Is Sending Kissing Emojis to Men Considered Gay?

Answered on Quora. It sure seems gay. I would never send a kissy emoji to a male unless I was pretending to be gay for a gag. Straight men don’t kiss men. When you send a kissy to a man, you are either kissing him or blowing him a kiss. They both sound rather gay to me. There are some straight men out there who kiss guys who they are close friends with. It is a straight up peck on the lips, not a deep kiss. I don’t get it, and I wouldn’t do it if you paid me, but these men are not gay. Why do it? There are lots of smileys, winks, thumbs up, etc. you can send instead.

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2 thoughts on “Is Sending Kissing Emojis to Men Considered Gay?”

    1. Damn, I’m all fagged out. I’m sorry man.
      I am just going to fag off for a few days there, and then when I’m done, I’ll come back and be straight again.
      You guys ok with that?

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