for whatever reasons they have to do that.
  •     Blacks have quite high rates of STD’s. They will say Whites get STD’s too or it’s due to poverty or racism (which means it’s still true). Whites get STD’s at much lower rates than Blacks. Black STD rates have nothing to do with poverty or racism. Who knows what causes it but Blacks are far more promiscuous than Whites on average, so there’s a clue.
  •     Heavily Black schools tend to perform poorly. First they will say it’s not true, then they will say it’s due to poverty and racism. It’s not due to poverty or racism. There is a considerable intelligence gap between Blacks and Whites on average. This average lower intelligence would be expected produce poorly performing schools.
  •     Blacks tend to be poorer than Whites at postponing instant gratification. See the candy bar studies. Liberals reject all of those candy bar studies as flawed even though they have been replicated 15 times. And they were done with little six year old children, so there’s little cultural influence. And many were done in the Caribbean, where there is zero racism against Blacks.
  •     One of the main reasons so many Blacks get shot by police is because they commit so much crime. They will say that Whites commit crime too. Sure, but they don’t commit nearly as much! Unarmed Whites are more likely to get killed by police than unarmed Blacks, so Black Lives Matter is based on a fraud, and obviously the high rates of Black killings by police are simply due to Blacks committing six times as much crime.
  •     Black people tend to be louder than White people. They will say that Whites are loud too and bring up some example of loud White people. Ever taught in a Black school? Ever taught in a White school? Hispanic school? Asian school? Pacific Islander (Filipinos and Samoans) school? I have taught all of those races of students countless times over many years. Blacks are much louder than any of those groups. It’s most horrifically noticeable in primary and junior high, but it can still be heard in 9th grade and even up to 10th grade. 11th and 12th grade Black schools even in the heart of the ghetto are rather subdued because all the bad ones are either dropped out and on the streets, in juvenile hall, or dead.

The Truth Is Racist

  • Black people are less intelligent than Whites as measured accurately by IQ tests.
  • Black people impose considerable costs on society.
  • Your average Hispanic has an IQ of 90. Queera flagged this fact as racist when I used it in a post and threatened to ban me.
  • Blacks commit 8X more crime than Whites.
  • Blacks are 13% of the population but commit over half the violent crime.
  • Large cities with high percentages of Black people tend to be slummy, dangerous, rundown, blighted hellholes.
  • Blacks tend to be more impulsive than Whites.
  • 80% of Black kids are born to a single mother.
  • Many Black men do not stick around and take care of their children. My Black female next door neighbor flipped out and called me racist when I made this remark.
  • Most prison rape is Black on White. Almost none is the other way around.
  • Blacks have quite high rates of STD’s.
  • Heavily Black schools tend to perform poorly.
  • Blacks tend to be poorer than Whites at postponing instant gratification.
  • One of the main reasons so many Blacks get shot by police is because they commit so much crime.
  • Black people tend to be louder than White people. When I was a schoolteacher, a principal flipped out and threatened to fire me once when I said this in his office.

Those are all straight up facts, but if I say any of them out loud or write them on my website, I will be barraged with accusations of racism.
Queera flagged this entire quote as racist and threatened to ban me if I kept writing stuff like this.

This Is Not a Free Website

Someone just told me that this is a free website and I am “charging people money to use a free website.” But that’s not true. This is not a free website. It’s a pay site that operates on a monetary model. Doesn’t it say that in the very first sticky post on the site?
There are two tiers.
First tier (Basic mode) is if you want to just read or comment sporadically. That’s free.
Second tier (Enhanced mode) is if you want to comment regularly, join the crime forum, or be a guest author. In that case, you have to pay $10 -20 for lifetime privileges. How anyone ever got the idea that this is a free site is beyond me.
I would like to point out that many paysites operate on a two tier model, one basic with limited features and the other enhanced with a full set of features.

Are Schizophrenic People Smart?

Although of course schizophrenics vary in IQ, the research shows that lower IQ is associated with schizophrenia. Typically the lower IQ was present before the schizophrenia hit. Whether these people already had pre-schizophrenia and the low IQ was a signal of that or whether lower IQ is an independent risk factor is not known. I suggest the former.
I am not sure if schizophrenia itself, once it hits, causes an IQ decline, but it would not surprise me. The process of developing schizophrenia involves considerable damage to the brain. It makes sense that this brain damage, in addition to causing the disorder, also lowered your IQ.
In summary, people with schizophrenia tend to have lower IQ’s than normals on average, but the difference may not be large. I think it was only ~3 points.

What Is the Grey Area between Bisexual and Biromantic?

Answered on Queera.
Aren’t all biromantic people bisexual? It would seem that bisexuality would be necessary to be biromantic at all.
Let’s look at this rationally.
I am a heterosexual man. Of course I can fall in love with a woman. How the Hell could I possibly fall in love with a man if I have no sexual attraction to men?! It makes no sense.
Consider a gay man. Of course he can fall in love with a man. How in God’s name could he fall in love with a woman if he’s not attracted to women at all?! How does it make sense?
How could a straight woman fall in love with a woman?!
How could a lesbian fall in love with a man!?
None of these things make any sense at all.
Generally you feel your strongest romantic attraction towards your maximal sexual attraction. This will be true even of bisexuals.
George Michael was strongly attracted to men and women through his whole life, but he said he could only fall in love with a man. His strongest sexual attraction would have been towards men.
I have talked to lesbians who were attracted to both men and women but women more. One told me she could only fall in love with a woman. Indeed, her orientation was 25–75 in favor of women.
The two things, romantic attraction and sexual attraction, go together quite well. You fall in love with what turns you on the most. You want to have sex with whatever you fall in love with the most.
It’s not rocket science.

Alt Left: What Percentage of Homosexual People Is Acceptable To You in a Given Population?

