Sticky: How to Access the Newest Posts on the Site

To access the latest posts on the site, please scroll pasts the first two sticky posts. 

The first post(s) on the site, including this one, are sticky. That means that they are always at the top of the page every time you come here. If you want to see the latest posts on the site, you have to scroll down past the sticky posts. So the newest posts on the site will always start where the sticky posts end.

For information on the new changes to the private Delphi Murders and Other Crimes Forums and how to join them, see here.

For information on how and why the site is going to a (partially) paid model, see here.

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8 thoughts on “Sticky: How to Access the Newest Posts on the Site”

  1. I was quite having some real ‘fun’ here and coming up with some really fabulous ‘prose'( as must be quite evident, I am not quite the ‘blathering idiot’ and I ain’t a compulsive liar either) until Sir Robert Lindsay, the owner of this blog, quite showed up, today. Too bad, he is quite the Libran male. Too bad, he is quite ‘indebted’ to an authentic East Indian from the East Indies who, for some very odd reason, is definitely outright ignorant, pretty stupid and so very poor in basic human dignity er class, all at one and the same time.
    Too bad, the White folks, mostly, are largely ignorant with respect to the East Indies, these days. Even the most ordinary ‘bitches’ can strut around like ‘men’ of some ‘class’ around them. Too bad, such ‘a bit too remotely Caucasoidic’ types from the Third World can actually manage, entirely on deceit, some ‘pussy’ action.
    Most excellent sir, I was under the impression that this was a pretty socialist er a very pro people ‘American’ blog. Please pardon mine being an alien. I am quite talking sense, here and I am behaving in quite a dignified manner, here.I know exactly where my ‘interests’ lie but some people are so very pathetic in their ‘skills’ and ‘class’ that one can not help but make some ‘real’ noise.Thank you.
    Best wishes, as usual.

  2. Jeezus, Rob, they’re killing your ass over at Topix haha. I think it’s time you set them straight!
    Funny pictures, though.

  3. Bert, da fuck man, we miss your damn articles goddamnit. How the fuck’s Tulio doing? Have a nice day man. And please post some articles.

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