Answered on Queera.

Believe it or not, all of the answers said that if a country’s population was 100% gay, that would be absolutely wonderful! I’m sure having all the population of your country gay would be the greatest thing since sliced bread! What the Hell’s the matter with people? It would be catastrophic for any country to be 100% gay, though we’re probably headed that way in the US at the rate we’re going here.

How could having 100% of the population of your country gay possibly be a good thing!? Color me mystified.

A given population as in for a country? 3%. That’s the percentage in the US, and it’s just fine by me. Understand that homosexuality is bad for society in the sense that it causes a lot of costly problems for society. Furthermore, taxes paid by gays do not make up for the costs that society incurs from homosexuals.

  • Homosexuals live 20 years less than heterosexuals. It is horribly sad for gay people that they miss out on so many years of wonderful life, but it seems to me that reduced lifespan is costly to society.
  • Gays have higher rates of mood and anxiety disorders. While this causes a lot of suffering to gay people, and this is sad, at the same time, mental illness is costly to society.
  • Gays have much higher rates of drinking, smoking, and drug abuse than straights. The gay male party and play scene revolving heavily around methamphetamine and club drugs is particularly alarming. Lesbians in particular smoke a lot. The costs of drinking, smoking, and drug abuse to gays themselves are no doubt significant in terms of disease, mortality, and the suffering that can come from excessive substance abuse; nevertheless, this incurs a lot of costs to society.
  • Gay men obviously have a very high STD rate. At 20% infection rate, the HIV rate is especially alarming. Most of these diseases remain confined to the gay community and have not broken out significantly to the straight community, with the exception of the Black community with all the down low men. But the great heterosexual HIV epidemic spreading from gays to straights never occurred mostly because HIV goes from men to women and then it stops, as spokesmen from the New York Department of Public Health said as early as the 1980’s. That’s not completely true, but it is very hard to get HIV from a woman. Hepatitis A, B, and C are or were   fairly to very common to in the gay community, vastly more common than among heterosexuals, most of whom only acquire B and C from IV drug use. Parasitical diseases such as shigella, ameobiasis, and giardiasis are also extremely common among gay men; whereas they are quite rare among straights. In recent syphilis epidemics, up to 85% of cases are among gay men. Syphilis is quite uncommon among straights. Gay men have elevated rates of anal cancer, and the rate is rising. The rate is vastly higher than the rate among straights. I would like to point out that it is gay men themselves who suffer most from these diseases, and this suffering, although self-imposed, is often tragic, horrifying, and heartbreaking in particularly in the heart-wrenching case of HIV. Lesbians have very low rates of STD’s but higher rates of breast cancer. I doubt if lesbians impose a disease burden on society. The very high gay male STD rate, in particular the HIV rate, obviously imposes considerable costs to society.
  • Tragically, gay men have a suicide rate 3X higher than straight men, even in San Francisco, the most gay-friendly place in the US. The attempted suicide rate is also very high. Gay male teenagers have a tragically very high attempted suicide rate at 8X the normal rate. Suicidal behavior causes unfathomable and heartbreaking suffering on gay men. However, attempted and completed suicides impose considerable cost on society.
  • Domestic violence rates are very high in gay and lesbian couples, especially the latter. A gay man is much more likely to beat his partner than a straight man is. A woman is much less likely to be beaten by a male partner than by a female partner. This causes immense suffering to the partners of gay and lesbian batterers. In addition, domestic violence is costly to society.
  • In gay areas, gay men typically take over all of the public restrooms and turn them into miniature sex clubs. This renders most public restrooms unusable by the rest of us. Most gay men typically vociferously support the use of public restrooms as sex dens for gays. I don’t have much sympathy here. Gay men are simply being very irresponsible with this depraved mindset. Further, this is a cost to society.

It is first of all most important to point out that gay men themselves suffer worst from most from these largely self-imposed conditions, a suffering so profound that it almost moves you to tears. Compassion is essential. Nevertheless, there is a cost to society. Some of these issues may be caused by discrimination (see the high teenage gay male attempted suicide rate), but there is a cost to society no matter what causes it. Some of these problems would lessen with increased acceptance of gays, but others would linger or possibly even worsen.

The question comes up whether gays pay for the costs they bring to society. Many gays seem to have above average intelligence for some reason, especially gay men. Gays seem more artistically talented than straights. More gays than straights seem to get college degrees, in particular gay men.
Gay men seem to earn higher than average wages and are disproportionately employed in high paying and prestigious professions.

I am always hearing about a homosexual, often a gay man, who is contributing something noteworthy and exemplary to our society such that it mentions a media notice. Obviously, gay men contribute more to the tax base per capita than straights. So gays, especially gay men, offer considerable benefits to society, not flowing from their homosexuality but from other aspects of their lives.

I have not discussed lesbians here because I know little about them, but I doubt that they impose serious costs on society other than reduced lifespan.

However the question rises whether gays pay for themselves. Despite their excellent contributions to society and their higher than normal tax contributions, I still do not think that homosexuals pay for themselves.

The question then arises about whether the rest of us should be willing to carry a small burden for our gay brothers.

Personally I feel that at 3%, I am willing to shoulder the costs of homosexuals to society, as the numbers are so small that it is something we can cope with. I would be willing to tolerate up to 6% gay men in society. I think we could deal at that rate. However, if the rate of male homosexuality went higher than that, all of these problems above would increase in scope with attendant costs.

Honestly, even when you get to 10% gay men in any country, your problems are going to go up a lot. The % of gay men in New York and San Francisco is quite high, and they definitely impose considerable costs on these cities. Once you start heading up to 15–20% of any country’s population being gay, I think it would be unsustainable for many reasons (see above).

Homosexuality in society seems to be one of those things, like many things in life, that is best in small doses.


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